Saturday, March 28, 2015

Yellow Stuff

This is the last week of yellow for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 
I'm finishing up with four 9 inch Wonky Log blocks sewn together into an 18 inch block...

... four 8 inch string blocks using scrap paper as the foundation...

...and two Vintage Butterfly (Beggar) blocks as well as several 3 inch spool blocks. 

All of these projects are from last year continued into this year. 

Got scraps?
Use them up and show them off each ScrapHappy Saturday. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Wild Thing is Now a Finished Thing

Wild Thing
80 x 80

The blocks and layout were all designed last year by Sophie of Block Lotto in what she called a Modern Modular Quilt Along (MOD MOD QAL).    (The very talented Sophie also blogs at Sophie Junction). 

 Every month at Block Lotto there is a block of the month.  Last year Sophie would tell us how many of each block we needed for our sampler and at the end of the month she would show us where in the overall layout our blocks would be positioned.    When I would see any of the 16 modules  completed I would go ahead and sew blocks in the module together, then module to module, column to column always hoping the colors would be evenly distributed. 

Last year's Block Lotto blocks were either 7 inch square, 7 x 14 or 14 inch square.   I chose to make my blocks in complementary colors and used scraps and stash (and some fun and weird fabrics). 

The blocks were also geometric and varied from very easy to challenging. 

I did big stitch hand quilting with red, green, blue, orange, yellow and purple perle cotton #8. 

And I quilted blocks in different ways...sometimes with stencils and sometimes following the lines of the blocks. 

I've tried to get a pic of the crinkly goodness of Wild Thing now that it has been washed and dried. 

But I can't get a picture that shows you how very soft Wild Thing happens to be. 

I used solid colors red, green, blue, orange, yellow and purple for the binding. (Wish the blue had been a little brighter but...)
And at the end of the month I will link up to Julie's Binding Blitz. 

For the back I used a solid green wide backing so the big stitching would show up since it wasn't always apparent in some of those wild fabrics. 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blind Man's Fancy (continued)


I've made a few more 15 inch Blind Man's Fancy blocks. 
Not sure how blocks get their name. 
I first saw the block and quilt in the book I love called History Repeated 
which I purchased a few months ago. 
But I've been making the blocks according to a pattern I found on line. because I felt it was a little easier to construct. 

(to be continued)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Kaleidoscopes !!!

80 x 92

Made from lots of scraps and crumbs.

Each 12 inch block is made up of wedges (cut with a kaleidoscope ruler) made up of six 1.5 inch strips...

...and the corners and borders are made of crumbs.  For the binding I used binding leftover from other projects. 

I ended up quilting each kaleidoscope block with some wobbly circles...they weren't really supposed to be wobbly at first...but my hands are sometimes shaky and my eyes sometimes don't see well so I said the heck with it and went where the quilting, shaky hands and bad eyesight took me.  After all, this was made from SCRAPS. 

Where the corners of the blocks meet and in the crumby border I quilted some squares, rectangles and wobbly squares and rectangles. 


The quilt is a result of  last years Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

Each month last year I made a block in the RSC color of the month, color of the month plus its complement and color of the month plus the previous month.   That way I figured a color-challenged person like me couldn't go wrong. 

From the start I had always intended to add a crumb border since I used crumbs for the kaleidoscope corners but I wavered back and forth on it several times.  I thought it might look like little kaleidoscope pieces before they form a design...and I guess they do. 

This was truly a Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

It's not perfect but its all mine and it makes me smile.  
(It made my husband smile too...or was that a laugh?)
Anyway...I'll give it two smiles. 

The back. 
The end. 

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thirties Thursday - On the Road Again. Are We There Yet?


I finished the last 8 fifteen inch Road to Lampasas blocks made in 30s reproduction fabrics.  (Well, they are in my 30s  stash bin but not might officially be 30s repros but what I thought when sorting stash was 30s repros). I have the 30 blocks I need for my quilt so I'm that much farther down the Road to Lampasas. But...are we there yet?   NO!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Trees of Life or Family Trees?

There are four new Trees of Life on my makeshift design wall today. 

Since I'm also the family genealogist I was thinking of making sashing or border or backing  with some family tree names and dates of birth and dates of death...     I think all my family will be centered around that tree with nuts on the bottom. 

Design Walls at Patchwork Times (makeshift or otherwise). 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Still Big Stitching on Big Quilt

I'm still big stitching in perle #8 on my big full/queen sized quilt. 

Blocks are made in complementary colors and stitched in the same complementary colors. 

I started my stitching in the middle of the quilt and have worked outward. I'm stitching on blocks along the outside edge now so hopefully I will have this quilt finished up by the end of the month. 

Here's some of the stitching on the back side. 

And a little more back side...

...and just a little bit more.   That wrinkle isn't quilted will come out in the wash...I think.  This is a wide green muslin backing so there were no seams but I guess I didn't get all the wrinkles ironed out. 

Slow Stitching today?