Sunday, April 30, 2023

Month End Miscellany

Comfort Quilts

I found a new place locally to donate quilts for emergency placement bags for kids going into foster care.  After I contacted them they asked if I would also donate a quilt for a raffle and trivia night fund raiser. (I'll be glad to!!)  I bundled up a dozen quilts that might be suitiable for different ages and will drop them off sometime this week.  I've mailed quilts off via GiveBackBox to programs like this but am glad I now can save on postage although I will still send to some of the children's charities listed at GiveBackBox that are in need of quilts for kids. 

This Month's Reading

1. The Girl in the Striped Dress by Ellie Midwood.   WWII historical novel based on the true story of Helena Citronova, an Auschwitz inmate who fell in love with and later married SS guard Franz Wunsch.  (Might be difficult to believe if it was not based on a true story). 

2. Felony Murder Rule by Sheldon Siegel.   8th book in the Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez series of legal thrillers.  (I've read all in the series up to this point and am ready to read book 9).

3. The Threshing of Straw by Kim Katron.  Takes place in the 1960's South. Generations of a family have secrets. 

4. Midwife of Auschwitz by Anna Stuart.  WWII historical novel based on the true story of Stanislawa Leszczyńska, a Polish midwife who spent two years at Auschwitz and delivered 3,000 babies. Some of those babies were taken from their mothers and entered the Lebensborn Program but other babies were ripped from their mothers and drowned in buckets in front of them.  Stanislawa was Catholic and has been nominated for sainthood. 

Leaders/Enders in April

This month I've mostly been making Four Patches with some 3 inch squares I was given a few months ago. I have been pairing complementary colors in the Four Patches. 

I have 107 Four Patches and am aiming for 140 of them for a 50 x 70 comfort quilt. 

I had to add in a few of my 3 inch squares in order to have enough complementary color matches. 

I need to match up some more pairs in order to continue to use these as leader/enders in May. 

But when I ran out of 3 inch square pairs I started sewing together 2 inch squares for 16 patches for Arkansas Crossroads blocks.  Those leader/enders sure add up in a month's time! 


This month I've been doing lots of garden clean up and prep, planted some seeds and some plants I winter sowed. Flowers are starting to bloom and I hope to be able to start showing them off with my Wednesday Wandering blog posts. 

And sew on...



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am constantly amazed at how many quilts you get ready to donate to the various groups that send to. I know that most are child size but you do a lot!

Chantal said...

I am with Karen on this. And you read too?!!! I'm in awe! Simply amazed by you. You rock, girl! ;^)

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That's great that you found a local place that needs the quilts. It's a lot of work boxing up quilts for mailing and getting them to the shipper. More time to sew!

Linda said...

Great that you have found a place locally which will welcome your quilts. Postage is so high everywhere that it really discourages you from wanting to mail quilts. I love seeing piles of finished quilts ready to gift. You have achieved a lot with your Leaders and Enders. Two more quilts already in the pipeline! April was an excellent month for you.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Love love love your 1st photo... nothing sweeter than a quilt stack... and all for donations! And so much easier to simply be able to drop the quilts off.

Nann said...

Yes, shipping has gotten so expensive! Glad to know you have a local place for donations. How are you coming with your reward-for-finishing self-challenge?

Anonymous said...

I check out your post nearly every day. I guess I mainly check out your pictures of quilts because this is the first time that I noticed that you list books you've read for the month. Not only thanks for all that you quilt for others, but for the list of books. Thanks for sharing.