Friday, June 24, 2011


CW Sampler - Ladie's Aide block.
The outside piece on the cross is supposed to match the fabric of the corner pieces; however, I did not like how it looked since my fabric on the crosses did not match up properly to the corners. Maybe before the quilt is made I will redo this one.

CW Sampler - Calico Puzzle

FW Sampler - Big Dipper.
Do you know I was an old lady before I could actually look up in the sky and see the big dipper and then the little dipper? And now I look at this block and just don't get it!

FW Sampler - Broken Sugar Bowl.
This is my version 2 of this block since I made the other one undersized and we do know that size matters! And, on the subject of sugar bowls...I inherited and use grandma's sugar bowl and hope no one breaks it.

FW Sampler - Buzzard's Roost
Kind of wild...I used that brown fabric since it kind of looked treeish. Don't know why I used the green.

FW Sampler - Country Farm.
Hmmm, looks like that one side doesn't have enough seam allowance. Hope it's just the picture!

FW Sampler- Darting Birds.
Ok, not enough contrast. I wanted red birds since some of the other bird blocks are blue but I should have used the Kona snow. Maybe another one for the remake list. Or maybe not..


Annelies vdB said...

What a beautiful blocks. The last one has indeed less contrast, but why not keep it ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy, I started the Farmers Wife sampler a couple of weeks ago. Really enjoying them. I have 9 done :-) I saw them first on your Blog. Terri