Saturday, June 18, 2011

9 Patch WIPs

I participated in a scrappy 3 inch 9 patch swap. I'm going to particpate in a couple more...

...and turn them all into 5 inch Sister's Choice blocks with blue points.

I'll also be participating in a 3 inch 9 patch swap of blocks made of 30s reproduction fabrics and kona snow. I will just throw them all in a box and pick them out and sew together. There will be no further manipulating of these.

I won the last block lottery on another list and so I got to pick the next block up for lottery. I chose an easy 6 inch 9 patch block since summer is here and it's easy to make. These are the blocks I'll be sending the next lucky winner. I chose country type fabrics and made a set of blocks that alternate placement of lights and darks.  And the reason I chose the fabrics I did... because I needed some more Country 9 patch blocks to add to my collection Add a medium shade 5 1/8 inch block cut on diagonal to all sides and you get a 8 inch block from your original 6 inch.

And now I have a pile of country blocks that may be enough to make a full size quilt. Some of these blocks were originally swapped on yet another yahoo quilt group last year.

Another way I am using 6 inch 9 patch blocks is by alternating them with 6 inch snowball blocks. I need to add 4 more rows and I will have a top for a queen sized quilt. Then I have to decide on borders...I think I will have a prairie point border that looks like leaves since this is a "Bird Quilt". Colors are mostly pink and lime green (both colors I originally hated) as well as deep purple and blues. I think a little border of plum then a little wider one of pink then the green prairie points is the way I am going to go. This is the quilt that will also have a matching crazy quilt bedrunner to go over the top of it (or I suppose it could be an extra long and thin wall hanging.)

You know, I was watching an old VCR tape I had of me in the garden when I was a little younger. I was struck by all the colors when I watched it. I don't think I had ever noticed so much color before when walking through the garden. I mostly notice the weeds since my flower garden gets weeded only after the veggies and with working full time + at my paying job the huge flower garden is never all weed free. But, I stray...anyway...color...when I watched that movie I was struck by the color and I couldn't help but feel uplifted and joyous. I hope when I look at this darned quilt I get the same feeling because this thing is pretty wild if I say so myself.

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Ruby said...

I love what you are doing with 9 patch blocks.