Sunday, August 29, 2010

Postage Stamps and Gumdrops

I finished another UFO - a Postage Stamp quilt consisting of 2.5 inch squares and bordered by 10 inch "Sister's Choice" blocks. For the backing I used a yellow sheet from the thrift store. And for quilting...I meandered.

Also this weekend the two granddaughters helped me stuff a gumdrop pillow. I used the stuffing from a bunch of old pillows my in-laws had in their closet when they passed away. The stuffing was flying everywhere but we finally got the job done...
A gumdrop pillow from an Amy Butler pattern that's just right for a footstool. Now I plan to make a bunch more for Christmas. I've been saving home decor fabric I've found at the thrift store on old fogey days.

Going a Little Crazy

I've just finished my work on Kerry's pansy block for a CQI (Crazy Quilt International) yahoo group round robin. I crocheted pansies out of various threads and also added some silk ribbon pansies as well as a few cast on stitch pansies. I love how it turned out. You can't really tell but the crocheted pansies are a little ruffly/crinkly and that blue one looks mushed up a bit but it's just how pansies fit together in a pot.

This is another CQI RR I just finished for Beryl. The theme for this one is Autumn.
And yet another CQI RR - this theme is Art Nouveau and it is Darlene's block. This was my first time for making ruffled ribbon pansies.

And ruffled lace flowers, bullion rose buds on ribbon, cameo, fan and sweetheart roses for a Lucious Lace RR.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finishing Things

I finally got another UFO quilted, bound and finished. This is called Reverse Star and is done in all civil war reproduction fabrics. Some of the stars were from an online swap.

And my second block for the CQI group project to benefit breast cancer. My promise was two blocks and so my obligation is now complete after I get them mailed off to Leslie who will put them all together.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Permanent Pansies

This is a ribbon pansy I added to the "group block" for Lisa.

Basket full of pansies and pansy wreath.

The center of Lisa's block reminded me of window panes. And so I added a sheer curtain at the window and a lot of flower scenery at the window.

And, so it is.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Broken Dishes

Fall fabrics following Broken Dishes pattern. I had to finish this UFO so I could give it as a wedding present to my nephew and his bride when they get married in early Oct.

Celtic Stitching

I recently received my block back from the Celtic RR. I will probably fill in a few blank areas and then I don't know...

This is Meg's block so far. Faye still has to stitch on it. I did the spiral and dragon. You can't tell it's really a dragon from here. So...

Here is a close up. I first did a chain stitch in green. That didn't show up too well. Then I wrapped it in beige and that still didn't show up too well. Then I filled in with blue stem stitch which was a color further up on her block. That made it stand out better. I really had a hard time with color on this one.

The spiral worked out a little better for me.

I was the last to stitch on Faye's block so this is her complete block. She wanted some room left to do some of her own stitching so there are a few blank places.

This was some of my stitching on Faye's block.
And so was this. I am going to use this pattern on another project since I liked it so much.

With all this practice I am now going to make a set of placemats and napkins for my dad and step mom for Christmas. They like all things Celtic.