Saturday, June 15, 2024

The Blues Chapter III

8 inch
Floral scraps

Blue is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) color of the month. 

For these blocks I used small blue floral scrap chunks and floral neutral scraps. 

I didn't get around to getting all the Posies I cut out made this week so you might see a few more Posies next week. 

10 inch blocks

More with florals. I've been making these 8.5 inch finished Happy Blocks with 5 inch floral centers in the color of the month and framing them with floral scraps.  I have a bin of 5 inch squares and so each month I look through the squares for centers in the RSC color. 

Another set of 8.5 inch Happy Blocks. 
Someone gave me Happy Block frame pieces in rainbow colors. There weren't quite enough frames so I cut more from a few rainbow type fabrics I had.   The centers are 5 inch TOT (tone on tone) squares in the RSC color of the month. 

And finally...for this set of Happy Blocks...if I have any 2.5 inch width scraps long enough in the color of the month I cut those up to use as frames for some animal print squares. 

And sew on...

CELEBRATE! (my word of the year)

June 14 - I think mom raccoon and her babies have left the premises.  We have a breezeway that attaches to a garage and behind the garage is an attached area we use as a tool shed. So anyway...I thought I kept hearing noises when I went through the breezeway or garage that sounded like an animal moving around - a big animal not a mouse. Then after a few days I heard little chattering sounds. Pretty sure it was baby raccoons and it sounded like they were in the ceiling.  Ewwwww!!! I looked around the house and found a small hole in the roof where the roof of the house meets the roof of the tool shed. Ugh!!! So I did a little research and found Raccoon Eviction fluid. It's supposedly male raccoon urine and raccoon mamas don't want males around their babies. So anyway...I gathered up a few rocks and put them in old socks and rags and soaked those socks and rags in the eviction fluid and tossed them around where I thought raccoon mama had the babies. 72 hours later I have heard no noises of any kind and I've tried banging around to let mama and babies know I am looking for them so they would start making noises. So maybe the Raccoon Eviction fluid worked or maybe it was time for mama and babies to move on anyway. Now I need to get roof hole fixed before something else takes up residence. 

Also...entry door knob broke. It was fixed in the unlock position; however, we were locked in and locked out.  After I broke out through another door and went into hardware store to get new one hubby was able to help me install it. I am so thankful he was able to do that because a few months ago he could not get out of a chair by himself or breathe without oxygen. 

Friday, June 14, 2024

A Small Monkey Wrench Finish

It's a finish!
Monkey Wrench
10 inch blocks
40 x 40

You may or may not remember that as one of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) projects I made Monkey Wrench blocks in three different sizes from scraps. After a couple of years of making blocks I had big piles of them. I sorted blocks and have been making donation quilts with them. 

This quilt has 10 inch pastel blocks. 

I quilted it with vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines on my Brother sewing machine. 

The backing.
I had almost enough of the same fabric for the binding. I added in a piece of a similar color. 

And sew on...

CELEBRATE! (my word of the year)

It's been awhile since I last posted. We have a lot of John's family in town this week (June 9 - June 16) camping in cabins, RVs and tents. John is no longer able to drive or camp; however, the park is only a few minutes drive for us so we go over to visit with everyone coming and going for a few hours every day. John is the oldest of eight siblings. Two passed away last year. If you count our generation as generation 1 there are four generations of living relatives. Generation four has just started and will have the third member of that generation will be joining us in August.   So, anyway...we have been celebrating family all week -- 3 high school grads, new baby born in March, 70th birthday. There's talk of future wedding plans for several and names for that new baby joining in March. And we are remembering...past camp outs and those who are no longer here with us.  And everyone marvels that John is able to attend.  CELEBRATE!

June 7 - I already mentioned in our last post that we celebrated our 51st anniversary that day. But that day I also received a package - purchased batik strips and strings from Wanda - and I received a couple of backings as a bonus!

June 8 - I received a box with partially used big spools of thread and large chunks of fabric from Teresa. 

June 9 - Family camping begins! 

June 10 - Finished a book - The Rose Code by Kate Quinn. - It's a WWII historical fiction book. Three female codebreakers at Bletchley Park must uncover a traitor and solve one last code after World War II.  Interesting book and some of the characters are based on real persons. 

June 11 - I received a box with mostly strings from Katie. I also received a housedress I ordered. I'm thinking that it might be cooler to work in the garden in a loose fitting dress. We shall see...

June 12 - Family! Family! Family! Food, Fun, Games, Memories....

June 13 - Received a box with several lengths of fabric from Kathleen for possible use as backings for donation quilts.

**I am so thankful for all the friends who send me surprise packages and keep me sewing! I try to move it all forward in the form of quilts and on to someone else to enjoy! 

Saturday, June 8, 2024

The Blues Chapter II

Twilight Flight
Flying Geese
6 inch

I'm still working out in the gardens a lot and helping hubby through his recovery so have not found a lot of time to sew. But I did work on the 2.5 inch width scraps this week and did end up making a few blocks and processing scraps. 

I only had a few dark blues for Geese for these blocks but I did have a few other colors of 2.5 inch scraps I had thrown into that project bag while processing scraps so sewed them up too. 

4 inch

Last week I made the little windmills from 1.5 inch width scraps that were long enough and this week I made them from the 2.5 inch width scraps that were long enough. I have a big bag of them so one of these days I should count them and decide what I'm going to do with them. 

I cut up the remaining 2.5 inch blue scraps into:

1. Sets of four 2.5 inch squares - I have two projects that use them.
2. 2.5 x 4.5 rectangles  -- into the Parts Dept. 
3. 2.5 x 3.5 rectangles - coin quilt layout by value
4. 2.5 inch squares - into the Parts Dept. 
5. 1.5 x 2.5 rectangles -- I have two projects that use them

And sew on...


Friday, June 7, 2024

A Small Sixteen Patch Finish

It's a finish!
Sixteen Patch
42 x 42

I was looking through my SAR (Some Assembly Required) box of complete block sets to see what I had in there to assemble. I found this set of 16 Patch blocks. Not sure when I put them in there but maybe it was two years ago when I was working with some chunks of small animal and kid print 30s reproduction fabrics.

Well, anyway, it is now assembled and finished. I quilted it with vertical and horizontal lines on my DSM in a neutral thread. 

The back is a cheater quilt fabric someone gave me that was just the right size. 

And sew on...

CELEBRATE! (my word of the year)

June 5 - I saved $1.71 per gallon on gas with my HyVee Grocery Store Perks card. I only go grocery shopping every couple of weeks and normally don't buy a lot of items that go toward fuel savings. The amount of fuel savings accumulate; however, they expire after a month . Since I rarely go anywhere and don't use much gas my savings usually expire before I can use them. This time I guess the stars were aligned and I even filled up the gas can for the riding mower. 

June 6 - I received two packages of quilty goodies - one from Julie and one from Donna. I am so thankful. It gets the old endorphins sparking and boosts the spirit. I love sorting through fabric and dreaming of what it will become -- kind of like giving birth to a child. Kind of...  

June 7 - Happy 51st Wedding Anniversary to us!  Our anniversaries are usually just a day like any other. In the early days we never used to have enough money for gifts or to do anything special but mark the passage of our time together and enjoy the day and that is what we will do today. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Wednesday Wandering

Today I'm going off the quilty path and on to some garden paths. 

The roses are starting to bloom! 

There was a Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly on these roses but of course it flew away as soon as I pressed the shutter button on the camera. 

I'm pretty sure it was a Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly and not a Black or Spicebush Swallowtail because the only host plant for Pipevine Swallowtail's is Dutchman's Pipe vine and the Dutchman's Pipe vine, now in bloom, is very near to that rose.  And speaking of invasive...that Dutchman's Pipe vine has invaded my lilac bush. 

I was rather surprised to see my Moss Rose blooming.  I haven't seen any blooms for a couple of years. A few years ago a big mulberry tree limb fell near it and has shaded that area. The limb is still there, living and too massive to remove. I just prune off the leaves of that mulberry from time to time but that whole area is now shaded. Both red and white mulberries grow wild here and are invasive.  Well, anyway, it is rather shady where this old moss rose grows but maybe now it has acclimated itself to the area.  Not only is there a fallen mulberry shading it but...

...there's a big patch of poison ivy (leaves of three, let it be) right next to it that I have trying to get rid of for years that is also mixed in with a patch of invasive Rose of Sharon shrubs.  Needless to say I kind of have been staying away from this area because the runners of poison ivy have spread everywhere. I guess I need to rig up some kind of disposable haz mat suit and just go in and pull and chop in order to save everything planted near there - tree lilies, a tree peony, daylilies, etc. 

I still have other roses but they are just budding out. So on to some Clematis in bloom. 

This is Nelly Mosier Clematis. This one looks similar to the previous one (can't remember it's name) but it is different with a stripe down the center of the petals. Long ago when I started the cottage garden in what was an old pasture there was an old rusty piece of farm equipment embedded in the ground that I could not get dug out so I used it as a trellis. 

There used to be an arched trellis you could walk under for this Jackmanii Clematis but the trellis fell apart and I have been trying to piece it together and keep it upright for years. The trellis got shorter and shorter so I could no longer walk under it to a little pond so I blocked off that pathway with wire to keep animals from using it and a few years ago planted some things in that pathway and made a new path to the little pond.   You are supposed to cut Jackmanii to the ground every year but I neglect it and do nothing for it. 

The Martagon lilies are in bloom. They like shade so I've been hoping they will like it there and naturalize. I think I planted them about 7 years or so ago. 

A Foxtail Lily! Gosh, I thought they all disappeared. I planted three bulbs in the Autumn about five years ago and they bloomed the first year and I have not seen any since. 

I have Foxglove I planted from seed in a couple of partially shaded areas of the garden. Now they are reseeding themselves in those areas.  On the left is a Wild Rose in bloom that I let grow there because it seems to do fine in shade and it's better than having weeds grow there. Behind the Foxglove is an old Hydrangea that is threatening to take over that area behind the barn. And for now I'm okay with that although it has grown over a pathway into the cottage garden. 

I have all sorts of different Aquilegia (Columbine) growing here and there and most have now gone to seed. The yellow spiked variety seems to bloom later than the other varieties I have. 

The Sweet William is in bloom and the poor darlings need to be weeded. I started them from seed many years ago and they reseed themselves so it's like having a perennial grow there. 

I have a lot of different hostas in shady areas. I love the variations of the leaves. I bought six or seven different varieties of hosta on clearance at Walmart over 20 years ago and I have divided them a few times over the years to fill in here and there in shady spots. 

Another patch of Foxlove. I started this area with seed from the flowers of that previous patch I showed. I added in seed of a white Foxglove but only one plant has white flowers. 

I'm going to try to get some seeds of other colors going in this patch. 

Leaving the cottage garden and going over the path to the cutting garden the Black Prince Snapdragon is in bloom. This is not supposed to be a perennial plant here; however, this one particular plant must love it here because this is the third year it has been here. I know it is the same plant and not one that has reseeded.  Most of the other Black Prince Snapdragons I plant don't survive the winter so this one is special. I started it from seed. 

Also in bloom in the cutting garden is the Nigella in four different colors - white, pink and dark and light blue. I planted these from seed two years ago and now they reseed themselves. I've been trying to put in hardy annuals and perennials in the cutting garden rows so I will have flowers for cutting with very little effort someday.  Nigella or Love-In-Mist also have seedpods that make a nice dried flower. 

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to revive the Fairy Garden. It has been overrun by Soapwort I think I have most of that cleared out and have planted a few seeds of a miniature Phlox and some Five Spots so we shall see what happens. Hopefully I can stay on top of keeping that darned Soapwort out of there.

Another Walmart Clearance item was this miniature Lily. It only gets a foot tall or so and has lots of blooms. I have separated it twice so there are several clusters of it in the Fairy Garden. 

This minature Rose came from the grocery store a long time ago. It grew a little taller than I thought it would so put a little obelisk there to support it and to keep it from falling over the circular pathway around the Fairy Garden. It smells so sweet.

And another Rose in the Fairy Garden is the Seven Sisters about ready to bloom. This is actually a vigorous old climbing Rose that I keep pruned back . It used to be on a heart shaped trellis in the fairy garden; however, another mulberry tree limb fell right into the middle of my Fairy Garden a long time ago and smashed my trellis. The Tree limb is still there and is now the trellis for the Seven Sisters rose. And remember how I said Dutchman's Pipe vine is invasive? It is trying to strangle the Seven Sisters.  A woman's work is never done! 

And sow on...

CELEBRATE! (my word of the year)

June 2 - Peas! I had peas from the garden for dinner. I put row covers over them to keep the varmints around here from eating them first.  Yumm...

June 3 - Finished a book! Dead Coin by Sheldon Siegel. It is book number 15 of 16 in the Rosie Fernandez/Mike Daley legal thriller series.   I have read 15 books now in this series and have read about characters growing up, passing away, changing jobs and winning cases. I'm getting kind of tired of this series now because past history of characters are brought into the books for those who read them as stand alone and not part of the series. That's boring to me and I kind of skip through those parts. Then, of course the outcome is always the same...hopeless case is always won at the last minute by the lawyer's private detective brother Pete. I'm not sure if I want to read that last (for now?) book in the series any time soon although I probably will finish what I started (the series of books). I can't really say they aren't good books. 

June 4 - Roses!  I love them. I have lots of them in the gardens. I have made quilts of rose fabrics and I eat my dinner every day on Sharon Cabbage Rose depression glass plates. And I always try to look through rose colored glasses.