Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Playing in The Woods

I made three for the lotto drawing. 

Then I made a few for myself out of Christmas fabrics since I challenged myself to use my holiday fabrics this year and these blocks are easy-peasy to make.  Three of them are a little different since I evidently had a bout of dyslexia when I cut them starting at the wrong end. I'll probably make more trees. Not sure what I'm going to do with them.  I don't really need another Christmas quilt.  And I have no wall space for wall hangings.  Place mats ? with napkins? and/or buffet runner? Christmas tree skirt of Christmas trees for a gift? Hmmmm....

While I was making the trees I had memories of playing in the woods when we stayed the summer at my grandparents' house.  Oh that was fun! Now I have my own woods and rarely play there. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Weekly Update - Vintage Thingamajigs

Vintage Thingamajigs

Since July 1 I've been working on these blocks for 20 minutes each day.  It was a challenge issued by Stashbusters Yahoo Group - pick a project and work on it for 20 minutes each day.  I'm making these Ohio Star variation six inch blocks inspired by vintage blocks.   This week I added six blocks which brings my total to 14. My target goal is 244 blocks. 

Until next Monday...

Sunday, July 15, 2018

It's a Finish! Postage Stamp Sue

Postage Stamp Sue
40 x 56
hand quilted

I started making blocks back in 2013 after seeing it on Q is for Quilter.  Martha had seen a vintage quilt and then graciously broke down the block into a postage stamp grid.  I made a block each month as a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project.  The top was finally put together in 2015.

I used all scraps to make the quilt.  I hand quilted stitching a crosshatch pattern.  I didn't stitch through the flower or leaves, the shoes, the legs, the arms or the balloons. So they all kind of stand out a little.  I used Coats and Clarks white hand quilting thread for the background and 2 strands of variegated embroidery thread for the dress, sock, bonnet and borders. 

 At first I was going to bind it with solids in colors of the rainbow but at the last minute I decided it needed a white binding instead. I found enough of a white with Vs that look a little like hearts in my stash to use. 
And the backing?  You're my end of the rainbow! 

All this work on a baby quilt?  It's for someone special. It's going into the hope chest for a great grandchild I may or may not ever meet.  (It will probably be awhile...the oldest grandchild is 13 years old). 



I spent a whole month of Sundays stitching away on this so:
A whole bunch of scraps were used in these blocks so:

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Red 2.5 Inch Scraps

 This month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge color is red so this week I dug into the 2.5 inch red scraps to make  four 10 inch Crazy Lady of the Lake blocks.  After making these for a couple of years I'm getting close to enough blocks for a large quilt. 

I've also been making eight inch Depression Blocks and those Sprouts for a couple of years. Not sure if I'm close to enough blocks for big quilts now or not.  Maybe I have enough sprouts since I'm not sure how I'm going to use them!   And that little strip at the bottom? I've been sewing all the little 2.5 inch scrap ends less than a 2 inch square into strips. Not sure how I'm going to use those either but I will. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

One Thing Leads to Another

I made these three Depression Blocks from pieces in my 3.5 inch scrap bin. 

Twelve inch Depression Blocks were requested for a group quilt to honor someone's accomplishment. Shhhhh, it's going to be a surprise!

(Good thing I took photos before I sent them off...the middle one has one misplaced HST I need to fix). 

Before I dug into my 3.5 inch scrap bin I made one from the already made 3.5 inch HST bin.  I did not deem it group quilt worthy (who wants cat butt on their quilt? and I think those center flowers smell polyesterish) so into the orphan block box (aka orphanage) it went. 

 Then I decided I don't need a 3.5 inch HST bin.  So I made Broken Dishes blocks. 
And after that I decided I might as well make Broken Dishes a new Rainbow Scrap Challenge project to replace the Bow Ties I was making from 3.5 inch scraps.  

Or maybe I'll just go ahead and sew these together as the center medallion for a donation quilt.  Or maybe I'll just use these as a border for a different medallion donation quilt that needs some borders. Or...

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Girl Can Dream

 It's time to state our third quarter Finish-Along goals. I don't have air conditioning so if the heat wave continues through the summer I'm not sure I'll get anything finished but a girl can dream.  Also if I don't leave the hermitage to get out and buy some batting I don't think I will accomplish many finishes either. Almost all my small pieces of batting have been sewn together and used so I guess I'm not really batty at the moment.  I

Anyway...the goals... 

1. Zig Zag Nine Patch...I was originally going to quilt this on machine by following the zig zags but now that I really think about it...that's a lot of pivoting. I think it might be faster for me to hand quilt.  I wasn't going to put any hand quilting goals on the list this quarter but it won't hurt to have one ready just in case. 

2.  Another Nine Patch
3. Salmagundi Road

4. Pansies
6.  Down the Beaten Path
7. Rosebuds

8.  Autumn Orphans (one on left - the other two were previously finished). 
9. School of Fish 

10. Postage Stamp Rainbow Sue.  - hand quilting almost finished. Just need one more cool day. 

11. Ship Ahoy - I need five more blocks. 
 12. Pillow to be made from this embroidery I recently finished.  
 13. Four Valentine Placemats and four napkins

14. Cat and Rabbit Pillows

15.  Bow Ties

It must be borne in mind that the tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy of life lies in having no goal to reach. - Benjamin Mays

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Spawn

Spawn: the seed, germ or source of something - Merriam-Webster. 

Yesterday I talked about how I work on quilting projects in short time periods. I also mentioned I may work on several different projects all in one day. 

Now I'll tell you how one project here may be the spawn of several others. 

I don't like cutting. So I intersperse it with sewing. I also may cut for several projects at one time because that is what makes sense to me.   

Let me give you an example. I need hourglass pieces for the project I was working on yesterday (I call Vintage Thingamajigs).   So I use the Easy Angle Companion ruler to cut those. BUT I don't want to waste that little piece in the front of the hourglass piece. That's a perfectly good HST!!!  There's a perfectly good 1.5 inch HST at the beginning and end of the hourglass (or hourglasses) that I can use in a UFO (Gallimaufry)! And I don't need to cut up the whole 1.5 inch strip because I have another UFO (30s strings) that can use some. 

So one 1.5 inch strip of fabric can be cut and used in 3 projects. 

The hourglass pieces go into the Vintage Thingamajigs. 

The little HST pieces go into a basket and then when I feel like it I pair them up with some neutral scraps to make HSTs...

...that eventually get paired up with some 2.5 inch scraps and other 1.5 inch squares from the 1.5 inch scrap bin that is NOT 30s fabrics to make these little four patch units I started last December - another quilt based on a vintage one.  I'm calling my quilt Gallimaufry. 

 And what happened to the rest of the 1.5 inch strip??  They were thrown into the 1.5 inch 30s scraps I already had on hand. 
I've been making these little 5 inch string blocks for years. 

Maybe this will be the year I finish this UFO. 

Time will tell!

Monday, July 9, 2018

What Will 20 Minutes a Day Do For You?

Our Stashbuster Yahoo Group  (4800 members motivated to use stash) currently has a 20 minute Challenge going on. It started July 1. The idea is that everyone pick a project they may find overwhelming or difficult to do and just work on it for 20 minutes every day. I guess then before we know it we will amaze ourselves with a quilt.   This is not really a challenge for me. It's the way I actually work - work a few minutes on this quilt project, clean bathrooms, work a few minutes on another quilt project, weed a garden row, work a few minutes on another quilt project, work on dinner prep, work a few minutes on another quilt project, exercise in the pool,  work a few minutes on another quilt project, read a few chapters of a book, work a few minutes...and so it goes. 

I decided for my 20 minute challenge I would work on these Thingamajigs that I started last year after being inspired by some vintage blocks I saw on Flickr.   I'm using red plus some 30s repro fabrics. 

So after 8 days of 20 minutes a day I have two blocks to show and a few block pieces.  BUT since  I work on a variety of different projects for a few minutes each day have two other projects I've been working on in conjunction with this one - both older projects stalled but that use 30s repro fabrics.   More on those two projects to follow.    PLUS I've also completed the 2048 two inch HSTs I need for another project. All because I do a little of this, a little of that all through the day. 

20 Minutes a Day Diary

Sunday, July 1 -

Cut solid red scrap into 2.5 inch  strips.
Look for Easy Angle ruler.
Cut 3 red strips into HSTs with Easy Angle.
Cut 2 red strips into 2.5 inch squares.
Iron some really wrinkly 1.5 inch 30s scraps.
Brain freeze trying to remember how to orient Easy Angle ruler on to 1.5 inch 30s strips.
Cut end with Easy Angle ruler.  (Set aside for a different project).
Cut two pieces with Companion Angle ruler for hourglass blocks.
Cut end with Easy Angle ruler. (Set aside for a different project).
Stack more 1.5 inch ironed scraps.
Cut ends, etc. This time cut four pieces with Easy Angle ruler.
Put stack of hourglass pieces x2 in one baggie.
Put stack of hourglass pieces x4 in another baggie.

Time's up!

This is what I have:

Monday, July 2 -

Assemble one block from pieces cut yesterday to make sure I am cutting the right size since sample blocks made long ago.
Try to remember how to orient pieces for corners. (That took the longest time. Try to remember "wings" next time).
All pieces (hourglass and corner units) for one block sewn and trimmed.

No time to sew pieces together since time's up!

Tuesday, July 3 - 

Sew rows of block together.  Note that hourglasses weren't turned the correct way. (Photo above is incorrect for assembly). 
Look for one of three seam rippers. 
One block assembled correctly. 
Unstack boxes from top of 30s fabric bin.
Grab some fabrics. 
Iron wrinkly ones.
Cut 7 1-1/2 inch strips. 

Time's up! I have one block! 

Wednesday, July 4 - 

Cut strips and pieces for 20 minutes:

Thursday, July 5 - 

Sew and iron 14 hourglasses from pieces cut yesterday:

Friday, July 6 - 

Cut pieces

Saturday, July 7 - 

Sew 10 hourglass units from pieces cut yesterday. Iron. Start laying out blocks. 

Sunday, July 8 - 

Finished laying out blocks in stack from available pieces. Sewed together one block.  Need to figure out way to chain piece those corners without losing track of where they go. 

I won't bore you with the details of each 20 minute segment next time but will report weekly on where I am with 20 minutes a day.   And, oh, my goal is 244 six inch blocks.  

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Crazy Quilt Blocks 9 - 11

When it is too hot to hand quilt a large quilt I work on a variety of small projects like these six inch crazy quilt blocks that will someday be a lap quilt. 

I'm using low volumes plus browns, grays and blacks - pretty much every color NOT in the rainbow. 
I have a lot of beads I could use but I'm trying not to use many because this is to be a used and washable quilt.  I do have several T-shirts and sweaters with beads I wear and wash so I figured a few anchored beads will be okay.  I also have several lace motifs. I've been meaning to tea or coffee dye some of them but haven't gotten around to it yet.  

The butterfly applique I cut from a scrap of leftover quilt backing.  And the gray stitches are cast on stitches. I'm surprised I remembered how to make them.  

Cats in the flowers. Yes, they always are. 
 Ok...so I almost ran out of room for the word "begins" so the "e" is kind of squished.  
I have a sign with that saying on one of my walls so it went on the quilt block too. 

And in no particular order - these are the 11 blocks I've completed so far plus one not yet embellished or embroidered. 
I think they might tell a story themselves.