Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Wednesday Wandering

Orienpet or Tree Lilies
They are a cross between Oriental and Trumpet Lilies
Oh, they are tall and fragrant!

After I sprayed everything the deer were eating with Bobbex I had new growth and now have lilies and roses.  After the initial spray with Bobbex it needs to dry for 6 hours and then it won't be water soluable - the rain won't wash it away. When there is new growth the new growth needs to be sprayed. 

Love Lies Bleeding
An annual I started from seeds. 



White Oriental Lily, Magenta Roses, Orange Daylilies

The bind weed is trying to strangle the roses.

Orienpet Lily

Orienpet Lily

Oriental Lily tthat looks like the Orienpet Lily


Rose and flowering bind weed. 

Balloon flower with a bite out of it.

Another patch of Orienpet Lilies. I have 5 different varities but deer ate some of them down to nothing before I got around to spraying. 

Joe Pye Weed
It grew there by itself. That is a shady area and it grows nicely there so I let it be; however, it can get invasive but is easy to pull out. Butterflies, especially Tiger Swallowtails, love it. 

American Bellflower
This is another wild flower that appears here and there in the gardens. I let it be but it can also get invasive but is easy to pull out. 

Zinnias are starting to bloom. I grow a Zinnia border every year from seeds saved from the previous year. 

I started my Coneflowers from seeds. I forget what the white ones are called. I need to put a label near them. I'm trying to collect quite a variety of Coneflowers. 

Blackberry Lily
I think it's named Lily but is actually an Iris. The dental assistant gave me seeds a long time ago. My patch got so big so I separated it about three years ago and planted bits here and there but none of those patches are doing as well as my far... 

Queen Anne's Lace grows wild here and there too. Again, I let it grow until it gets invasive. 

Golden Glow Rudbeckia is a native wildflower I started from seed. 

Bee Balm and Wild Phlox

An area of my native wildflower area with Fleabane, Helianthis and American Bellflower.

Spotted Bee Balm (or Dotted Horsemint) is a new perennial this year that I started from seed. 

I cut some Gladioli to bring in the house. Wish I hadn't because they were full of earwigs. Ick! But the reason I grow them is so I have cut flowers for the house. I have to dig up the bulbs (or are they corms?) every year and store them in a cool area. I started a few years ago with a little bag of mixed colors of bulbs and my stock has now multiplied.   That's our ancestor wall in the background. Hubby bought me the antique bowl and pitcher a long time ago. I try to keep the pitcher full of flowers but the last few years it has held only dried flowers and been up on top of the pie safe. I just never got around to cutting any flowers. I tell myself that each year will be different and I will have cut flowers in all my vases. I even started a cutting garden a few years ago. Maybe one of these years I have time to stop and cut flowers to fill my vases. I have quite a collection of vases. A lot of them I picked up at thrift stores over the years. 

And one of these days I might even find time to change the buffet topper. That's still the Christmas runner with poinsettias!  And there's a couple of Celtic Crosses I inherited from Dad's collection when he passed away that I'e been meaning to hang on the ancestor wall. There might even be a little dust on display on the buffet. And so it goes...

CELEBRATE! (my word of the year)

July 14 - Nature's light show- rolling thunder and non stop lightning for over an hour in the middle of the night. The thunder woke me up.  It was kind of hypnotizing to watch the constant lightning flashes. The storm eventually resulted in  cooler temps and over an inch of rain that my garden needed. 

July 15 - Cursive writing. I keep a spiral notebook by my computer and by my sewing machine. I write all kinds of notes in those notebooks and usually write in cursive. I suppose no one in the future will be able to read my notes in my notebooks that are kind of like a diary. I recently labeled a couple of quilts I gave to my great niece who is expecting a girl in August. I wrote a couple of quotes on the labels in cursive and she couldn't read what I wrote. I was kind of surprised but was told by folks at the baby shower that a lot of people no longer can read or write cursive because they had keyboarding classes in school instead. Makes me wonder how much history and knowledge will be lost when future generations no longer can read or write cursive.      I remember that I could not wait to learn cursive. I went to a small school that had one teacher for two grades. While one grade was getting a lecture the other grade might be given an assignment to practice cursive writing. We had fountain pens then with cartridges of ink that sometimes leaked all over the place. I don't remember ever using a ballpoint pen in grade school but do remember using Bic pens later on.   

July 16 - I saved $2.52 per gallon of gas with my fuel saver card from Hy-Vee grocery. I try to always grocery shop on a Monday because a purchse over $45 earns extra fuel saver rewards. Doesn't take many groceries to make a $45 purchase these days!  I took the gas can in for the riding mower and filled that up too. 


Sunday, July 14, 2024

Another String Quilt Finish

String Quilt
40 x 60
It's a finish!

For this one I used a yellow seersucker with polka dots for the center strings - rays of sunshine! 

The strings are brights and noveties - fun for kids!

I quilted it on my DSM (Brother PQ1500SL for those of you who ask) with swirls in a natural color thread.   Swirls is one of the first things I tried when I started free motion quilting so that's what comes easiest for me after all these years. 

The binding is a pastel stripe with some yellow in it. 

This month the theme in my sewing space is STRINGS so I'm trying to get all my string tops quilted. I still have a few more to go. Maybe 4? 

The backing is a fabric with kitties. 

I didn't think the fabric looked too Christmas-y for a donation quilt. It has gift boxes and evergreens and a few ornaments but it mostly has cute little kitties. 

And sew on...

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CELEBRATE! (my word of the year)

July 13 - Enjoyed a root beer float on a hot summer day! I remember going to the A&W drive-in once in awhile when I was a young girl. I usually ordered a teen burger and a frothy mug of A&W rootbeer. They brought it out to the car on a tray that hooked on to the window and we ate in the car. What a treat! 

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Wonky Log Cabin Finish

Wonky Log Cabin
42 x 56

It's a finish!

I started each 14 inch block with a 4.5 inch (or was it 4 inch?) square of a novelty print on black background. 

For this quilt I used novelty strings as well as some bright ones. 

I quilted it on my DSM with swirls in a light gray thread. 

The binding is scrappy and came out of my leftover bindings box. 

The back is a striped fabric.

And now it's ready for donation.

And sew on...

CELEBRATE! (my word of the year)

July 11 - Puns! I love them. Every once in awhile someone sends me one or two. I took a bite of a burger made of deer meat and now I have buck teeth. And in other news...a corn farmer near here was arrested for stalking.  You know...sometimes it is kind of fun to sneak a pun into a conversation with a group of people to see if anyone is listening. 

July 12 - Weeded veg garden rows.  I like to get the weeds out before they go to seed and hide in the soil ready to sprout when conditions are right. And when I see the nicely weeded rows I feel so accomplished!  I have to say I actually like to weed. 


Thursday, July 11, 2024

Eight Point String Star Progress

I've finished 6 more Stars made of short skinny strings. 
I'm aiming for 30 or 35 blocks and now have 7. 
All will have solid blue backgrounds. Well, at least that's the thought for now. 

This month is all about strings!

And sew on...

CELEBRATE! (my word of the year)

July 10 - I had an unexpected visit from one of my sisters who lives 20 minutes away. Her husband passed away over a year ago and her best friend since high school has alzheimer's and now resides in an assisted living center so I think my sister is not only grieving the loss of both but very lonesome. She's the opposite of introverted me and loves to be out and about socializing.   We had a good long 4 hour visit - she did most of the talking and I did the listening. I don't see or hear from her very often anymore since hubby has been sick so it was really good to catch up on what is going on in her life and to talk about old times. 


Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Another String Quilt Finish

String Quilt
60 x 80

It's a finish!

This is almost a twin to the one I blogged about the other day except that this top was finished earlier this year and that top was finished in 2023. 

This one has black center strings with colorful text and stars. 

I quilted it on my DSM (Brother PQ1500SL) with swirls in lime green thread. 

The binding is a black fabric with swirls.

The backing.

I'm trying to get all the tops with strings quilted this month.

And sew on...

CELEBRATE! (my word of the year)

July 8 - Finished a book - All The Glimmering Stars by Mark T. Sullivan. It is historical fiction inspired by the true story of Anthony Opoka and Florence Okori, teenagers (and good humans) in Uganda in the 1990s who were kidnapped along with thousands of other children to serve in the Lord's Resistance Army of warlord Joseph Kony.  It's a sickening and very sad story about child soldiering and slavery.  It is also a story of bravery, survival, dreams, and love.

July 9 - A visit from a Question Mark Butterfly.


Sunday, July 7, 2024

A String Quilt Finish

It's a finish!
String Quilt
60 x 80

It is Heartstring inspired; however, I use paper foundations and make my blocks 10.5 inches. 

I quilted it on my DSM with swirls in lime green thread. 

I used a striped fabric for the backing and binding. 

And sew on...

CELEBRATE! (my word of the year)

July 6 - I paid nothing for an $80.00 plus purchase at Menards. Well, actually I paid with rebate vouchers. Between about March and November every year Mendards gives an 11% rebate on everything. I just have to remember to always send in my receipt to get the rebate. I had a handful of them going back to 2023. I bought three 40 lb. bags of salt pellets for the water softener, a pair of gardening gloves, some mouse traps and a new pedestal fan for my sewing room. And I have another receipt to send in for a rebate.  I had to get a new fan for my sewing room. I don't have a/c and have a south facing window in that room (curtains closed this time of year) so sometimes it gets pretty darned warm. The plastic on the pedestal where it holds the fan cracked. Well, it's a very old fan and such things happen to old things. Well, anyway, so did you know that fans come with remote controls now? Seriously???

July 7 - I live in the country. A guy down the road put on an absolutely spectacular fireworks display. I'm not really all that enthusiastic about fireworks but I have to say that was an absolute spectacular awesome beautiful 20 minute display of fireworks. I'm glad I stayed up until dark to watch it. It was even worth a few mosquito bites.