Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It's a Flimsy! School of Fish

 School of Fish
40 x 60
It's a flimsy!

So...I'm really a slob. It takes me awhile to put fabric and scraps away. My cutting mat usually has about a two inch square of space left on it before any organization happens. I had gray scraps leftover from Blue Collar Work next to some school themed fabrics leftover from making a few school themed Happy Blocks.    And I just finished making some small crumb fish blocks so fish was on my brain.   And our brains work in mysterious ways...so School of Fish happened. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

It's a Flimsy! Blue Collar Work

 Blue Collar Work

A Kaleidoscope quilt made from men's shirts from the thrift store plus bits and pieces of several shades (not 50) of gray solids I had in the scrap chunk crate. 

80 x 88

Ten inch blocks sewn together pretty much in random fashion - no design wall or floor or bed. 

I divided the blocks into piles of "with red/orange", "with brown", and "with blue/lights".  Then I tried to use evenly from the piles while webbing the blocks together.   I kind of eyeball and remember what is in each row as they grow. This is usually my method of madness. 

Sometimes I get to the end and find I have a lot of similar fabrics left so they end up next to each other.  Does it really matter?  Well, not to me.  This is a big quilt for a big bed so who is going to notice?  It will generate the same warmth if like fabrics touch or are evenly distributed. 

I think I have enough of a black (or navy?) cotton gingham for the back but I'm not really sure since I haven't yet measured.  And I think I have enough black perle #8 to do some big stitching. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Crumby Yellow Stuff

 Two 12 inch slabs with heart centers.  They came out of a box of crumbs. 

 Crumbs?  Those little odd sized bits and pieces of scraps.  I have several boxes of them. I go through them each month and sort out the pieces in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month.  Then I try to make quilt blocks out of them.  Later in the year I will make a bunch of comfort quilts out of the blocks I make all year to donate to a few of my favorite places. 
 I also have a Wonky Box of crumbs.  These are extra little HSTs or wonky HSTS or waste triangles sewn together, etc.   I pick through here too. 

So what else did I make besides the slabs from crumbs?

Four twelve inch blocks. 

A ten inch block. Well, actually it's supposed to be 10 inches, I think but I haven't squared it up yet. These HSTS were in the wonky box. I put them together and didn't worry about matching points, cut off points, etc. 

I made several ten inch Mendota Blocks - instructions found at the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild.  The group owner, Carol, drafts a block every other year named after the place where a quilt retreat is held.  Last year was the Omaha block and the ladies at retreat made over 180 quilt tops at retreat. I did not attend but sewed along at home.  The retreat will be held in Mendota in 2019 and this is the block everyone will make this year to be sewn together next year at retreat. 

Anyway, these are 10 inch blocks with five inch centers.  So any big scraps at least five inches square went into the making of these blocks as well as some five inch crumb blocks.   I decided I will border primary color centers in primary colors and secondary color centers in secondary colors.   So yellow got bordered with some red scraps...

...some blue scraps...
...and a variety of yellow scraps bordered some five inch crumb centers. 
I added seven 8 inch crumb stars to the pile. When I make these I add the complementary color.  Good thing Sawtooth Stars are versatile. I meant to make the star points yellow and the background purple but got mixed up when I cut the flying geese pieces for the star points. 

And from Cathy's Crumby Confectionery Company - Crumby Yummies in a variety of flavors. 

An eight inch block for the orphan box. 
A few Itty Bitty Nitty Gritty Fish. 
A variety of six inch (or close to it) blocks. 
And a variety of four inch blocks and a strip for a Chinese Coin quilt. 
The 16 gallon box that holds the four inch parts is getting full. I may have to do something with them sooner than later.  I have a few ideas. 

And now you know about the Crumby part of Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting! 
I'm turning Crumbs into Comfort Quilts! Crumbs for Comfort! 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

It's a Flimsy! Fall Festival

Fall Festival
60 x 75
It's a Flimsy!

Several years ago I participated in several themed Chunky Churn Dash swaps - patriotic, 30s, fall, floral.  I wanted to challenge myself to set them all differently with alternate blocks.  This is quilt #3 using the fall themed blocks.   I originally intended to make a bigger quilt and use two different 15 inch blocks like above - one with four Chunky Churn blocks, geese with dark corners for sashing, 3 inch 9 patch for center and another with four framed four patches and light corners on the geese sashing.   I intended to make 18 of each and set them 6 x 6. 

After I made 18 of the blocks using all my Chunky Churn Dash blocks I didn't feel like making 16 more blocks (I made two for a test run) using framed four patches so decided to make a quilt with 20 blocks instead - 18 with Chunky Churns and 2 with Framed Four Patches. 

 The two blocks with the Framed Four Patches blend in but also stand out. 
 I love quilts with fall colors. 
It looks like a pile of leaves I'd like to jump into. 

 And there's some secondary patterns.
I kind of like that too. 
I have a flannel sheet I might use for the backing. I think I will have to let out the side seams because the width of the quilt top fits just inside those two seams with no fabric left to spare and I think I need a little wiggle room in order to quilt this on my DSM. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It's a Flimsy! Salmagundi Road

 Salmagundi Road
89 x 89

It's a flimsy!

I did not know the block name but figured out from the photo how to make the blocks. 

Later Dot (aka abelian who is a no-reply blogger so I couldn't say thanks) left me a comment saying the block name according to Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia #1911 is Buffalo Ridge by Nancy Cabot or Grandmother's Fancy.   #1912 is Buffalo Ridge or Country Roads - the only difference between #1911 and #1912 is whether or not the block sashing is the same size as the quilt sashing. 

Although I didn't use it I did find free block instructions at Quilter's Cache for a Country Road block if anyone is interested. 

Nann of With Strings Attached  had suggested to me at one time that a good name for one of my quilts might be Salmagundi.   (The definition? a general mixture; a miscellaneous collection).   And so Country Roads turned into Salmagundi Road as a name for my quilt. 

I used a lot of chunk scraps and men's shirts from the thrift store to make the quilt in warm colors. 

I first made 25 blocks with the intention of adding sashing wider than the 2.5 sashing within the block.  I couldn't find enough of any fabric I had on hand to use for the sashing so made 11 more blocks with the intention to go without sashing between blocks.  But then I decided I didn't like the blocks without sashing. 

I finally decided on a narrow dark brown (Kona Coffee, I think) sashing.  I didn't add it around the outside edges but I have enough Kona Coffee left for the binding. 

Getting this sashed and to flimsy stage was my April One Monthly Goal (OMG). so I will link up to the Elm Street Quilts OMG finishing party at the end of the month. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Piece a Backing

I auditioned fabrics for sashing for Salmagundi Road, picked one, and left the rest of the pieces in a pile at the end of the ironing board.  As I came across other possible backing fabrics I kept adding them to the pile.  I thought I would piece some of them together later for a backing for Salmagundi Road.   

And then before the backing could happen...I decided to to make some Salsa and do a little Salsa Dancing instead. 

 These are 18 inch blocks. 

I made one in 2015 I called Petunias that was made from fabrics leftover from a Pickle Dish quilt.  

I thought I would make one 72 x 90 for my husband (he's tall) to replace the old Winery quilt he currently keeps on the back of his recliner but I wasn't sure if I had enough Salsa ingredients in my stash for 20 blocks. 

First I made the above four blocks to see how they would look. Sometimes I get some crazy ideas, you know, so that's why I usually make a few trial blocks to see if I want to go further or want to throw them into the scrap orphanage and abandon the crazy idea. 

I liked them. 

And then I  cut wedges from my tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, tortilla chips (yes, I have tortilla chip fabric in my stash),  and parsley I pretended was cilantro.  I was hoping I could cut 160 wedges for my 20 blocks and I made it with little to spare.  Then I  looked for some reds, greens and reddish browns I could use for the outside rings and sewed wedges and ring pieces together. Now I hope I have enough yellow, orange and orange red tone on tones for the corners. I'm not sure I do but I'm going to scrounge around. 

Now, what to do for that Salmagundi Road backing??? Hmmmm....

Sunday, April 15, 2018

In The Hoop

 Bohemian Roosters has been in the hoop for awhile.    I  did have it in my large wooden hoop but found that for some reason whenever I use it my carpal tunnel flares up.  I took a break from hand quilting for a bit and decided to switch to my square pvc hoop. I never seem to have problems when I use it so I guess even though I have to move it a lot more than something in a big hoop I'm fine with that if it prevents problems with my hand and wrist and sometimes neck and shoulder. 

Anyway...you can't see it very well but I'm now quilting the center of the Sunbursts. 
 I'm using this flower stencil. I chose it because it has eight petals like the sunburst and each petal extends just a little bit into the sunburst.   Since those Boho Roosters in the center  circles are so busy I had a difficult time figuring out how to mark the stencil for quilting. I tried several things I had on hand for marking and finally decided the blue chalk showed up the best.   I'm using some blue-green thread I had on hand for the quilting. 
Before I started on the center circles I stitched about 1/4 inch (eyeballed) inside and outside each sun ray and then 1/4 inch (eyeballed) inside and outside the circle in some yellow thread I had on hand. 

I'm thinking I'll make a template of one of the sun rays to trace around in order to quilt some rays into that large area (in orange here) between rays.  I'm using Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting and the recommended maximum quilting distance is 3.5 inches and the distance between rays is more than that. 

Then in the space where the blocks meet I'll probably again use that flower stencil. 

After that I will probably stitch in the ditch around the large circles and call it good.  Time will tell. 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Yellow 3.5 Inch Scrap Edition

 Six Inch Bow Ties
This is a Rainbow Scrap Challenge carry over project from last year.  I've been making these from 3.5 inch scraps.  Most of these yellow tone on tone scraps are left over from a Jacob's Ladder quilt finished last year. 

I now have 197 bow ties. My target is 224 for a 14 x 16 layout.  I'm almost there! 

With 3.5 inch scraps I'm also making 3 inch Snowballs.  Last year I made 230 of them with light corners so thought I'd make them with dark corners this year. I was thinking I may alternate dark and light corners in a quilt similar to what I did when making my Lozenge quilt although I haven't ruled out combining them with another 3 inch block like nine patch or rails. 

And that strip at the bottom is what gets made when I get to the end of a 3.5 inch scrap that is smaller than a 3.5 inch square.  At the end of the year I'll see what I have and will probably make a Chinese Coin quilt or use them as a border. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Time Flies

Audrey's (Quilty Folk) recent Tree of Life finish reminded me that I had one in the works. 

I started my Tree of Life February 2015  and made two 12 inch blocks.

March 2015 I made four blocks. 

October 2015 I made six blocks.

And then the trees quit growing.

This week I made six more blocks.
I'm thinking I will make a total of 41 blocks to set on point without sashing.
Backgrounds will be solid blues.
I now have 18 blocks.
I'm using a free online pattern when I actually make blocks.

I was thinking I'd make a Family Tree for the backing. Still thinking about that.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Second Quarter Finish-Along Goals - Just the Top 20

 1. Blind Man's Fancy - needs backing and hand quilting
 2. Boho Roosters - in the hoop
 3. Drunkard's Path - needs backing then will be quilted on my DSM
 4. Plain Brown Wrapper - Needs backing. Not sure if it will be quilted on my DSM or by hand. 
 5. Pansies - Needs backing then will probably be hand quilted. 
 6. Rocky Road to Kansas - needs backing and quilting.
 7. Wandering Geese - backing ready. Needs quilting. 
 8. Star Chain - backing ready. Needs quilting
 9. Snowball's Chance. - Needs quilting. Will be combo of machine and hand. 
 10. - Fall Festival - will be top soon. Then will need quilting since I do have backing ready. 
 11.  Happy Christmas - need backing then machine quilting. 
 12, 13, 14 - Orphan block quilts - need backing and quilting. 
 15 - Foothills - needs sashing, backing, quilting. 
 16. - Blue Collar Work - will be flimsy soon. 
17 - Patriot Mystery - needs backing and quilting
18 - Old Old Mystery - carried over and carried over as a goal. It's pin basted and ready to be quilted. I just need to do it!! 
19. Rosebud. - Need to piece backing and get it quilted. Will quilt on DSM. (Maybe).  

20. PREPARE - needs to be prepared for quilting!

Most of these need backings. Since I retired last March I've been on "no buy" for fabric and trying to "make do" with what I have.   I might have to break down and buy some backing fabrics because I have plenty of small pieces of fabric for piecing (which I love) but not many pieces of fabric for even piecing a backing. I also might have to leave the hermitage to visit the thrift stores to see if there are any sheets suitable for use as backings since my stash is almost used up.  Batting is another thing that's running short. I've even pieced most of those leftovers.   

The other thing is that I prefer hand quilting over quilting on my DSM but know that I will never be able to hand quilt all of the quilts I already have made and will make.  So I just need to tell myself I CAN quilt on my DSM. I CAN and I WILL.  And it will be OKAY.