Sunday, July 31, 2022

It's a Crow's Nest !

Crow's Nest
It's a top!
40.5 x 54

I used up more brown scraps to make these 13.5 inch finished blocks.  I don't have many yellow scraps or much yellow yardage but I did find enough small pieces of yellow to use in these blocks. I thought yellow would brighten up those browns a bit more than a white or cream. 
I've been making different variations of the Churn Dash block this year like Hole in the Barn Door and Monkey Wrench. This time it is a Crow's Nest block. 

And sew on...


Saturday, July 30, 2022

Scrap Processing

Purple is the July Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) color of the month. I see the color for August is orange. So this week I finished up with a few purple scraps and went on to my orange scraps. 

Hollow Nine Patches
7.5 inches finished
Made with three inch squares

With these blocks I now have my goal of 48 blocks for a 6 x 8 layout. Now there's some assembly required. 

I don't have 3 inch width scraps very often but when I have run across them while scrap processing I have put them in the project box in order to make the Hollow Nine Patches. Now I have a few odds and ends that are 3 inches in width. I've decided to turn them into bricks if possible and I will separate them with yellow stones.  I'm not really going to turn this into a new RSC project. I'm just going to see how many bricks I can make with what I have. I think a kiddos sized donation quilt will take 112 bricks.

I'm thinking I might also make a separate quilt of neutral bricks with stones of all colors. 

The last of the purple scraps - 3 inch finished Bow Ties made with 2 inch scraps. 

I dug into my orange scraps and found a few 2.5 inch width strips.  I combined them with some neutral scraps and made as many sets of four 2.5 inch HSTs as I could. I also sewed up a few other sets of HSTs previously cut as I came across craps.   Some of the HSTs were combined with 4.5 inch squares from the squares bin and were turned into Bear Paw blocks.   I'll use these in different ways at year end to make a few donation quilts. 

Some of the other sets of 2.5 inch HSTs were combined with 1.5 inch squares to make Monkey Wrench blocks that finish at 5 inches. 

And finally...I found a few 4.5 inch orange scraps and combined those with neutral scraps to make HSTs. Those HSTs were then combined with 2.5 inch squares and made into Monkey Wrench blocks that finish at 10 inches. 

And sew on...


Thursday, July 28, 2022

Two Wonky Log Cabins Finished

Two Wonky Log Cabin quilts finished! 
Both will be donated. 

I've received a roll of batting so I hope to get quite a few donation quilt tops finished in the next couple of months. I have piles started for several different charities including Lifting Hands (their needs lists change but blankets are always on it), Quilts Beyond Borders and a couple of local ones. 

Wonky Log Cabin
40 x 60

This was a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project started last year. Each month I used my strings in the color of the month to make 12 inch blocks with a novelty on black background center. 

I made 15 twelve inch blocks and then joined the blocks in the rows with two 1.5 inch strips so I could get to my 40 inch width. 

Binding was scrappy.

I quilted it on my DSM with spirals in light gray thread. 

And there's owls on the back.

Wonky Log Cabin
45 x 54

I made several string quilt tops last year and this one was one of the last to be made. I used the shortest and skinniest strings left over to make nine inch blocks. 

This one was also quilted with spirals in white thread. 

The binding is a red, white and black stripe I've had around for awhile. 

And the backing is pieced. 

And sew on...


Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Wednesday Wandering -- The Lilies

This week I'll just show the Oriental, Orienpet (Tree Lilies) and Daylilies in bloom. Oh, the colors and the fragrance!  I do have lots of other flowers in bloom and garden produce but this week is all about the lilies. 

(Sorry if the photos seem blurry or dark. I still have not had cataract surgery and can barely see with my right eye which is the one I usually use to look through the camera's view finder. Lately I've been using my left eye. )

And so it grows...


Monday, July 25, 2022

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder
It's a top!
45 x 63

I've had the blocks webbed together since January when I was working on brown scrap reduction.  Finally I now have it all sewn together. It will be a donation quilt when finished. 

I think I put a couple of leftover blocks in the orphanage. If so I think I will replace that block with the busy background. It just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the backgrounds. If I don't have any extra blocks in the orphanage then I guess the busy background block will stay. 

And sew on...


Saturday, July 23, 2022

Purple Scraps Part II

Overlapped Nine Patch
7.5 inch blocks
Instructions may be found at Klein Meisje Quilts

Purple is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) color for July.   For these blocks I combined purple scraps with a solid. 
6 inch blocks
Another block combining purple scraps with solids. 

A quilt called Dalarna can be found in an issue of Quiltmania (Issue 68, 2008, #4) and was made by Mariet Soethout-Mous.  Her quilt was inspired by a child's quilt found in Asa Wettre's book Old Swedish Quilts. Now I've been inspired by Mariet's Dalarna to make my own version of an Old Swedish Quilt. 

6 x 9

More purple scraps and solids. 
Again, block instructions can be found at Klein Meisje Quilts

On the left are Indian Hatchet blocks that finish at 4 inches. The corners are all purple.  Then I have some Broken Dishes blocks that finish at 3 inches and some HSTs that finish at 3 inches.  These are made from extra pieces that result from cutting for Dalarna blocks. 

And finally I have some QST Four Patches that finish at 6 inches. When I have enough these will be an alternate block for some Four Patches.