Monday, October 22, 2018

It's a Finish! The Owl and the Pussycat

 The Owl and the Pussycat
At sunrise
40 x 60
Machine quilted on my DSM with spirals

If I can find the old book Owl and the Pussycat (it's around here somewhere) I'll put it with the quilt in the hope chest for great grandchildren.  I've made several quilts that go with old children's books for the hope chest - Velveteen Rabbit, Ten Apples Up on Top and I think another one I can't remember right now. 

If I can't find the book (I have several bookcases full of children's books here and there throughout the house I need to check) I guess I could make a quilt label with the poem on it. 

I posted yesterday about flimsies I just made that used cat scraps. I actually started to try to use some cat and owl scraps back in March 2017 when I started making these Sawtooth Stars.  Sometimes things just get stalled around here. 

I used a piece of flannel I washed several times for the back. Flannel seems to shrink a lot. I had just enough of the polka dots for binding with just a little piece leftover. It was meant to be. 

You can kind of see the spiral quilting. Hey, I'm finally getting better at those spirals but I still need to work a little on consistent size and spacing. 

And in an effort to have no scrap left behind...
I usually like to make Flying Geese for the star points on Sawtooth Stars but for some reason I used the flippy corner method to make these stars.  When I do that I just eyeball the 1/4 inch seam and lop off the extra. I figure no need to actually measure because the seam is already sewn and I don't care if the extra fabric left is cut accurately at 1/4 inch or not.  And I don't like to take the time to sew a 1/4 inch seam to make a bonus HST.  So, I'm left with lots of "waste triangles".  I sometimes throw them in with crumbs if they are big enough or keep them separately in a waste triangle box.   At any rate... I'm trying to use up scraps now as they are made so I put the eight waste triangles with a center 3 inch square in order to make some Wonky Stars when the urge strikes.   I have to cut yardage for the 8 three inch pieces for the rest of the star.    And when I'm finished with the three inch pieces I'll cut those scraps in half and put them in the 1.5 inch scrap bin since three  inches is not a size of scrap I keep in a bin. I normally don't have a lot of 3 inch scraps. I have a few projects in the works that use the 1.5 inch scraps.  

So that's just a little about how scraps get made, used and stored and then used around here. 

Wonky Stars. 
They finish at 7.5 inches.

And they are fun and easy to make. 
I'll have enough for a small quilt in no time!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Cat Scrap Fever

 Five Flimsies.  

I was the lucky winner this quarter of the Stashbuster Yahoo Group's UFO Challenge. The prize was 40 fat quarters.  When they arrived I sorted them into various project boxes and a lot of brights and tone on tones ended up in the fabrics I set aside to use in donation quilts. With the fabric refresh and win I really felt like I should share the bounty and make some donation quilts. But what to make...what to make? 

Then the bout of Cat Scrap Fever hit and  I had an overwhelming urge to dig into the cat themed novelty scraps (pieces less than a FQ).  Scraps were ends of fabric, pieces leftover from making other quilts, charms from a variety of swaps and some pieces from the thrift store. 

Puss in the Corner 
60 x 75

 I started with the bigger scraps.  These are 9.5 inch centers and brights. I made what else but... Puss in the Corner blocks!  The blocks ended up at 15 inches finished. 
Puss in the Corner
40 x 60

These Puss in the Corner blocks have 6.5 inch colorful cats in the centers and the blocks finish at 10 inches. 

Happy Cats
40 x 60
 While I was in the brights and 6.5 inch pieces I made some Happy Blocks to add to a few Happy Blocks with cats made long ago.   The blocks finish at 10 inches.  
Cats in Neutral Territory
60 x 80

  This block is also called Puss in the Corner.  I used some of the less colorful 6.5 inch cat scraps and some black, brown and gray bits and pieces for frames.  The blocks finish at 10 inches. 
Mendota Cats
40 x 60

Working my way down in scrap size I used just three old pieces of fabric to frame these 5 inch centers in a 10 inch block.  The Sunshine Online Quilt guild has named this block Mendota.  It is a block they are making now for quilts to be assembled at a 2019 retreat in Mendota, MN.  Quilts will go to Wrap-A-Smile or Quilts Beyond Borders when finished. 
The Cat Scrap Fever subsided before I had the urge to work with any scraps smaller than 5 inches.  

I'm glad Cat Scrap Fever is not a CATastrophic illness. 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Green Scraps

 I just started making these HRTs last month from 4.5 inch scraps. 
 I also started making Fractured Rails blocks from 4.5 inch scraps in the color of the month mixed with a tone on tone in a complementary color..  
These blocks I make from 1.5 or 2.5 inch scraps.  The little pieces are 1.5 x 2.5. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

It's a Flimsy!

 Framed 30s Four Patches
72 x 88

I had forty-four eight inch blocks from a 2007 swap- 30s fabrics in the four patches framed with white on white.  After I finished my Ocean Waves flimsy earlier this month I had a lot of 2.5 inch scraps left over so decided to move this UFO forward and made fifty-five more blocks for a twin sized quilt. I'm not really a fan of a lot of white in quilts anymore but decided I might as well get it to flimsy stage instead of letting the blocks sit around any longer.  

I put this on my list to finish before the end of the year. I was going to machine quilt it with vertical lines closely spaced. Now that I see it I think it would make a nice summer quilt - backing with no batting - with some minimal big stitch quilting with white perle #12 which I happen to have on hand and maybe a tie in the middle of the four patches.  So maybe it won't be finished by year end. 

I still have a lot of 2.5 inch 30s scraps. I usually keep 30s and civil war repro scraps separate from other scraps. I guess they are a snobby bunch.  I'm considering mixing them in with the rest of the 2.5 inch scraps or I'll make some nine patches.  

I do know I will cut a 1.5 inch piece off the end of each and make a few of these Whatchamacallits that I've been making as a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project.  I've been trying not to repeat any fabrics in these blocks and I haven't used any 30s yet. I want a total of 84 blocks and so welcome the new scraps to make these. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

It's a Finish! Plain Brown Wrapper

Plain Brown Wrapper
80 x 80
hand quilted with big stitching in various shades of brown perle #8

For my purposes cream also counted as brown. 

The center is a 50 inch square that consists of brown postage stamps (1.5 inch squares) and a heart. 

Next there is a round of 2.5 inch squares.  Then there is a round of dark/light four patches made of 2.5 inch squares.  Most of those were from swaps years ago but I didn't have enough of them so I filled in with postage stamps in that round in the center of each side.  Then there is another round of 2.5 inch squares. 

 The next round consists of 3.5 inch squares with 3 inch nine patches from the Parts Department in the corners. 

The final round consists of 4.5 inch squares with four patches in the corners and middle of each side. 

I used perle #8 in various shades of brown and stitched through the middle of the 1 inch squares in concentric squares.  I stitched an eyeballed 1/4 inch from the sides of the other sized squares.  The four patches and nine patches and postage stamps in the other borders had an X stitched through them. 
The binding was scrappy brown. 

And guess what! The backing is brown. 

Lots of scraps in this one!

Lots of Slow Sunday (and Monday and Tuesday...) Stitching in this one!




Saturday, October 13, 2018

From the 3.5 Inch Scrap Bin

The last couple of years I've been making Bow Ties and Snowballs from the scraps in the 3.5 inch bin.  Now that the Bow Tie quilt is finished and the Snowballs quilt is at flimsy stage it's time to decide what to do with the few scraps that are still left in the 3.5 inch bin.  How about Broken Dishes blocks in complementary colors?  Green is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month and red is the complement. 

I've also been making little three inch (finished) rails for a couple of years from the 1.5 inch scraps but decided to use 3.5 inch scraps now to make them since the 1.5 inch scraps are running low. 

And the strip on the right side is what I make when the scrap ends up less than a 3.5 inch square. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Log Cabin Lunacy

Just a short update on the Little Log Cabins - I now have 8 rows of 16 blocks sewn together. 12 more rows to go! I'm trying to work on this a little each week instead of turning it into a UFO. 

I think this would be a fun quilt for someone in a nursing home. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fourth Quarter Finish-Along Goals

1. Blind Man's Fancy (90 x 90) will be hand quilted with Baptist Fans. 

2. Marginalia (Quilty 365) is 72 x 84 and will be hand quilted. 

3. Plain Brown Wrapper - 80 x 80 almost finished hand quilting.
4. Another Nine Patch - machine quilt

5. Rosebuds - to be machine quilted (as I keep saying)

6. Depression Blocks - to be machine quilted

7. Confetti Waves - to be machine quilted

8. Snowballs - to be machine quilted

9. Framed Four Patch - rows need to be sewn together then machine quilted
10. Happy Critters- top needs to be assembled then machine quilted

11. The Owl and the Pussycat - top needs to be assembled then machine quilted.
12. Make Pillow from this embroidered piece

13. Cat and Rabbit pillows - make. Will use small batting pieces for stuffing. 

14. Make six Christmas stockings from nine patches. Using stockings I made my two older kids 40 years ago as the pattern. 

15.  Finish four Valentine themed placemats and napkins. 

16. Make at least one thing from these Christmas themed blocks and HSTs - placemats, tablerunner, tree skirt, hot pads ??? I want this bin to be empty at the end of the year!!!! 

That should keep me busy and out of trouble for a few months.