Vintage Inspiration Quilts

I love to search for pictures of vintage quilts and then figure out how to make my own version. It all started when I made a Butterfly quilt (foreground) like one I inherited that my grandmother made from old clothes (background).  

I'm currently (1/16/2019) working on several more quilts inspired by vintage ones. What follows are ones I have finished.  I've included the vintage photo and then my quilt. 
Vintage Butterflies

Checkered Past

Zig Zag Nine Patch Variation, c. 1890-1930 (top made c. 1890, incorporated into the quilt, c. 1930). Unknown Maker. Geauga County. Cotton. From the Darwin D Bearley Collection
Zig Zag Nine Patch
Salmagundi Road

Vintage Thingamajigs

Triangle Tiles

QT224 A Whimsical Original Rendition of an Irish Chain Quilt Top.

from: Rocky Mountain Quilts

QT224 A Whimsical Original Rendition of an Irish Chain Quilt Top.
78 x 80 inches
This is a whimsical original rendition of an Irish Chain, which to follow the pattern needs to be viewed from a distance. How amazing would this be in a great room over a fireplace? this quilt was obviously pieced by someone who loved calicoes. No solid colors here. The fabrics date from 1860 to 1890, giving us the creation date of this piece. This is a quilt top for a fabric junkie. There are many patterns pieced on this top. Variation of diamond in a square, old maids puzzle, bow tie, broken dishes, four patch, all combined together creating the most unusual Irish Chain I have ever seen. All pieced by hand, and ready to quilt.

String Star from Mingei International Museum

Picture and info found at 
Cactus Needle Quilts

Unknown Crosses (Stone Mason's Puzzle) 
c. 1940-1970 
71" X 81" 
Collection of Roderick Kiracofe 
*The quilt top was found in Alabama 

Church Window Hexagon Variation
The quilt is inspired by this vintage one c. 1825-1875 from the Quilter's Guild Collection.

From San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

My version. Love at First Sight.
74 x 82

19th century antique crib quilt found at Q is for Quilter

My version of the antique crib quilt

Quilt seen for sale on Ebay once upon a time.

My version I called Shirts and Giggles


cspoonquilt said...

These are all really fantastic! I like to look for vintage quilts for inspiration too! You've provided me with lots of ideas!!! Thanks! I love all your renditions too! cheers!

Janie said...

Superb Cathy! Your projects with their inspirations should be published, a good historical and design reference.

Jeanne said...


Pamela Arbour said...

I am impressed with every quilt you make. I love to see your inspiration quilts. You have such a vision when you re-create them.