Monday, October 20, 2014

Working on Two Very Different Samplers

I've joined the Choose Your Own Block Along in order to give myself a goal to add blocks to a couple of UFO Samplers. 
Last year I participated in a Red/White 12 inch block swap.  I'm going to add some 3, 6 and 9 inch blocks to the pile until I have enough for a full/queen sized quilt. 

This week I added a 9 inch Railroad block and a 9 inch Road to California block plus 3 - 3 inch pinwheels and 3 - 3 inch spools. 

The other sampler I want to finish up is a 30's reproduction fabric Sampler of 12 inch stars on a blue background.  Again, this will be a full/queen-sized quilt.  I received 12 blocks in a Birthday Club block swap.  I'd like to have 42 different star blocks in the quilt. 

This week's blocks are Pathway and Comet Star. 

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Black, Brown, Gray Scraps

We are supposed to use up our black, brown and gray scraps this month as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

Last month the color was orange and I started on an RSC project for next year- Dresdens.  I decided I would use any gray background but was undecided about the centers.  I decided any dotty fabric will do surrounded by gray medium sized rick rack. I love rick rack. 

I made 3 more vintage butterfly blocks (Beggar Blocks) and a few spares for the border.  I think I will have to continue this project into next years RSC. These are 9 inch blocks and I want enough for a full/queen sized quilt similar to the one I saw at Nostalgic Cafe. 

I also made a few 6 inch Twinkler blocks. 

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The Grandkids are here so we will make Halloween cookies, play some card or board games and probably make another cooperative effort to try to solve a Nancy Drew mystery (computer game).  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Usually I Don't Stray Far Off the Beaten Path...

...but somehow I ended up following a Drunkard's Path QAL with Vick Welsh.  
I guess I fell on to the bandwagon. 

I couldn't decide which fabrics to use. 
My  self imposed rule is that new quilts pretty much have to be made from my horde cache for awhile. 
I think the polka dots and stripes combination will create the dizzying effect of too much drinking- just perfect for a Drunkard's Path. 
I have no fabric cutter except for my scissors and hands so it takes awhile to cut these pieces. 
Each block of four matching sections finishes at 6 inches. 

Cross the Drunkard’s Path Quilt Along

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bowl of Cherries or The Pits?

Earlier this year Mary of Molly Flanders Makerie hosted a Flowering Snowball QAL. 
Some people finished their quilt...I secretly sewed along but only completed 30 - 10 inch blocks. 

I wanted a BIG quilt. 
I wanted to use some more of my cherry fabrics since I didn't use them all in my Japanese x and + quilt. 

So, long story short...this weekend I got a hankering to work on my Flowering Snowballs and made 14 more blocks.  

I think it takes longer for me to cut pieces for the blocks than to actually make them. 

For some reason I'm hungry for some cherry pie. 

And there's not a Flowering Snowballs chance in heck that I'll have this completed any time soon.  If I make a quilt 80x90 that means I'm not quite at the halfway mark with blocks.  That's the pits! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Choose Your Own BlockAlong. What I Chose.

I'm working on a red/white quilt.  I participated in a red/white 12 inch block swap last year and those blocks have been in my UFO box since then.   When "Choose Your Own Block Along" came along I decided to add some 3,6, and 9 inch blocks to those swapped blocks so I could eventually end up with a Full-Queen sized quilt. 
The fun part each week is picking my own blocks to make and add to the pile.

This week I made four 6 inch blocks. 
Top row is Contrary Wife and Cathy's Campfire.
Bottom row is Buttercup and Anvil. 

Also each week for "Choose Your Own Block Along" I hope to make two 12 inch Star blocks of my choice in 30s reproduction fabrics with a blue background. 

These will be added to my Birthday Club blocks.  Again, I will make blocks each week until I have enough for a Full-Queen Sized quilt.   Depends upon how many 12 inch Star blocks I can find (and am capable of making). 

These blocks are Another Nine Patch Star and Amish Star. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Once in Awhile I Finish Something

I finished my Stash Baskets quilt.

It was difficult last night to get a good photo. No matter what I tried the lighting just wasn't right. 

It was all hand quilted - big stitches on the baskets and regular hand quilting in the ditch between blocks. 

I used Color Catchers when I washed it because I had used so many red fabrics.
There was no bleeding. 

72 x 84

I bought this fabric long ago thinking it would make a nice quilt back. 
It does.  All my uneven hand quilting blends right in. 

Doing any hand quilting today? 

Hmmm, what shall I work on next? 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

To Sash or Not to Sash- That is the Question.

I've been making these Little Monkey Wrench blocks for a couple of years now. 
I have a big pile of them - well over 200. 
I want to start sewing them together. 
My first inclination is NO sashing...

...but then again...I don't know...I kind of like Bonnie Hunter's sashed Little Monkeys. 

What would you do? 

Black/brown/gray are the "colors" of the month for the RSC. 
I've completed 3 kaleidoscope blocks but not sure if I'll use that b/w one. Yikes...that's hard on the eyes. 
Anyway, each month I've been making 12 inch kaleidoscope blocks - one of color of the month, another with color of the month and previous month and one of color of month and its complement.  This month it all went awry.   

Anyway, here's three blocks and the leftovers. 

And I had a few 2.5 HSTs left over after making those Little Monkeys so I made an 8 inch Depression Block, a few pinwheels and a 6 patch HST block. 

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