Sunday, September 12, 2010

Naked Again!

More naked blocks - this time they are for a Summer CQI RR. I guess this set of blocks represents where I would like to be during the summer. Or maybe it just represents our usual summer vacation in FL to visit my brother, dad and step mom. I used to live in FL - my first two kids were born there - but I hated it and wanted to move back home to IA where I lived most of my life. So, we did. I have been saving up "at the beach" fabrics for quite some time to make my GDs a quilt.

And, this is set 2 for my Summer DYB RR. I guess it represents my summer spent in the garden when I'm not working for cash for all my hobbies. Just finished digging my garlic a few minutes ago. It was such a nice day to do so - gentle breeze, the smell of dirt, the sounds of birds and now the smell of garlic on my hands.  Summer!

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