Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Am I Sane? Or Going Crazy?

Replacement block for Alice . The original I did for her (CQI RR Pansy RR) got lost in the mail. I tried to make it close to the original.

An Autumn block for Ritva (CQI Autumn RR). I tried a few new stitches like drizzle stitch and wheatear?

My first Dorset button. I followed a tutorial at CQ Magazine Online.

This is Rose Ann's block for the Encrusted RR. The RR doesn't actually start until Oct 1 but she mailed it to me early so I started stitching. Several other ladies will stitch on this same block.

Pansy button - I used a transfer on a button and sprayed it with something to preserve. I added some cast on stitch pansies around it. This is a detail shot from the same RR as above.

Heart detail from Rose Ann's Encrusted RR block. I outlined lace then added bullions and spider web roses, french knots, etc.

These are supposed to be morning glories made with cup stitch. And that is supposed to be a satin ribbon straight stitch hummingbird with his/her beak stuck in a flower. This is also detail from Rose Ann's block.

I just finished embroidering some napkins with celtic motifs for my dad and step mom for Christmas. I hope I can get around to adding some placemats to go with them. I have collected some celtic fabrics I really like. Dad loves all things Irish/Celtic. Fabric was on sale at 60 per cent off and is greener than it looks in this photo.

My stitching on Angies block for the White, Cream Silver (Sparkling Silver Group) RR on CQ For Newbies. Other ladies will be adding to the same block. The tatted motif was on the block when I received it so I can't claim it. This is a color study and we are limited to white, cream and silver only.

Angie's whole block after me.
Stripey Black on Black/Batik Quilt (previously a UFO) is now complete! I LOVE it. I'm not sure if I will keep it or put it in my future gifts pile. The blocks were part of a monthly swap at Blockbuddies Yahoo Group. It was a fun way to get a lot of different batiks and surprise mail each month!

All my siblings and dad/stepmom will start arriving from all parts of the U.S. (from CA to FL) for my nephew's wedding on Saturday. I can't wait.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Two of the gds started kindergarten this year. I meant to have their ABC quilts made to give to them on the first day of school. I've had some blocks made since last year but I had a hard time finding 4 novelty fabrics for each letter. For a couple of letters I printed my own pictures. I purchased panels with the ABC blocks, cut them apart, collected novelty fabrics and finally, they are complete. All I have left to do is add labels with some good quotes about education like THINK, KEEP AN OPEN MIND, QUESTION EVERYTHING and DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ. I'm actually scared they are starting school and wish I could homeschool them.
And, with that said...I don't even know my ABCs. It wasn't until I had them both hanging on the line for a picture that I noticed that Starfish doesn't start with T and Turkey doesn't start with S. I hope they question me about that!


I followed a tutorial for button painting that Gerry Krueger had on her blog. I really can't even draw a stick figure but Gerry's tutorial said anyone could paint a rose. Always up for a challenge I picked up the proper paintbrushes, went through my button stash acquired from thrift stores for the biggest buttons I could find, and went through the acrylics I had in a shoe box for some paints the colors of roses and leaves. I left my prepped buttons sitting on the table for quite some time before I got up the courage to try to paint the roses on them. And yesterday, with shaky hands, I started. I will never be up to Gerry standards (check her etsy shop for some really beautiful buttons), but I can say I tried.

And, I embroidered some pansy buttons.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Naked Again!

More naked blocks - this time they are for a Summer CQI RR. I guess this set of blocks represents where I would like to be during the summer. Or maybe it just represents our usual summer vacation in FL to visit my brother, dad and step mom. I used to live in FL - my first two kids were born there - but I hated it and wanted to move back home to IA where I lived most of my life. So, we did. I have been saving up "at the beach" fabrics for quite some time to make my GDs a quilt.

And, this is set 2 for my Summer DYB RR. I guess it represents my summer spent in the garden when I'm not working for cash for all my hobbies. Just finished digging my garlic a few minutes ago. It was such a nice day to do so - gentle breeze, the smell of dirt, the sounds of birds and now the smell of garlic on my hands.  Summer!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Craziness

I think this is the last of the Art Nouveau blocks for this RR. This is Colleen's. I used a morning glory and daffodil Art Nouveau motif, yarn/silk ribbon for hair, wire/bead for earring, and a beaded/french knot skirt. I like how this turned out. I'm going to use a lot more art nouveau floral motifs in the future. The only thing I don't like is that I use the tissue paper transfer method and it sure is difficult to see all the little pieces of tissue that need to be tweezed out - especially with a vitreous detachment (eye problem). I figure if I practice enough my eyes will learn to adjust...we'll see.

This is my work on Ritva's block for a Seamwork Only RR. I tried a few new stitches like drizzle stitch (purple flowers) and coral stitch and a few others on the bottom but I don't remember the name for them now. Ritva said in her booklet she liked ribbons, beads, etc. so that's what I gave her. My cast on stitches, cup stitches, bullion stitches, well...actually all stitches still need a lot of work. It's nice that others let me practice on their blocks.

This is my made up version of chicken scratch on Carolyn's tea time block. She sent two blocks she is going to turn into a tea cozy and requested we stitch a little on both. Chicken scratch reminds me of aprons and I have several in my collection that I've been meaning to use as a valance (apron strings tied together) in a spare bedroom or in my sewing room. Someday...
More work on Carolyn's block. The lazy daisy stitch flowers remind me of my first embroidery stitches on pillowcases. I always think colorful rickrack goes with 30s fabrics too. So I added some.

And finally, (and it doesn't show up well) on Carolyn's other block I embroidered a tea pot, sugar bowl and flower that uses an old button. I didn't embroider a creamer because I don't think cream belongs in tea (but it does belong in coffee). If it has caffeine I drink it!


These are my naked blocks for the Winter/Christmas DYB RR at CQI Yahoo Group.  I usually print directly to fabric I have ironed onto freezer paper but in this instance I used some transfer paper someone had given me. Not sure I like it. Although the colors are nice and bright the fabric (cotton) became stiff. And, I don't normally use fancy fabrics but these are all fancies exept for the silkie (cottonie? ). The paisley is an old tie.

Again, I used transfer paper for the vintage kids. Several of them are from my own die-cut collection and a few are from a Dover book. Fabrics are all cottons from my stash - some from the thrift store too. This is for a Spring DYB RR at CQI Yahoo Group.

More cotton...this time for the Seams Only RR at CQI. I think I must have been hungry when I made these but with the seam treatments only I hope they won't be too gaudy. I made a few others for myself. Maybe these will turn into a kitchen wall hanging or a shade for the deck door which leads out to the bbq grills.

More food...this time for the Encrusted Traditional RR. It will be interesting to see how it gets encrusted. That's a challenge for me too. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!

And, finally, a cream/white/silver only color study block for a RR over on CQ4Newbies Yahoo Group. I've already participated in a blue and red one, always including hearts. Again, I used cottons. Grandma always said you should use what you have in your quilts and recycle old clothes, etc. So, I do.