Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PS - I Love You!

I love postage stamps - 1.5 inch little squares of fabric. 
For the past couple of years of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I've made some 49 patches in rainbow colors and I think I have enough to make a rainbow quilt of my imagination. So I started on that quilt last weekend. 

Why 49 patches?  Because there are 7 colors of the rainbow! 

And I started late last year making these Sunbonnet Sue postage stamp girls after I saw them on the Q is for Quilter blog.   I have 10 girls and need 12 - maybe a gray and a neutral. I've started bordering the blocks now with a row of white and then a row of the girl's color. 

I don't think I'll be a grandmother to any more grandchildren than I already have so I will probably leave this in the hope chest for the first great granddaughter when I actually finish it. 

Last weekend I also made 6 more brown/cream 49 patch blocks.  I think that makes a total of 15 blocks. I want to make a large quilt only in brown/cream.  I think it looks so vintage. 

This is another ps quilt I'm working on with squares that don't fit into any of the above category or with duplicate squares used in other projects.  

I just started this one.  I saw a vintage quilt like this (they called it roman stripe - see below) on Ebay and loved it so decided to make the single 5 strip blocks as part of the rainbow scrap challenge the rest of this year and all next year.  

(Vintage Roman Stripe quilt seen on Ebay). 

I actually swap these little jewels a few times a year with the members of the
We just finished a swap, I received it last week and that's why I was sorting and working on some of the above projects.  I couldn't wait to see and use the 750  little postage stamps I received in the swap. 

And now for the first time I've signed up for a 1.5 inch (and 2.5)  ps swap with The Curious Quilter.  You have until Oct 4 to sign up for this swap.  You can sign up to swap 1.5, 2, or 2.5 squares.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop - Do You Think You Know Me?

Last week I was tagged by Sophie of Sophie Junction and Block Lotto for the "Around the World Blog Hop". Sophie, through the Block Lotto, has challenged me this year with some of her monthly block choices to try some new things. If you haven't checked out the Block Lotto please do so!
I'll try not to bore you too much or keep you too let's get on with the questions and answers.

1. What am I working on? 

If you are here and actually reading this then you probably already know the answer...I'm trying to rid myself of the fabric I've been hoarding in my sewing room before I'm buried alive under a sudden avalanche of said fabrics.  As part of that process I start at least two new projects a month and may finish one started in previous months years ago.  

2. How does your work differ from others of your genre? 

I really can't decide if I am from the comedy, fantasy or horror genre of quilters. With that said I guess my work differs as follows:

a. I think each quilt needs to have one or more novelty fabrics included. I call that the smile factor.
b. I never throw away any scraps. Never ever. Not a single scrap. The fairies that reside in my gardens take them and use them for mulch as you can see in the photos below.  The fairies have taken it upon themselves to take up residence in the base of a small sundial in the miniature flower garden. See the fairy door?

c.  When I take my bra off the minute I get home from work I feel liberated. I've never had that same feeling when I've worked on a quilt. 
d. I don't sew with jelly rolls or layer cakes; however, I may make them and I definitely eat them. 

3. Why do I create what I do? 

a. Because I want to have something to barter with when the zombie apocalypse occurs. 
b. Because color is my drug of choice.
c. To stay warm. My house is heated by wood. That's a lot of wood to split and the lazy fairies refuse to help with that. . 
d. To keep from choking someone.  To relieve stress. 
e. So I have something to take to the nursing home when the time comes. With all those quilts of novelty fabrics all of us old folks in our second childhoods should be able to play a fairly decent game of I Spy once in a while. 

4. How does my creative process work? 

See something, sew something.  

Okay. Now I get to tag a couple of lovely ladies for an "Around the World Blog Hop" post next week.  (Not everyone refused my request).  I met both of these very talented ladies via the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

Carla of A Few of My Favorite Things does the most beautiful, gorgeous, awesome, inspirational applique work you have ever in your life seen.  And she also does the most beautiful, gorgeous, awesome, inspirational hand quilting too.  She inspired me to make a Pickle Dish quilt and encouraged me with her sweet comments when I first attempted hand quilting.   

And then there's Sally of The Objects of Design.  She has a menagerie of the cutest critters you will ever see. But watch out...those critters may be cute but they are also mischievous. I enjoy reading about their misadventures.  Oh, and I'm envious of some of her good and evil novelty fabrics although I hope I never see some of those evil fabrics up close and personal. 

Choose Your Own BlockAlong

I'm going to join the "Choose Your Own BlockAlong". 

One of the projects I've started is Trail Mix by Maybeth Oxenreider. It consists of 5 different blocks. Block A is a simple four patch made of 3.5 inch squares.   I'm hoping to use up a lot of the chunks of fall fabrics I've accumulated.  I finished up the required 32 four patches and I'm on to the next block which I think is a double four patch. 

I'm also going to be making some red and white blocks of my choice. I have 12 - 12 inch blocks from a swap and I'm going to make more 3, 6 and 9 inch blocks  to add to the 12 until I have enough for a bed sized quilt. 

I also have 12 swap blocks from a 30s reproduction birthday club swap. I requested  any 12 inch star block in any color of 30s  fabrics on a blue background.  Needless to say I'm going to be making many more 12 inch star blocks until I have enough for a large quilt. 

So, I've chosen Trail Mix blocks,  a variety of red and white blocks and 30s reproduction star blocks for my BlockAlong.   I usually have so many projects going and so many UFOs that this BlockAlong may keep me focused on finishes if I have a goal to link up each week with some progress. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Finished Big Stitching. Started Little Stitching.

I've finished the big stitching with navy perle #8  on all the baskets. I stitched 1/4 inch inside all the basket pieces.  I don't think that's enough quilting for my satisfaction so I'm now hand stitching in the ditch between blocks with regular quilting thread and stitches.   I didn't want to use big stitches anywhere else than the baskets.   I'm also thinking of doing regular hand quilting on the basket contents...maybe outline some of the food and flowers.   Maybe...

Doing hand work today? 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Snowball/9 Patch UFO is Finished

60 x 72
Snowball and 9 Patch Quilt
A UFO Finish!!!!! 

All of the 9 patch blocks are made of snowflake fabrics - even the white.
All of the snowballs are made of snowman/woman fabrics. 
I quilted it on my plain Jane DSM with a swirly circle (well, most times a lopsided circle which I guess really wouldn't be a circle but a blob) in each block. 

Can you tell I don't have a design wall? Look at those three red snowballs all in the same column. (Well, I know the recipient won't even notice or think it a problem). 

For the backing I used a flannel sheet with snowflakes on it. 

I was supposed to finish this for my daughter last year for Christmas but she will get it this year instead. 

She actually wants a lap quilt to throw on her couch to represent each month of the year or a holiday.  (Yes, she likes to put those clingy decorations on the windows too).   I guess this will represent  January.   I have another Valentine UFO that will be for February.  And that may be as far as I ever get with her lap quilts.  Hey, I just noticed this quilt is red, white and blue.  Do you think that will satisfy her for July? 

 I was # 31 at the September goal setting party. 


Orange Lozenges 
from scraps.
Finished size 2 x 4.5
Too lazy to try to make them stick to a piece of batting wrapped over my propped up cutting mat just so I can take a picture. 

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I'm ready for a new color. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Testing, Testing...1,2,3 !

Testing, testing...1...



Decided to give these fabrics a spin. 
Ok...block is easy to make and I kind of like these fabrics together.  Testing is over.  A quilt will be made.