Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Two Finishes! Churn Dash and Orphan Ernestine

Two Finishes!
Churn Dash and Orphan Ernestine

Monkey Wrench
45 x 60

This one started last year when I was cleaning up a box of HST parts.  I noticed there were a lot of sets of 4 - 3.5 inch HST parts that were prints paired up with yellows. I made the HSTs and from there turned them into 7.5 inch (finished) Monkey Wrench blocks. I think I had to make a few more blocks in order to have enough for a kiddo sized top. 

I tried to find some fun things for the centers. You know how I love "I Spy"! 

I quilted it on my DSM with spirals. 

And I bound it with a yellow print.

Orphan Ernestine
40 x 52

I made this top a month or so ago when the theme in my sewing space was ORPHAN BLOCKS.  

This is a kitchen sink full of a few of my blocks and blocks that came from several other folks. 

A very scrappy quilt needs a scrappy binding so that's what Orphan Ernestine got. 

I also quilted spirals on this one. 

The backing fabrics came from a quilty friend. 

A little quilting marathon has been going on here. Soon I will have boxes of comfort quilts for two of my favorite charities that provide quilts for kids  - Wrap-A-Smile  (WAS)  and      Quilts Beyond Borders.  (QBB)

If you are interested in joining an online group of folks who make quilts for the above two charities and many more then join us at the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild

Notes on shipping:
I recently mailed off a two boxes of quilts to Wrap-A-Smile.  In order to save on shipping costs I tried out Pirate Ship for shipping since it has been recommended by several persons who have been shipping through them for awhile.  I first went to the UPS site to see what the cost would be to ship one box. Then I sent to Pirate Ship to see what the cost would be. I was shocked. I could ship two boxes via Pirate Ship for the cost of one box via shipping directly via UPS.   With Pirate Ship you just measure and weigh your box and then enter destination and then you get various options for shipping either via UPS or USPS. Then pick your option and pay your bill online and then print your box label and take it to any UPS drop off location. I'm definitely going to use Pirate Ship from now on. 

Also next time I'm going to vacuum pack my boxes so I can fit more in.   There's a Youtube video on ow to vacuum pack at Merry Mabel Market.  Or if you have an old laptop and phone like me and they tell you that you need to update before you can watch a Youtube video but then tell you that you can't update because your devices are too old then there is a pdf file on how to vacuum pack at Merry Mabel Market.    For my recent shipping to Wrap-A-Smile I was able to fit 6 quilts in each of my boxes. I have another box the same exact size so next time I ship we shall see how many I can fit in when I vacuum pack! 

And sew on...



Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I am fond of the kitchen sink type quilts. It will give the recipient so much to look at.

Linda said...

I love both of these Cathy but I think Orphan Ernestine is a winner for me. My thrifty mind always enjoys Orphan blocks being put to good use. The resulting quilt is so appealing, colourful with so much to look at. I’m on a “Use it up” kick at present so there’s plenty of food for thought for me.

southernhushpuppy said...

Thank you so much for sharing these charities! I am excited to make some quilts and try the vaccum technique.

Julierose said...

I really like your "kitchen sink" orphan block quilts--you do such a good job on blending all those disparate blocks;)))
Loving the yellows in churn Dash a lot...nice works hugs, Julierose

gayle said...

I think Orphan Ernestine is my favorite orphan! Both quilts are gorgeous and will bring great comfort!
Thanks for the packing video - very informative! I had been led to believe that you had to buy special (expensive!) bags for vacuum bagging, so it's nice to see that other (inexpensive!) bags will work too!

Chantal said...

I love all the yellow goodness in your quilt. So sunny! Exactly what I need right now. Orphan Ernestine is a gem in her own way. I like how you made it cohesive with the "sashing" row at the top and the bottom. Ernestine knows how to talk scraps. Love it! ;^)

Nann said...

The stripe insert for Orphan Ernestine adds so much to the exuberant patchwork! And the Monkey Wrenches are very cheerful. Thanks again for the links to the charities and the Pirate Ship info.

Maureen said...

Two beautiful,colorful,cheerful,happy quilts! I am deeply in love with Ernestine. Inthe first picture I see the shape of a heart formed by your blocks. Whata nice blog to start my soon to be busy day with,thank you for sharing these.