Sunday, October 16, 2016

Zig Zag Rainbow

Zig Zag Rainbow
or Chevron Rainbow if you prefer. 

64 x 80

I've been making these blocks from scraps since, according to my blog, August 2014 as a Rainbow Scrap Challenge Project.  I guess it took me that long to come up with 4.5 inch scraps to use but now I have a whole box of scraps that size. 

This quilt is an eclectic mix of fabrics. I like that art deco lady with the poppy hat smoking a cigarette in a cigarette holder.  How often do you see someone smoking these days let alone a smoker depicted in fabric? 

In Zig Zag Rainbow Land Mickey Mouse and Santa mix with spiders and fruits and veggies...

...and cats with hats, owls and rabbits.   The fun part is that you can't tell what all is in the quilt from afar but up close you can find lots of treasures to smile about. 

I quilted it on my DSM (yes, lots of starts and stops to do pivoting and to force the darned quilt through the small harp on my machine) following the zig zags. I used white thread in the neutral areas and used up old bobbins of thread in all the colors of the rainbow in the colored sections. 

Don't look at the back for too may get dizzy. 

Don't know what I'm going to do with this quilt. For now it will sit on a shelf. 

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Put on Your Sunglasses and Come On, Come On Get Happy

For this month's star I didn't have enough yellow miscellaneous sized scraps to cut for the triangles so I mixed it up with the accent color of orange.  But I usually use the accent color for the background so I threw in some red for the background on this one.  

These blocks finish at 18 3/4 inches so after I make two more I will be ready to assemble (as opposed to ready to rumble). 

After I finish this one I'm going to make another with my civil war repro scraps.  These are easier to make than they look. 

From my 2.5 inch yellow and neutral scraps I made some pyramid units following the tutorial on Molly Flanders blog.  I need to see how many of these little guys I have because I'm ready for a BIG pyramid quilt.  They get assembled on the diagonal so I'm not even sure I know how many of these I need for a big quilt.  

Snakes. I have all of the colors of the rainbow made now (except the red ones that are half assembled) so I need to see what kind of rainbow snake layout looks good and go from there as far as what I still need to make.  I usually cut these from the bigger "crumb bag" scraps but sometimes from 2.5 inch scraps width wise because they are a little big longer than 2.5 inches but about 2.5 inches wide.  I'm using the pattern and templates from the book Denyse Schmidt: Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration.   And for the background I've been using different browns that look a little like the dirt where a snake that is not a snake in the grass might be found. 


I found a shoe box of 3.5 inch scraps. I usually don't have many of those for some reason. But I do see a variety of colors in that box so I decided one of my RSC projects for next year will be little 3 inch snowballs with neutral 1.5 inch corners because I also have a whole lot of...

...bright 3 inch nine patches to mix in with those snowballs some day.  I've been swapping 29Ps for a long time so have quite the stash of them despite making two quilts with them already. (The darker 39Ps I have set aside for my neutral/dark Jack's Chain quilt which is a UFO I work on from time to time). 

And I've been watching Sally and Inspector Molly make a bow tie quilt and was inspired to make a few blocks (larger than Sally's) from the newly found 3.5 inch yellow and neutral scraps.  I like the vintage look of a simple block and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge keeps me making a few each month so I don't get bored making enough for a quilt all at one time.  (I like BIG quilts).  So mark this as another RSC project for next year. 

(I feel a little itchy after looking at these.) 

And speaking of simple's another project for next year...3 inch rails from the 1.5 inch scrap box. 

Ok. that leaves 2.5 inch scraps for next year's projects (also leaves 4.5 inch scraps but I haven't gotten that far yet) so...

...I love HSTs in a quilt and I've been eyeing Lady of the Lake quilts for a long time so decided to try four  10 inch Lady of the Lake blocks in this month's RSC colors.  And that used up most of my yellow 2.5 inch scraps  These are pretty wild but mixed up with other colors of blocks they should be fine. So...with 2.5 scraps I'll be making some Lady of the Lake blocks next year.. Can't wait. 

Oh, and I don't want to forget to make a Tall Ship in each of the colors of the rainbow (using 2.5 inch scraps for the sails). 

I belong to an online "birthday club".  Each year everyone in the group chooses a block in colors of their choice and we all make the block and sent it to the birthday girl in her birthday month.   This month the birthday girl picked the Tall Ship block with sky or sea background colors, brown hull and scrappy sails.  I had my orange 2.5 scraps out so made the HSTs sails for her block plus a few extra for my block.   Twelve of these will make a nice little quilt and I have the perfect backing in my stash set aside for it. 

And finally...this month's Block Lotto block is a six inch fan block but when you put four of them together you get a Sunflower.  (I might have to make a few of these to go with my Sprout blocks). 

Well, that sure used a lot of yellow and orange scraps.  I didn't even realize I used that much yellow and orange. 

Got Scraps? 
Find inspiration each ScrapHappy Saturday. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

In The Hoop

I've been off work this week to take care of my husband post surgery (they took out his fibula and made it into his mandible to fix a jaw that broke due to osteoradionecrosis which means, I think, bone death due to radiation when he had cancer years ago).  During this time t's nice and relaxing to just sit, de-stress and hand quilt in between changing his dressings, packing his drains,  grinding his medications to dust and filling his "feed bag". 

These colors are definitely sunshine on a rainy day! (Bring on the sunglasses). 

As you can see I'm using perle #8 - odds and ends - different colors leftover from other projects - to stitch around the feathers and on the feathers themselves. 

(Yes, I'm a thread slob). 

I used all the bright and long string scraps leftover, for the most part, from quilt backing trimmings.  Some of the scraps that are smaller in width were leftovers from the very end of a piece of fabric. If the fabric end pieces are smaller than 1.5 inches I throw them into the long string mishmash of scraps otherwise they go into the 1.5, 2.5 or 4.5 scraps.  

After I get the feathers all quilted I have no idea how or what I'm going to do with the empty space between the feathers.  Suggestions? (Easy ones, please). 

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fourth Quarter Finish-A-Long Goals

It's time to declare some goals for the Q4 Finish-A-Long. 

1. Feather Bed. I'm in the process of hand quilting it now.

2. A Quilt of Valor surprise for my brother-in-law on Veteran's Day. 

3. Rainbow Chevrons. It's in the process of being machine quilted. 

4. An old, old, old, old Mystery Quilt. I think this will be one of the car quilts for a Car survival kit Christmas gift. 

5. Spools. A big quilt and these 3 inch spools aren't even sewn together yet. 

6. Twinklers. Another large quilt but these six inch blocks aren't sewn together yet. 

7. Fractured. I call it Frazzled. I am stalled on this one because I don't like that middle column. It just doesn't seem to fit.  This is made from scraps so maybe it doesn't matter...or maybe it does. 

8. Wild Kingdom (Jacob's Ladder). It looks kind of yucky in this configuration. This is another one I'm sticking in a Car Survival Kit gift for Christmas. 

9. Kaleidoscope of Butterflies - Some rows are sewn together!

10. Dresdens. Not sewn together yet. And I will be hand quilting. Good luck to me on a finish for this one! 

11. Vintage Butterflies (aka Beggar's Blocks). I was thinking of hand quilting but now I don't know. Hmmmm......

12. Rosebuds

13. Emerald Isle. Need the nine patch emerald isle part. 

14. Starz.  Another really old UFO and another one for the Car Survival Kit Christmas gift. 

15. Donation quilt
16. Donation quilt

17.  Another hat like this for other granddaughter (Christmas gifts). 

18. Another hat like this for other granddaughter but in different colors (Christmas gifts). 

19. Another hat like this for other granddaughter. (Christmas gifts). 

20. Two pillowcases (Christmas gift) for my Flamingo-loving sister. 

21. and 22.   Two clutch purses - one for each of the granddaughters. 

23. Purse for me

24.  and 25.  Glow in the dark skull bag or backpack - one for each granddaughter. 
Can't decide if I will use the Grab Bag pattern or Backpack pattern  from AllPeopleQuilt

26.   and 27.   Pillows.  Probably from orphan blocks. for Christmas gifts. 

Finish A Long 2016

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Yellow/Orange Scraps

From 2.5 inch scraps...yellow Sprouts, Depression Blocks 
The red/yellow 4 inch Happy blocks are left over from last month's red/yellow scraps that I just got sewn together.  

More four inch Happy blocks and some orange and orange/blue rail fence blocks from postage stamps (1.5  inch scraps) and muslin strips.  I used the yellow postage stamps I had cut last month with the red postage stamps in my Vintage Rail blocks. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting and Appliqueing, Appliqueing, Appliqueing

My husband had a 14 hour surgery on September 29  - mandibulectomy and fibula free flap reconstruction which means they took his fibula and made him a new mandibule.  He had a broken jaw due to the radiation (osteoradionecrosis) he received several years ago when he had cancer.  While I was waiting through the surgery and for days afterwards  I read a book, caught up on adding blanket stitch around my Quilting 365 circles for August 9-31 and September 1-19, and read an entire book (Home by Harlen Coben) and part of another one (The Immortal Irishman by Timothy Egan). 

My husband was discharged yesterday and I'm taking a week off to get him situated at home. He has an NG tube for formula feedings and medicine, neck stitches that need to be cleaned several times a day and with drains that need to be packed, trachea hole where the trachea tube was that needs to be cleaned and bandaged a couple of times a day, stitches on his leg from knee on down that need to be wrapped daily and boot for minimal walking.   Some of these things I never dreamed I would be able to do because I get rather squeamish at the appearance of blood and body fluids but I'm hanging in there and doing what needs to be done. 

By the way, thank you to all who offered prayers and healing thoughts. The doctors are amazed by my husband's recovery.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

August circles.
We had a family reunion campout, my son-in-law was discharged after 3 weeks in the hospital for chemo for leukemia, I made and canned salsa, finished a baby quilt and attended a shower for my nephew and wife, made a couple of quilts for a medical benefit for my son-in-law, took the grandkids school shopping and won a $25 gift certificate from FQ Shop for Scraptastic Tuesday. 

September 1-19 circles. I have the rest of the month cut out but just not completed yet. 
I started them on November 4 last year and I'm still making them and having fun with them.  

I also took along some Peacock fans to applique. 

I think I now have 20  14 inch blocks.  Can't remember my target number. These will have sashing between them. 

And now I need to prep more handwork. But I guess there's always hand quilting. 

Thanks again for those healing thoughts and prayers. They seem to be working for my son-in-law also. He will still need a bone marrow transplant; however, his second bout of chemo which was last week went much smoother than the first round. His medical benefit was also a huge success. 


Saturday, October 1, 2016

In Search of a Kaleidoscope of Butterflies, butterflies here in the...


No, no butterflies in the Datura (darned weed). 

I rarely see butterflies in the pansies. 

No, no butterflies here unless that white thing in the spider's web is a butterfly part.  I've seen monarchs in the Gomphrena from time to time but not this time, of course.  Note to self...cut and hang the Gomphrena to dry.  

No, no butterflies in the brussel sprouts and none of those darned cabbage worm moths in there either, thank goodness. 

No, no butterflies in the impatiens. 

Aha! What do I spy on the butterfly weed? 

Are two butterflies considered a kaleidoscope of butterflies? 

Inside I spy a kaleidoscope of butterflies on the wall. Sad, but true...this is the only butterfly or kaleidoscope sewing I did in September.  

I'm out of town right now. 
Hopefully I'll be back soon sewing up some butterflies and kaleidoscopes in October. Will you?