Sunday, October 13, 2019

Fourth Quarter Finish-Along Goals

1. Pyramids to be quilted on my DSM

2. Spider Webs to be quilted on my DSM

3. Black, White and Read All Over to be quilted on my DSM

4. Text Me to be quilted on my DSM
5. Sunshine Round Robin to be quilted on my DSM

6. Puss in the Corner to be quilted on my DSM
7. Cats in the Cradle to be assembled and quilted on my DSM and sent to a baby.
8. Really, really, really, really (to infinity) old mystery quilt to be quilted on my DSM and donated.
 9. Gallimaufry to be quilted on my DSM
10. Sunflowers to be hand quilted
 11. Bit Coins to be hand quilted.
 12. and 13. Two ABC I Spy Quilts. Attach Iron on letters and quilt on my DSM.
 14. Make Quilts Beyond Borders fat quarter challenge quilt. 
 15. Really, really, really, really (to infinity) old top using 2.5 inch squares needs to be quilted on my DSM and donated. 
16. This is a really, really, really (to infinity) old set of swapped Double Bow Tie blocks. Make four more and then assemble and quilt on my DSM and get it donated. 


Linda said...

Good heavens! How will you find time and energy to accomplish all these goals?

Cherie in St Louis said...

Wow, what a lost!!!! You are so prolific and in a wise variety of patterns/colors/fabrics.

Ellen said...

Wow - you have set some lofty goals and when, because I am sure you will, achieve them you will deserve a fabulous reward. :)

Pamela Arbour said...

Wow very impressive

QuiltGram said...

My hat’s off to you for your commitment to finishing these quilts. Actually, I’m referring to the large number of big quilts that you plan to machine quilt. I quilt on my old Bernina. Even though my machine doesn’t have a longer throat, I can manage to machine quilt several queen size quilts. I’m comfortable with lots of free hand quilting and have been eagerly exploring ruler work on my domestic. BUT, I wouldn’t ever be able to quilt more than two quilts within a short period of time.....referring to bed size quilts here. I Love machine quilting but I find that I need to be mindful to stretch frequently or else I’m dealing with sundry aches and pains. You remind me of my favorite grandmother who I can quote (about my mother...) well you know, once that gal gets her mind made up there’s no changing it! Gram was sooo right.

The ‘Bit Coin’ quilt. I really like if. It’s interesting. Even more interesting is that you plan to hand quilt this one. So, I’m looking forward to see this particular finish. Love to see what you come up with. From Maine.

Crystal_235 said...

I love pyramids and bit coins. You have lots of writing to do. Good luck on your list.

Louise said...

The Pyramids quilt is one I'd really like to see in person after it's quilted. I imagine the texture overlaid on all those triangles will be so scrumptious :)

mangozz said...

I can't believe even you would plan on quilting so many quilts with the holidays approaching! And hand quilting Bitcoins with all of those seams? Even with big stitch quilting, that will be a difficult task. How do you handle all that quilting without it bothering your back, neck, shoulders etc.? I would be in so much agony.

---"Love" said...

Looks like you may be busy for quite a few days to get all that stack quilted! Don't forget to take a break! ---"Love"

Quiltdivajulie said...

Your projects to be quilted list is similar to mine - LONG. Good luck with your goals!!

MissPat said...

I sure hope you just had your DSM serviced because it's going to be smoking by the end of the quarter.

Cathy said...

Well, that list will be a slam dunk for you! But I’m excited, too, because you’ve got some great projects in there that I can’t wait to see finished. Overall, has your list of UFO’s shrunk to under 100 yet?

Pamela Arbour said...

Soooooooooo, that means you need to complete five each month? plus one?

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

What a fantastic quilt show you had going. You always seem to get so much done. Inspriring for sure and love all the color

Diane Phillips said...

Wow. I love your Bit Coin, and your spiderweb - I have one of those started somewhere, I need to pull that out for 2020. And those triangles! Holy Guacamole Batgirl that is freaking awesome!!!

Good luck and I'm thinking I need to up my FAL game.

Such inspiration!

SarahZ said...

Giddy Up! What an awesome quarter you have ahead of you!!! I wonder how many you have already tackled!!! On behalf of the host of the Finish Along, thanks so much for joining us, and Happy Sewing!!!