Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Things - Coins

Strings and Things is the April theme in my sewing space.  
These strips kind of qualify as both. For awhile now instead of throwing everything into the string box I have been cutting two inch strips if possible from strings in saturated colors. Then I have been matching up pairs of strips, sewing them together and then cutting them into 3 inch width pieces and sewing back together for coin strips. I now have quite a few strips in different lengths and colors. 

I will continue to work with the strips I have cut and then assess what I have and whate size quilt I can make. I'm hoping maybe a twin sized comfort quilt.   I have not ironed them yet because I want to nest seams when I put the top together and so at this point don't know which way to iron each strip set. 

And sew on...

CELEBRATE! (my word of the year)

April 2 - I am thankful for my continued good health. If I didn't have it I would not be able to take care of my husband John at home. At home I have been making sure he gets the best of care. He continues to improve. 

April 3 - I am thankful I am retired. It has been snowing and windy all day. I don't have to go out in it to get to work and home again. I know I'm a good and safe driver but not everyone is. I used to dread being on the road in bad winter weather. No dread now!  Also, since I'm retired I am able to stay home and take care of John. I LOVE retirement! My last day of paid employment was Feb. 28, 2017.  My first job (not counting babysitting) was at age 15. On weekends and in the summer I worked at a soda fountain. 



Julierose said...

Love the coin strips!! Great idea instead of just storing more scraps;)))
Your snow is our rain --at least for now. Weird weather these days=April Snow!
hugs, Julierose

Quiltdivajulie said...

I have such a stack of 2.5” strips — I could do this same kind of technique with them … fun! And like you, I am happy to be retired!

Linda said...

Coin quilts are great - aren’t they? Love the way you are putting your strips together. You always have such an amazing collection of scraps. Yes it is good that your retirement has meant you are able to look after John so well.

Jenny said...

Coin quilts are great. I know I've got the start of one tucked away somewhere, wonder where it is? I'm so pleased your hubby is continuing to improve, that must be such a relief for you.

Gretchen Weaver said...

Your coin quilt is going to be very pretty. Happy stitching!

Hubblebird said...

I’m grateful too that I am now retired. I started working full time at 18 (after College) and continued to work full time, apart from 9 months off after my first son was born, and then 3 months off after my second son was born. After this I worked part-time (4 days per week) until they were at high school. Of course, working ‘part-time’ just means you squeeze 5 days into 4. Thereafter it was back to full-time. I enjoyed working. I got a lot of satisfaction from my work. But it did become a grind over the last two years.

I’m grateful I was able to bring up my sons single-handed through high school, and eventually to own my house. I am a lot luckier than many women my age.

I am quite frugal, especially when it comes to keeping my quilting alive. I only buy what I need, and practice using all my stash. I can’t wait to finalise this move and get stitching again. I’m getting a bit bored!

[thumbs, twiddling]

Pamela Arbour said...

Oh Cathy, this is a tease! Can't wait to see what you do with them. I am so glad to hear the updates on your husband and that he is getting stronger. I'm not sure what I expected of retirement, but my husband and I seem to be taking care of each other! LOL

Nann said...

There are so many interesting ways to set the strips of coins. I'm sure you're coming up with yet another one. So much to be grateful for!

Mystic Quilter said...

So happy to read that your husband is improving!! Good health is a blessing to be grateful for. Love seeing all the saturated colour.