Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Craziness

I think this is the last of the Art Nouveau blocks for this RR. This is Colleen's. I used a morning glory and daffodil Art Nouveau motif, yarn/silk ribbon for hair, wire/bead for earring, and a beaded/french knot skirt. I like how this turned out. I'm going to use a lot more art nouveau floral motifs in the future. The only thing I don't like is that I use the tissue paper transfer method and it sure is difficult to see all the little pieces of tissue that need to be tweezed out - especially with a vitreous detachment (eye problem). I figure if I practice enough my eyes will learn to adjust...we'll see.

This is my work on Ritva's block for a Seamwork Only RR. I tried a few new stitches like drizzle stitch (purple flowers) and coral stitch and a few others on the bottom but I don't remember the name for them now. Ritva said in her booklet she liked ribbons, beads, etc. so that's what I gave her. My cast on stitches, cup stitches, bullion stitches, well...actually all stitches still need a lot of work. It's nice that others let me practice on their blocks.

This is my made up version of chicken scratch on Carolyn's tea time block. She sent two blocks she is going to turn into a tea cozy and requested we stitch a little on both. Chicken scratch reminds me of aprons and I have several in my collection that I've been meaning to use as a valance (apron strings tied together) in a spare bedroom or in my sewing room. Someday...
More work on Carolyn's block. The lazy daisy stitch flowers remind me of my first embroidery stitches on pillowcases. I always think colorful rickrack goes with 30s fabrics too. So I added some.

And finally, (and it doesn't show up well) on Carolyn's other block I embroidered a tea pot, sugar bowl and flower that uses an old button. I didn't embroider a creamer because I don't think cream belongs in tea (but it does belong in coffee). If it has caffeine I drink it!

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Laurie said...

Cathy I love your work. How fortunate the receivers are, they're going to be thrilled!