Saturday, September 11, 2010


These are my naked blocks for the Winter/Christmas DYB RR at CQI Yahoo Group.  I usually print directly to fabric I have ironed onto freezer paper but in this instance I used some transfer paper someone had given me. Not sure I like it. Although the colors are nice and bright the fabric (cotton) became stiff. And, I don't normally use fancy fabrics but these are all fancies exept for the silkie (cottonie? ). The paisley is an old tie.

Again, I used transfer paper for the vintage kids. Several of them are from my own die-cut collection and a few are from a Dover book. Fabrics are all cottons from my stash - some from the thrift store too. This is for a Spring DYB RR at CQI Yahoo Group.

More cotton...this time for the Seams Only RR at CQI. I think I must have been hungry when I made these but with the seam treatments only I hope they won't be too gaudy. I made a few others for myself. Maybe these will turn into a kitchen wall hanging or a shade for the deck door which leads out to the bbq grills.

More food...this time for the Encrusted Traditional RR. It will be interesting to see how it gets encrusted. That's a challenge for me too. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!

And, finally, a cream/white/silver only color study block for a RR over on CQ4Newbies Yahoo Group. I've already participated in a blue and red one, always including hearts. Again, I used cottons. Grandma always said you should use what you have in your quilts and recycle old clothes, etc. So, I do.

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Laurie said...

I agree with your Grandma! All these blocks are awesome Cathy, and love the dye cuts you used. It'll be fun to see how they are embellished!