Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Feeling Flaky

I was off today and will be off the rest of the week.  I made my bread and will be making my pies in a minute. The kids, kids in laws, and grandkids will all be here tomorrow to give thanks. I'll be serving up lots of goodness from this year's garden. 

Our record snow of 9.9 inches this weekend and some snowmen have all but disappeared due to today's warmer temperatures. 

The snow reminded me that I was going to make snowflakes out of snowflake fabrics for a quilt I've had running around in my head for awhile. 

Actually, this is the Spoke block pattern from Block Lotto but I'm using it as a snowflake. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


All year long I make 40 x 60 quilts from orphan blocks, crumbs, strings and other scraps.  I use my batting scraps in these quilts too. I zig zag them together.  I add them to a box and sometimes I take out of the box and give one or two away locally. My daughter is friends with a foster mother and sometimes the quilts go to the new kids in the home.  (My daughter always knows someone who needs a quilt. Pity she doesn't sew.) 

At the end of the year whatever is left I send off to Quilts Beyond Borders or Wrap A Smile. 

I consider these quilts in improvise...use what's on pattern...

I've blogged about them all individually all year long so most of them, if you are a regular visitor, are old news. 

40 x 60

I practiced free motion quilting leaves. 

And I pieced a backing with scraps and a big piece of horse themed fabric I found at the thrift store for $1.00. 

All of these quilt backs came from the thrift store except for one which is the aqua with navy polka dots second in from the right.   That was a bargain basement purchase. that's my version of in improvise.   I guess I could be otherwise considered impRoverished! 
There are lots of interpretations for improv. 
Visit either Ann's blog, Fret Not Yourself  OR Kaja's blog, Sew Slowly,  and you will see what I mean...A bunch of Ad Hoc Improv quilters hang out there at the end of every month.  

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Still Working On It And Probably Will Be For Awhile

I've finished big stitch hand quilting on all of the "flower" parts of my super-sized Flowering Snowball quilt. 

And now it's time to work on the "snowballs". 

I couldn't decide what to quilt in the snowball sections. I originally thought I would add some simple circles. After all...more complex quilting designs don't show up very well with big stitches. But then I thought maybe a flower would be nice in the snowball sections. I almost, almost went with the one on the right...

...but finally decided to go with a vintage template from a box of old quilting things my daughter found long ago at a garage sale. 

The flower may not show up all that well with the big stitching but I think it will give me just the right amount of poofiness in those areas after the quilt is washed. 

(Speaking of snowballs...I awoke to eight inches of snow yesterday morning.)

I'm joining the other Slow Sunday stitchers at Kathy's Quilts for a virtual sewing bee. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

And Now There Are Forty-four

I finished the last four versions of green Dresdens.  
I've been making Dresdens each month from scraps during this year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 
I didn't make any green Dresdens in the last dark/bright green month so I've made 8 this month to catch up. 
Each month I made four following these rules:
1. 13 inch gray background (4.5 inch scraps for wedges)
2. polka dot centers surrounded by gray rickrack
3.  one in the color of the month
4. one in the color of the month plus color complement
5. one in color of the month plus b/w
6. one in the color of the month plus w/b.

And now there are forty-four Dresden blocks. I think I'll make five more and lay them out 7 x 7 for a large quilt. 

Got scraps?
Use them up and show us how each ScrapHappy Saturday. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Peacock Feathers

Not your normal grandmother's fan blocks. 
I had to make a couple of blocks in order to remember what I was going to do with some peacock fabrics. 
There will be sashing between blocks like the fabric in the fan base. 

Ok. So that's enough to help me remember what I had in mind next time I come across these fabrics. 
More later...

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Has Anyone Seen The Elusive Quilt Back Bird? She Left Me Some Feathers!

A Flimsy of Feathers
Not a quilt yet. Just a top. 
72 x 90

I was looking for something different for string scraps and this fit the bill. I used the long pieces trimmed from quilt backings for the feathers. 

I don't normally buy a lot of yardage when I buy fabrics but I've had this feather fabric for awhile.  I think it was on the table at Hancock's when they marked all the Spot the Bolt fabrics down to $3.98 per yard. Plus I think it was senior day so I got a 25% discount off of that.  I thought it was pretty ugly when I bought it and I thought if nothing else I would use it on the back of quilts.   I like it now. 

So, have you seen the elusive Quilt Back bird? I think that wild and crazy bird left me with some feathers. 

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Green 4.5

I didn't make any green Dresden blocks back in May when green was the RSC color of the month. So this month I have to make 8 green Dresdens. 
Here's my green with b/w and green with w/b. 
Next week I hope to have the green plus complement and only green blocks finished. 

I've been using up 4.5 inch scraps on these. 

And speaking of 4.5 inch scraps...I decided to make a few green flying geese.   I used my EZ angle rulers to cut these.  I think I'll make these next year. Not sure what I'll do with them. It will come to me later. 

Got Scraps? 
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