UFOs 2024

 UFOs as of January 1, 2024

As I finish UFOs throughout the year I will strike through them. Any new starts for the year will get added to the bottom of the list. 


Christmas Burgoyne Surrounded (Secret Santa)
Birds in the Air Lotto
Geese Around
Foothills (Bar and Chain) (flimsy 2019)
Beauteous (flimsy 2019)
RSC 1000 Pyramids (flimsy 2019)
Kansas Troubles (flimsy 2019)
Sail Away (flimsy 2019)

2019 flimsies made of orphans-
Batik Bazaar
Bow Diddley

2020 flimsies
Apron Strings
Edyta Mystery (Rose Scraps) 
Whirlwind (Twirla)
2x4 coins from 4.5 scrap bin 
Wonky Stars II
Fine and Dandy ('30s)

2021 flimsies - very old starts
Bars Lotto ((flimsy 2021)
Peacock Tumblers (flimsy 2021)
Clarissa (flimsy 2021)
DD9P swap (flimsy 2021)
2021 flimsies - 2020 starts
Blue Elephant scrap quilt #2- changed to valued quilt (flimsy 2021)
A11-God Bless America (send flimsy to Alycia)
Sugarloaf Leftovers (flimsy 2021)
2021 flimsies - 2021 starts
CW repro log cabin//court house steps (flimsy 2021)
A12-Dakota Inspired Mystery (by Alycia)
Edyta Sitar Mystery (flimsy 2021)
Rose Boho Mystica (flimsy 2021)
39P Puss in Corner (flimsy 2021)
Waffle Cone Roses (flimsy 2021)
Bed of Roses (flimsy 2021)
RSC Dove in the Window (flimsy 2021)
BIG prints series (2021):
Halloween (flimsy)
Hen Party (flimsy)
Oh Say Can You See (Patriotic Text)
Really OLD UFOs

Fractured (needs new center)
Pansies needs border w/ applique pansies
Pickle Dish I Kathy Doughty
Pickle Dish II (Tobacco Leaf)
Trash Talking (turned into medallion 2019)
Farmer's Wife Sampler (flimsy 2023)
CW Sampler
Christmas Ornies  (combine with Christmas Trees, make mugs and presents and stars for row quilt)
Emerald Isle
Sunny Lanes
Improv Trees
Tea Towel Challenge
Vintage Spin II
Vintage Spin Leftovers Flying Geese
Vintage Spin Trimmings 
Valentine Castle (3 different tops 2023) :
Hugs and Kisses at Castle Wall
Throwing Snowballs at Castle Wall

Brown Cow
Tree of Life
Jan 2018 Lotto
Tea Leaves
Improv Circles RedBrown
Improv Circles Neutral
Rainbow (flimsy 2021)
30s Goose in Pond
BW postage stamp
6" 30s
Creatures Great and Small Hexies
Gwennie Medallion II
4" Mish Mash
Valentine Crazy
Christmas row quilt

2018 New Starts
Kaleido Ruler Patriotic Fabrics
Plat Map
Delectable Mts (acquired) (flimsy 2022)

2019 New Starts 
Moon Garden
Vintage Embroidery 30s
Pineapple nine patch medallion  (was actually an old UFO now turned medallion in 2019)
Grape Basket
Bear Foot at the Beach (took blocks apart?)
Maple Leaf runner (lotto blocks)
Orphan WIP Black/Yellow

2020 New Starts
flower basket SAR
Animal Crackers v. 2
A11-God Bless America (send flimsy to Alycia)
Sugar Plums
Tabby Mt Leftovers (chain reaction)
waste triangle hourglasses medallion

2021 New Starts
Coin Toss (3 inch scrap quilt)????
Paths and Stiles (flimsy 2023)
Framed Stars (39p centers)
Lego Lynn's Way
HST strips
Brown 18P w 1.5 scraps (small change)
Brown Jacob's Ladder (flimsy 2022)
Dark blue 9P - Churn Dash Variation
Carpenter Star SAR
kentucky crossroads
flying geese spiral
QST Nine Patch?
16 Patch
Acquired 2021
Lori holt (liz)
orphans (Brendalou)

New Starts 2022
pink Wiggle Time variation (flimsy 2022)
lime/orange anvils SAR
cw repro anvils//large hsts 
Cherry basket (flimsy 2022)
patriotic anvil/large hsts (flimsy 2022)
3 inch snowballs to go with lt corner nine patches (move to RSC)
QMania dalarna RSC
Floating Nine Patch RSC
Monkey Wrench largeRSC
Monkey Wrench Green
Monkey Wrench Blue
Monkey Wrench pink/orange
Monkey Wrench purple/lime
Monkey Wrench warm
Monkey Wrench cool
Monkey Wrench pastels
Monkey Wrench small RSC
Monkey Wrench medium RSC
   Monkey Wrench #1
   Monkey Wrench #2
   Monkey Wrench #3
   Monkey Wrench #4
Snowy Hole in the Barn Door (flimsy 2022)
Snowy blues jr jelly roll and then some on point (flimsy 2022)
hearts and hands (flimsy 2023)
Easy Sunday (flimsy 2022)
Pieces of Eight 30s//Cheyenne (flimsy 2023)
Soul Searching In The Rose Garden (flimsy 2022)
Cat Snowball Nine Patch (flimsy 2022)
Long May She Wave Alycia Mystery (flimsy 2022)
8 patch 30s (buckey beauty var leftovers) (flimsy 2023)
Autumn Disappearing 9 on diagonals
Fractured Rails/Crooked Mile SAR
Squared Away RSC
Temperature 1952
Temperature 2022
Indian Hatchet with shirts
Four Patch r/w/b Melting Pot(flimsy 2023)
Backstories II

New Starts 2023

Small baskets (Edyta Sitar Scrappy Fireworks Quilts)
Broken Wheel w/ Stashbuster winnings +
Whirl (little nine patches cw repros)
Valentine 9P and squares (flimsy 2023)
Complement 4P (bag of 3 inch scraps)
Heartstring/black centers (flimsy 2023)
Wonky Logs Orange Centers (flimsy 2023)
Selvages Coins w black sashing (flimsy 2023)
Quarter Log Selvages (flimsy 2023)
Arkansas Crossroads (2 inch sqs) (flimsy 2023)
16P/lime green 2 inch sqs (flimsy 2023)
16 patch dk/light (2 inch sqs) (SAR)
b/w and one other color (2 inch sqs)
b/w and one other color (3 inch sqs)
novelty wonky stars (3 inch sqs) RSC
pastel nine patches (3 inch sqs) RSC
Food baskets
brown Pavement Pattern
Quarter Stars in browns
9P Snowballs dk/lt corners RSC
RSC Quarter/Patchwork Stars
Paper Chain pastels baby (flimsy 2023)
Crow's Nest (farm plus reds)
Lacy Heart (lime green/purple baby) flimsy 2023
Alycia Mystery Four Corners (flimsy 2023)
Old World (flimsy 2024)
?? Vintage w/pinwheel (Starry Path)
Scrapbuster Claudia RSC
Connecting Threads Happy with Geese inspired black/blue
Connecting Threads inspired Happy with Geese (RSC)
Bramble Blooms 1
Suzy Ducken
Gone Fishing:
1. Aquarium (flimsy 2023)
2.boats/fish (flimsy 2023)
3.weave/fish net (flimsy 2024)
4.9P pizazz (flimsy 2023)
5.Surf and Turf (flimsy 2024)
6. Fishing TATW
Fan Flowers
Dresden Fan (roses)
Hummingbird (aka Periwinkle, Arkansas Snowflake) on muslin
Hummingbird on yellow
Kaleidoscope RSC (yellow background)
Snowball/9P (like Blue Elephant one)
Kaleidoscope on yellow/Broken Wheel scraps
Twilight Flight
Blueberry Farm
Doughty Fanciful Flowers
Berry Wreath (Tilda)

Rainbow Scrap Challenge WIPS
1.5" scraps
Double Irish Chain (flimsy 2023)
PSP20 (flimsy 2023)
2021-square bit coins (small change/18 patch) (flimsy 2023)
Gum Wrapper Chain

1.5 x 2.5
Potato Chip

1.5 x 3.5

2" scraps
Wonky Stars
Wedding Ring SAR
16 Patch SAR
Wonky Shoofly//solids
bow ties
QST 4P to go with 4P (alternate blocks) SAR

2.5" scraps
Chips or SIS (2021 start) SAR:
#1 square in square with alternate squares
#2 happy 
#3 stars
Indian Hatchet (2021 start))

3.5 plus 2 from chunks
x+ SAR
Uneven nine patches ((made one quilt now working on another)???
Antique Tile SAR
Buckeye Beauty ((flimsy 2022)
Snowballs to alternate with 39P
Snowball in nine patch dk/lt corner blocks
3.5 hsts to go with QST/4P made w/ 2 inch scraps

Flowers (Violet Lotto)

5 inch
Sun Prints (jewel and b/w)
Old Italian

3 inch

4 inch

4.5 + 2.5

Crumby Hourglasses (started 2020)
Leaves w/warm
Anvil w/ cool
Flowers w/cool (half snowball flowers)
Wiggle Time

Read the Fine Print or Read Between the Lines(Fox and Geese)

leftovers =coins

Parts (make with leftovers/scraps)

Boxes of Orphans
????? many
1. Orphan Alice (row with houses)
2. Orphan Barney (12 inch blocks with flying geese rows)
3. Orphan Cora (medallion carpenter star blue/purple)
4. Orphan Dilbert (space panel)
5. Orphan Ernestine (wild and crazy mish mash)
6. Orphan Fred (brown 12 and 6 inch)
7. Orphan Gertrude (garlic knots)
8. Orphan Horatio (bricks and stones)
9. Orphan Imogene (pink w/ polka dot sashing)
10. Orphan Jethro (jar quilt)
11. Orphan Kayleen (brights, yellow, orange purples)
12. Orphan Lester (w/ brown QSTs)
13. Orphan Mildred (old 12 inch '30s blocks)

1. Orphan Norton (blue 12 inch blocks)

Box of Happy Blocks
??? many 
Sweet (flimsy 2022)

From Others 
Bright Hopes (flimsy 2023)
Blue Yellow Zig Zag (flimsy 2023)
Blue Yellow Diamonds (flimsy 2023)
Green rails (flimsy 2023)

New Starts 2024
Boho Stars
Stars Like Spaghetti (flimsy 2024)
SAHRR (blue flimsy 2024)
Bright Happy Bugs (flimsy 2024)
Heartstrings black centers (flimsy 2024)

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