Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tone on Tone

This is Ruby's block in the pink color study RR after Nina and I have worked on it.

I added the ribbon around the girl, bullion teddy bear, doll in pearlescent pink. I wish I hadn't used that pearlescent and used single strand floss instead, but there it is.

The large silk flower with jewel center, crocheted medallion and dark pink silk ribbon rose were already there from Nina's work. I added a piece of lace highlighted with sulky, an embroidered cupcake, a yoyo heart, felt hearts and all the rest of the flowers.

This is Rita's tone on tone block. First I embroidered a flower fairy, then I added some different laces (one piece was already on block) and embroidered between them. Then I added some flowers. Picture is dark but I couldn't get anything to show up when pic is lightened up with flash on my camera. Oh, and I kind of like the beads dripping from her hand that turns into a bead flower.


Laurie said...

Oh My Gosh Kathy, both these blocks are stunning! I love your bullion bear, I've wanted to try one myself, you must have the same book! He's adorable! And the fairy you embroidered is just beautiful. Wonderful job, perfection!!

Ruby said...

Cathy the large silk flower came from Kathy Shaw. I love ALL the work you and Nina have done on my block. Thank you!