Pickle Dish
Halloween 16 patch
Salmagundi Road
Scared Shirtless
All Creatures Great and Small
2020 Improv Circles
Peacock Tumbler
Crumb Nut Leaves
Blind Man's Fancy Tea in the Garden
Sunshine Lotto
Bears (donation)
Cattywampus I
Cattywampus II
Butterfly 3.5/4.5
Wonky Little Stars
Old Italians
CW 4P Baskets
Brown Cow
Tobacco Leaf
Thingamajigs (vintage w/ red)
Gallimaufry (african chain)
Pansy Birds
Boho Roosters
39P zig zag
39P via Nann
Owl and the Pussycat
Burgoyne Surrounded
Selvage Stars

Vintage Spin #2
Trash Talking
Girlies (donation)
Blue Orphans (donation)
42 Cent Forever
Whatchamacallits (RSC)
Improv Bullseyes (RSC)
Rails (RSC)
Snowballs (RSC)
Ships (RSC)
6" Bow Ties (RSC)
Lady of the Lake (RSC)
Sprouts (RSC)
Birds in the Air (Block Lotto)
OMMS (Block Lotto)
Split 9 (Block Lotto)
Emerald Isle
Blue Kites (donation)
Blue scraps (donation)
FQ Challenge QBB (donation)
Gwennie Medallion 1
Gwennie Medallion 2
Triangle Stars (RSC)
Interlocking Chain (RSC)
Butterfly Crumbs
Butterfly Floral
Tree of Life
Trees Improv
Christmas Ornies
Christmas Happies
Pumpkin Peel
Pastel String Stars
Little Animal Happies
Someone's in the Kitchen w/ Dinah
Velveteen Rabbit
Fractured (leftovers)
Fractured (RSC)
Mother Goose
Chunky Churn Patriotic
Chunky Churn Fall
Chunky Churn floral
Chunky Churn 30s
1718 Coverlet
Flying Geese (leftovers)
Flying Geese (RSC)/Wandering Geese
Which Way to the Chocolate
Butterfly Garden
Feathers (Strings)
Spider Web (Strings)
Wonky Happies
Confetti Waves (waste triangles)
Butterflies (waste triangles)
 Hissss (RSC)
1000 Pyramids (RSC)
String Sheets
String Star
Wild Kingdom
Circle Game
Goose in the Pond
Tea Leaves
Birds in the Air Lotto Win
Farmer's Wife Sampler 30s
Tulips 30s
Road to Lampassas 30s
Apple/9P (2 swaps) 30s
Anything Goes (various sizes/swaps) 30s
Birthday Stars 30s
Baskets, Baskets (2 swaps) 30s
Wagon Wheel 30s
Framed 4P 30s
Ocean Waves 30s Scraps
String Stars 30s Scraps
Star Chain Lotto Win
Bars Lotto Win
Basket Weave Lotto Win
Baskets Lotto Win
Kaleidoscopes RSC
50 Shades of Envy (Dandy) RSC
Vintage Butterfly/Beggar's Block RSC
Spools (3 inch) RSC
Twinklers RSC
Dresdens RSC
Wonky Logs RSC
Strings (8 inch paper) RSC
Lozenges (small) RSC
Mish Mash (4 inch) RSC
Chevron RSC
Sue Postage Stamp RSC
Rainbow Postage Stamp (baby) RSC
49 patch Postage Stamp RSC
Little Monkeys RSC
Depression (8 inch) RSC
Kaleidoscopes (small) RSC
Log Cabin RSC
Plain Brown Wrapper Postage Stamp
Rail Fence (like Vintage one) Postage Stamp
Irish Chain (kind of like it but not) Postage Stamp
Sister's Choice CW
Blind Man's Fancy CW
Brackman CW Sampler CW
Sunny Lanes CW scraps
Pickle Dish Kayla Wedding
Jack's Chain neutral/dark
Jack's Chain navy/bright Jacob Wedding
Roses/gray Hour Glass
Rail Fence (blue)
Tea Towel Challenge
Depression (16 inch)
Bear's Paw
Arkansas Crossroads Jeff Wedding? 
Vintage Spin
Spinning Stars (Horner's)
Cherry Pie (Flowering Snowball)
Birds in the Air
Zombie Apocalyse
Red/White  swap
Homespun Stars swap
Dot/Dash Shoo Fly swap
Dot/Dash Drunkard's Path
Garden Party
Starz swap
Country 9P swap
Trail Mix scraps
Birds of a Feather
Mod Mod
Valentine Castle
Batik Happies
Little Red Hen baby
Broken Wheel
Box of Various Themed Happies/orphans for donation quilts
Crazy Farm CQ
Be Mine (cq bed runner) CQ
Midnight Fairy Garden CQ
Orca Bay Top
Roll Roll Cotton Boll Top
Valentine Happy Top
Bird (9p/Snowball) Top
Wonky Logs Top
Sunbonnet Sue Swap Top


Anonymous said...

:) A woman after my own heart, both in the scope of projects and the intent to work them up! Judging by the names, you've got some nice things here.

LynCC said...

oops. That was me - don't know how it git switched to Anonymous.

Pamela Arbour said...

I am afraid that my list beginning in January 2016 will be just as long if not longer. Congratulations on the finishes you have so far. I am sure that you are like me and you have many yards of fabric still uncut and waiting for you to start more projects!

ES said...

This list!! Awesome:)

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Your list made me smile :)

Northern Deb said...

I've always thought my list was unbelievably long but yours is equal if not longer😉 I feel SO much better! When inspiration his me again, I'm going to start a new quilt without the guilt! NorthernDeb.blogspot.com

Astrid Reflux said...

111 UFOs! Oh, I am so impressed you can keep those straight, my head would be spinning. I think I have like 4 and am in a constant state of anxiety about them....wish I was a bit more like you and could go with the flow! (Probably could still never manage 111 though, WOW. I may never make that many in my life. :) ). Love your blog and your writerly voice and your artistic vision.

Julie Anne said...

Mercy me! I'm so glad I clicked this list. I finally met someone with more UFOs than myself.

People ask me how I have 20-30 quilts going at a time. I tell them it's like a family reunion. You know Uncle Wonk from Aunt Caroline, no problem.

(Wonky log cabin & Carolina Chain-BH pattern)

Laura said...


Now I feel better. Thank you for posting your UFO list!

Linda said...

Because you mentioned in today's blog post that you were returning to some UFOs and old sets of donation blocks I thought I would have a look at your current UFO list. Good heavens...... so many finished and crossed out but SO many on that list, all with enticing names. Can't wait for some of those to come to the top of your "To Do" list!