Saturday, August 7, 2010

Celtic Stitching

I recently received my block back from the Celtic RR. I will probably fill in a few blank areas and then I don't know...

This is Meg's block so far. Faye still has to stitch on it. I did the spiral and dragon. You can't tell it's really a dragon from here. So...

Here is a close up. I first did a chain stitch in green. That didn't show up too well. Then I wrapped it in beige and that still didn't show up too well. Then I filled in with blue stem stitch which was a color further up on her block. That made it stand out better. I really had a hard time with color on this one.

The spiral worked out a little better for me.

I was the last to stitch on Faye's block so this is her complete block. She wanted some room left to do some of her own stitching so there are a few blank places.

This was some of my stitching on Faye's block.
And so was this. I am going to use this pattern on another project since I liked it so much.

With all this practice I am now going to make a set of placemats and napkins for my dad and step mom for Christmas. They like all things Celtic.

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