Monday, December 18, 2017

Moving Forward...Maybe

 This Dots and Dashes Drunkard's Path is one of my oldest UFOs.  I worked on it from October - November 2014  - a Drunkard Path sew along with each person making their own version of a Drunkard's Path.  Sew along ended and I packed it all away. 

 I recently took a look at where I am with it.   A paper in the box said I have 72 (six inch) blocks and I'd like to have 224.  Okay.  No wonder it has stalled. 

I asked myself if I still wanted a big Drunkard's Path quilt.  And I answered myself, "yes". 
I asked myself if I thought I had enough polka dot and striped fabrics in my stash to make 152 more blocks. And I answered myself, "yes". 

Ok. Game on. 
When my sewing machine was in the shop a month or so ago I cut fabrics for more blocks. I cut these by hand because I don't do curves with a rotary cutter. In fact I barely cut straight lines with a rotary cutter. You should see all the nicks and scratches on my rulers.   Anyway...I have some pieces cut and that's a good thing because I don't enjoy cutting all that much.  I don't know how many blocks are cut...just a lot but probably not enough for 152 blocks. 

Yesterday I sewed up a few blocks. 

I made it through 12 blocks and I was tired of them. 

So I'll make 12 blocks a week and in about 13 weeks or so I'll have enough for a big quilt. 

Sounds like a plan. 


Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. Love the dots and stripes together.

Louise said...

It's a good plan! I'm hard on my rulers, too. I hate that scraping sound and feeling when you miss a cut and nick the plastic :(

mangozz said...

Sounds like a really good plan but what happened to the mystery quilt? You were going to sew along but work on your own projects, remember? I do like your Drunkard's Path version though. It's very bright and colorful too.

Sally Trude said...

The combination of polka dots and stripes are awesome.

gayle said...

That's a lotta dots!
I bought some templates for rotary cutting drunkard's path, but haven't tried them out yet. They're made so you're always cutting on the outside of the curve - not trying to squeeze the blade around inside the concave part. Makes sense to me, but I'll know more when I test them.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Sounds like a real good plan, slowly slowly! Love the dots & stripes combo.

Mego said...

LOVE this!!! I was trying to clean my sewing area (the HOUSE!) and realized just how many blocks I've started before I got 'tired of it'. Trying to corral them together to either do so many a week, or make a 'kitchen sink' quilt or donate them to someone who cares. Thanks for the smile!!!

Sue SA said...

Love your fabric combinations, looks great. Super impressed you cut by hand! I hated cutting so much that I brought a go cutter and it has improved my accuracy no end and makes cutting so much quicker. Drunkards path are on my bucket list of quilts to make, thanks for the inspiration!

Linda said...

Like the idea of making a target of 12 blocks a week. I don't enjoy making dozens of the same blocks and particularly since I have been following your blog I have a variety of blocks on the go. I have now turned the Twinkler blocks into a quilt and have just machine Ned th binding on, ready to hand sew the back of it.