Friday, December 8, 2017

Playing Along

I'm playing along with the Bonnie Hunter mystery makers and making the units called for in Bonnie's clues but making them for one of my UFOs instead of the mystery. 

I had Flying Geese day at my house last week and made a bunch of Flying Geese for several UFOs. And, then, Bonnie's clue 2 called for Flying Geese!  So I got busy and  made more - 192 more. I need about 720  little Flying Geese for sashing for my Blind Man's Fancy quilt.  I think I'm at the half way mark. 

Even though I don't have all the sashings with Flying Geese made yet...

...I had to try some out. Row 1 is assembled. 


Julierose said...

Ohmygoodness-just Fancy a Blindman seeing all those flying geese around his head hahahaha...but seriously (if I ever am!!) they are just gorgeous--do you do the ruler way or just the flippity corners???
I have

made flying geese--but I am watching as they swirl in the skies around here (and poop on our lawns eek!!) and take off in great long vees...such a pretty are yours...;))))
hugs, Julierose
(P>S>) perhaps I shouldn't write during cocktail hour---ya think??;ooo)

gayle said...

That's a lot of geese! (I was going to make some kind of crack about kneedeep in goosepoop, but maybe I won't...)
Are you doing them one at a time or four at a time or some other way?

mangozz said...

Your geese are beautiful! I love them as a border. Are they going to go all the way around or are you planning on something else for the corners? My geese have multiplied and I hope to have all/most of them done tonight. Plus I finished all of my 9-patches, so hopefully I will be starting clue #3 tomorrow.

Linda said...

Your flying geese borders are great. You certainly work fast! Like other people who have commented, I too would love to know which method you use for making your flying geese blocks.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Oh that's alot of flying geese! They seem to be flying every which way! How much fun and isn't great that you could get motivated by bonnies mystery quilt.

Unknown said...

I am loving how you are combining ufo’s and BH mystery. I especially love the friendship stars and 9 patch. Thanks for sharing.