Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind

No matter how hard I tried the quilt top would not stop blowing in the wind. It now measures 83.5 x 99 inches and I added a dark purple (plum?) 2 inch border. I'm now trying to decide what next for a border...prairie point leaves or appliqued leaves on a border. Oh, and doesn't the top with the sunlight reflecting through it look like stained glass?

At any rate...I can't decide what to do for the next border so I'll set it aside for a while. This is the quilt I am making the cq bedrunner to match. I need to work some more on those blocks too.

Doctor finally found a possible diagnosis for peripheral neuropathy...Guillaine Barre Syndrome (GBS). It's evidently rare...who would have thought? I think I'm getting better though. I've been forcing myself to use those fine motor skills even tho' it's been somewhat difficult. "Use it or lose it".

Friday, June 24, 2011


CW Sampler - Ladie's Aide block.
The outside piece on the cross is supposed to match the fabric of the corner pieces; however, I did not like how it looked since my fabric on the crosses did not match up properly to the corners. Maybe before the quilt is made I will redo this one.

CW Sampler - Calico Puzzle

FW Sampler - Big Dipper.
Do you know I was an old lady before I could actually look up in the sky and see the big dipper and then the little dipper? And now I look at this block and just don't get it!

FW Sampler - Broken Sugar Bowl.
This is my version 2 of this block since I made the other one undersized and we do know that size matters! And, on the subject of sugar bowls...I inherited and use grandma's sugar bowl and hope no one breaks it.

FW Sampler - Buzzard's Roost
Kind of wild...I used that brown fabric since it kind of looked treeish. Don't know why I used the green.

FW Sampler - Country Farm.
Hmmm, looks like that one side doesn't have enough seam allowance. Hope it's just the picture!

FW Sampler- Darting Birds.
Ok, not enough contrast. I wanted red birds since some of the other bird blocks are blue but I should have used the Kona snow. Maybe another one for the remake list. Or maybe not..

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Asian Challenge Stitches

This is the first stitch for the Asian Challenge - Coral Stitch which is a knotted stitch. I chose to make mine out of silk ribbon and did not pull the knots very tight and then...

...I added some leaves and cherry blossoms to my coral stitch.

The more advanced knotted stitch that I am not sure I have mastered was knotted loop stitch or basque knot. My eyes don't see well enough to do the two loops knots aren't very even. I drew a giant leaf with lead pencil and used those lines as guidelines for my leaf...

...and then I outlined leaf with stem stitch to cover over the pencil lines. And then I added a silk and satin ribbon chrysanthemum to go with the leaf. (Well, at least that's what it's supposed to be)!

I've used the coral stitch a few times before but that basque knot stitch was new to me, well...I've seen it in books but never tried it but now I have. If I try layering it next time you won't notice my unevenness and it might be fun. I like challenges. Oh, and I might try a couple lanterns with ribbon thru them to simulate lanterns. Later...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

English Garden Block

This is Gayle's English Garden block. I embellished wisteria around the silkie she had attached and did a gold metallic chain stitch around the frame since there was already a dark line around it. Then I added some silk ribbon roses, some blue silk ribbon larkspur, pink silk ribbon tulips, purple silk ribbon cone flower and some white #8 perle cotton daisies. Of course they don't all flower at the same time in a real garden but in a silk ribbon garden whatever you can imagine blooms all at the same time.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

9 Patch WIPs

I participated in a scrappy 3 inch 9 patch swap. I'm going to particpate in a couple more...

...and turn them all into 5 inch Sister's Choice blocks with blue points.

I'll also be participating in a 3 inch 9 patch swap of blocks made of 30s reproduction fabrics and kona snow. I will just throw them all in a box and pick them out and sew together. There will be no further manipulating of these.

I won the last block lottery on another list and so I got to pick the next block up for lottery. I chose an easy 6 inch 9 patch block since summer is here and it's easy to make. These are the blocks I'll be sending the next lucky winner. I chose country type fabrics and made a set of blocks that alternate placement of lights and darks.  And the reason I chose the fabrics I did... because I needed some more Country 9 patch blocks to add to my collection Add a medium shade 5 1/8 inch block cut on diagonal to all sides and you get a 8 inch block from your original 6 inch.

And now I have a pile of country blocks that may be enough to make a full size quilt. Some of these blocks were originally swapped on yet another yahoo quilt group last year.

Another way I am using 6 inch 9 patch blocks is by alternating them with 6 inch snowball blocks. I need to add 4 more rows and I will have a top for a queen sized quilt. Then I have to decide on borders...I think I will have a prairie point border that looks like leaves since this is a "Bird Quilt". Colors are mostly pink and lime green (both colors I originally hated) as well as deep purple and blues. I think a little border of plum then a little wider one of pink then the green prairie points is the way I am going to go. This is the quilt that will also have a matching crazy quilt bedrunner to go over the top of it (or I suppose it could be an extra long and thin wall hanging.)

You know, I was watching an old VCR tape I had of me in the garden when I was a little younger. I was struck by all the colors when I watched it. I don't think I had ever noticed so much color before when walking through the garden. I mostly notice the weeds since my flower garden gets weeded only after the veggies and with working full time + at my paying job the huge flower garden is never all weed free. But, I stray...anyway...color...when I watched that movie I was struck by the color and I couldn't help but feel uplifted and joyous. I hope when I look at this darned quilt I get the same feeling because this thing is pretty wild if I say so myself.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Catching Up on Civil War Blocks Again

Blocks from Barbara Brackman's block-a-week release from her blog Civil War Quilts
There is also a button on my sidebar that links to her website. Even if you are not making blocks the history she presents on the civil war is very interesting. Below are my interpretation of her blocks. I have this week's block done too but wanted to fix it a little before I took a picture of it. In the sane quilting world I do love samplers. I need to work a little more on the Farmer's Wife Sampler now.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tone on Tone

This is Ruby's block in the pink color study RR after Nina and I have worked on it.

I added the ribbon around the girl, bullion teddy bear, doll in pearlescent pink. I wish I hadn't used that pearlescent and used single strand floss instead, but there it is.

The large silk flower with jewel center, crocheted medallion and dark pink silk ribbon rose were already there from Nina's work. I added a piece of lace highlighted with sulky, an embroidered cupcake, a yoyo heart, felt hearts and all the rest of the flowers.

This is Rita's tone on tone block. First I embroidered a flower fairy, then I added some different laces (one piece was already on block) and embroidered between them. Then I added some flowers. Picture is dark but I couldn't get anything to show up when pic is lightened up with flash on my camera. Oh, and I kind of like the beads dripping from her hand that turns into a bead flower.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Latest CQ

This is Beryl's block for the "Anything Goes" RR. The block had beautiful gold/orange/yellow fabrics so I chose an analogous color scheme since I seem to like that combo most. I pulled all my purple, red and orange threads (and a touch of green) and stitched several seam treatments and then filled in with the twisted silk ribbon chrysanthemums.

This is Kerry's Tea Time block. I didn't pick any special color scheme. I just tried to use what was in the block. I started with a small cross stitched teapot and cupcake done mostly in gold to pick up the gold in the piece on the block. I did a curvy seam treatment up in the upper right corner in the same colors as the circles on the fabric. I added the teapot and cup buttons. They stuck too far out and were too heavy for the block so I made a tiny hole to insert button back into hole so button would lay flat. It looked much better that way. The silk thread vine with pink silk flowers that meanders around doesn't show up too well. And finally, I appliqued on some varied flavors of tea bags. This was the last of the blocks for this RR so I'll be mailing them home to Kerry soon.

This is a block I made for the CQ4Newbies Asian Challenge. It follows same color schem as Beryl's, purple, orange. As challenge moves along we will be introduced to several different seam treatments that need to be added as well as some other items. A big embroidered dragon is going in the middle! I don't really like the Asian blocks; however, I just remembered that my sister is now a Buddhist (one in a long line of religions she has embraced) so I will be making this 16 inch block into a pillow for her for Christmas. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pardon Me, Madam, Do You Think My Mulch Gaudy?

When cotton scraps get too small to use...

...they go to the garden...sometimes along a path... a fairy door in a sundial.

In memory of my husband's Aunt Essie who used old cotton clothes in the garden as mulch and watered with manure tea. She had 11 kids and a large garden and wasted nothing. We miss her. Someday if I ever breed my own daylilies one will be named Aunt Essie.