Thursday, August 4, 2022

The Dandy Quilt Is Finished

The Dandy Quilt
60 x 72
It's a finish!

The Dandy Quilt block pattern can be found at Quilter's Cache.  I've made several different quilts using this 12 inch block. For this one I used some patriotic prints, homespuns, plaids and florals in reds and blues. 

I was going to make it a Quilt of Valor.  Then my Hubby recently reconnected  online with a high school friend he has not seen or heard from since the friend returned from Vietnam and we were living in Florida. Gosh that was a long time ago! We are not on Facebook but his friend Bruce found my email and name from my genealogy website and sent me an email asking about  how to get in contact with Hubby. Hubby happened to mention that I make quilts and Bruce said he was fascinated by quilts. So Hubby asked if I would make a quilt for Bruce.  Hope he will be fascinated by this one when it shows up as a surprise on his doorstep in Oregon. 

I hand quilted it with perle cottons in different colors of reds and blues. 

Hey, this isn't even a UFO. I made it and finished it all this year. That's a pretty quick turnaround for me especially since it is hand quilted. (Hubby kept prodding me and nagging me to get it finished). 

The binding is the same as the backing.

It's a 60 inch wide backing that looks like chambray but isn't. 

And sew on...


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Robin said...

This is a great quilt. I love the block and your use of homespuns I've got a box of wovens and homespuns that I need to make use of. This would be a great idea, thanks for including the link for the block pattern.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I had to start over with my comment because of typos! I love that block, and it created a beautiful quilt! What a lovely gift for your husband's friend, too - so great that they reconnected like that. I bet he will really be blown away when it arrives!

MissPat said...

Well, yes, I did play catch up tonight. I'd miss the last 5 or 6 posts. It appears that Bloglovin' is defunct (and I actually found one blogger who said they thought it had been abandoned 2 years ago!) And Blogger/Google finally made good on the threat to end email notifications.
Any way, you've been busy as usual. I really like the hexie roses. What size hexies did you make?
I signed up with the link and I'm also trying out Feedly, so hopefully I won't miss any more posts. Hot here this week, but we did get a little bit of much needed rain late today.

Linda said...

A great quilt. What a lovely surprise in store for your husband’s friend.

Preeti said...

Beautiful, Earthy and Homey!!! Love it.

Linda Swanekamp said...

A wonderful quilt and great size. You did a great job- especially with the hand quilting. He will just love it to pieces!

Ivani said...

It is a beautiful patriotic quilt and hand quilted!!! Congrats!!! I bet he will love the surprise.

grammajudyb said...

Don’t you wish you could be there when hubby’s friend opens his package? I’ll bet there will be tears in that old soldier’s eye! So very special!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

How funny!! its not even a UFO!!! I love it!!
This will be such a welcome surprise for him!! He will spend hours checking out all the wonderful fabrics and the amazing quilting!!
So great to reconnect with friends from all over

diane said...

Love the quilt and especially your hand quilting.
Hubby's friend will certainly enjoy the soft quilt.
What a nice surprise is coming his way!

Jenny said...

So nice, do tell us what he thinks of your wonderful gift. Plus pictures, of course.

Mystic Quilter said...

I love these rich, moody colours Cathy!!

Sheri said...

I so appreciate and love patriotic things and especially patriotic quilts! How fabulous that you hand quilted it. I hope I hand quilt a quilt some day.

Deb said...

Love that Dandy! I do a lot of stars. They are very nice. And hand quilted too! Bravo!