HELP WANTED!!! (39P Swap)

I'm working on a Jack's Chain quilt (my second) and it's a big quilt that uses lots of little 3 inch 9 patches.  I don't like many fabric repeats in my quilts if I can help it so I'd like to know if anyone would like to swap 3 inch 9 patches.   My dark 39Ps you see in my project box above are nearly gone. 

I do swap 60 -39Ps three times a year with an online group.  These are the ones I sent in for the March swap. I usually send in wilder ones but I wanted some tamer ones for my Jack's Chain quilt. 

Here's some of the blocks I received in return. I sorted out the dark blocks from the bright blocks and used most of the dark blocks right away.   The brights (don't you just love those little pansies?) are for another day, another project.  

I'll let you know how I make my 39Ps but I warn you I'm not good at tutorials. Also note there are lots of ways to make nine patches. This is just how I make them if I want to make a lot of duplicates for a swap.  Also note that this will give you all nine patches with dark corners and centers. 

I also love 3 inch nine patches made with fabrics that have tiny characters as follows:

1.  Cut three 1.5 inch strips width of fabric from the darker fabric. 
3. Cut two 1.5 inch strips width of fabric from the lighter fabric. 

3. Cut one light strip and one dark strip in half.   Throw one half of the dark strip you just cut into your 1.5 inch scrap box. 

4.  Sew two long dark strips to each side of a long light strip.
5. Sew two half strips to each side of a dark half strip.

At this point you should probably make sure that the center strips measure one inch across. If not...go back and adjust your 1/4 inch seam allowance because your little nine patches aren't going to measure up!

6. Iron seams toward the dark fabrics. 

7. Fold long strip in half and line up on cutting mat. 

8.  Stack short strip set on top of folded strip set on mat.

9.  Cut stack into 1.5 inch sections

10.  This gives you enough pieces for about 13 or 14 little nine patches. 

11. From each set of three pieces grab a dark-light-dark (DLD) and a light-dark-light (LDL) piece. 

12. Nest your seams and chain piece all those pieces with as close to a perfect 1/4 inch seam as possible. ..

...and at this point this is what you should have. 

13. Now grab a remaining DLD piece and sew it on to the LDL side. 

14.  Now you have some cute little nine patches but you aren't finished yet.  There's some spinning and ironing fun coming up. Also at this point you might want to measure the center square to be sure it is a one inch square. If not...well something is wrong in your seam allowances. 

15. I'm not sure how to explain how to "spin" your seams but you kind of open them up so you have a cute little mini four patch on the back... this pic above.  Try it.  I guarantee you won't end up dizzy or light headed like you will if you look at the above fuzzy photo too long. 

And keep on doing that and you will have a nice bunch of little three inch (finished) nine patches ready to swap. 

Anyone interested in swapping little nine patches? 
Anything (fabric wise) goes as far as I'm concerned except for thin, stiff, cheap, see-through fabrics.  (As you swap so shall you receive). 

I'd like to swap 10 sets of 5 nine patches (50 total) with at least 5 swappers.   All nine patches within the set do not have to be made of the same fabrics but they should have dark corners and center - whatever you consider to be dark.  If less than 5 people want to swap you may get back some duplicates.   I find it is cheapest to mail in a 9 x 11 manila envelope.   Please include a self addressed stamped (NOT METERED) envelope with your little nine patches with postage equal to what it cost to send to me.   I'd like to receive your nine patches by May 15 and I will have them swapped out and mailed back a few days later. 

If you would like to swap please comment below and I will send you my address when you let me know you are ready to mail.    I'll also add a link to your blog below if you have one.



rabbitspinner said...

Hi Cathy,

I'd love to swap with you. I'm getting pick about who I do swap with, but I've had some swap squares from you in the past. I've never twirled my seams on a 9 patch,only on a 4 patch, but I'm game. May 15 is perfect timing, since I'll just be coming off a retreat and can do lots there! I don't have a blog, so nothing to link to.


The Joyful Quilter said...

I haven't done much swapping over the years. Please clarify the number of 9-Patch blocks that I would need to make. Thanks!

Kristin Stonham said...

I love nine-patches and would love to swap with you! I'm trying to get enough variety of 3" nine-patches for a bed-sized strip quilt with no repeats. ^_^

Just Another Quilter said...

I would love to do some swapping. I have a few that need to stay at your house for payment of a lovely old sheet. Life is not quiet here now. I will get busy immediately. Hope you are enjoying retirement and not getting too enticed by the structure of more work days.

Kristin Stonham said...

Hi, Cathy, I've got the set of 50 blocks ready to mail to you, so I need your address please!