Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Speaking of Blue

I belong to a couple of sane quilting groups also. And we are also having a blue block swap. Make 6 copies of 6 different blocks, send them in and get 36 different blue blocks back. I made 1 for myself to keep of the 6 blocks I made for the swap so when all is said and done I will have 42 different blue blocks to make into a quilt. I will probably have to add other blue blocks to make a quilt to cover my bed. I have been hoarding blue fabric to do so.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dying...I Mean Painting

Ok, I have seen everyone's success at either dying or painting laces, etc. so I decided to try some myself. I crocheted a few things like the butterflies and a few edgings with white No. 10 cotton and picked up some different white laces on sale. I used some fabric paint from JoAnn's and watered it down quite a bit. Then I wet the lace and painted. I'm not sure if I like the results but I'd say not bad for a first time. And my crocheted items could use another coat.

I will probably let the grandaughters try it with their Easter egg dye. (Or maybe not).

Learning to Sew

Whenever the 4-year-old granddaughters see me sewing they beg me to teach them how. I bought some lacing cards for them and they have had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to go up one hole and down the other. But they have the whip stitch figured out pretty well.
Here's Isabelle in deep concentration. Kayla wouldn't let me take her picture. I'll catch her next time.

St. Patrick's Day Cards

Since before Christmas I have been making fabric postcards each month to send to my four-year-old granddaughters. I sign them "secret admirer". I think they suspect I am the sender, but they aren't quite sure.
Normally I just put a p0stcard stamp on them and they go through the mail just fine. But this month I needed to add another 35 cents.
I'm a little behind with posting - I should be off making their Easter cards!