Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Oranges and Limes

8 inch Anvil blocks - lime with orange backgrounds. 

More limes on orange backgrounds

Now for some orange on lime backgrounds.

More oranges on limes.

The goal is to try to make a quilt I like with two colors that aren't my favorites. The goal is 80 blocks and so far I have 54. The orange and lime backgrounds will alternate. 

The reason I picked those two colors for my challenge is because I was watching Gardener's World and saw a presenter in a topiary garden dressed in lime and orange and I found it a very striking combination. 



Linda Swanekamp said...

Very tropical and soothing. I admire you for using colors you don't like. I tried, but hated what I made. Someone else loved it, so it worked out. For some reason, the search box on your blog won't let me type in (it is not just your blog). I think you made a scrap quilt called color chip or something like that that I have been trying to find. I went through a lot of the years, but could not find it.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I agree that it is a striking combination and I like it too. My favorite is the last picture.

Linda said...

As always, a lovely variety of fabrics. They look great.

sue s said...

Wow, too bright for me but that's a great challenge idea. Will all 80 be orange/lime?

Ann said...

Wow. These are bright and summery! Perfect season for them.