30s Stashbuster Bin Bust 2015

Several members of the Stashbuster Yahoo Group are having a Great 1930s Bin Bust Challenge in 2015.  I'm joining in. 
December 21, 2014 I have two 58 quart totes of 30s fabrics.  I probably have more mixed in with the vintage looking kids fabrics but I'll settle for busting any of this 29 gallons of fabric.  Unless I see a good deal on 30s fabrics I'm not going to buy any in 2015.   (My definition of  "good deal" changes frequently to suit my mood). 

I have  the following 30s UFOs: 

Farmer's Wife Sampler
Road to Lampassas
Apple/9P (2 swaps)
Anything Goes (various sizes/swaps)
Birthday Stars
Baskets, Baskets (2 swaps)
Wagon Wheel
Framed 4P
Ocean Waves
String Stars
Goose in the Pond
Tea Leaves

I'll add pics of finished projects and periodic tote updates in 2015.   
Anyone else bin busting?

54 x 66
Hand quilted

Road to Lampasas
75 x 90


81 x 91


Ellen said...

I'm helping you bust yours! ;) Thank you again!!

Anonymous said...

Are you taking all the Whoop Whoop credit you should? Where are the pics of your completed tops? See that you are working hard on several HST projects, some surely are ready-to-quilt by now?


Anonymous said...

I love this quilt. I also have a stash of 30's fabrics waiting for a plan. Would you mind sharing where you found this pattern?


Elaine Hill

magistra said...

That is a great pattern. Beautiful quilt. I have quite a bit of 30s but I feel better now ;) I also want to say how much I love you scrappy Wild Thing. It is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I envy your 30's stash! I hsve one too but not nearly as large as yours and mine leans heavily on pastels -- the original Aunt Grace's and the like. Finding one NEEDS some of the richer, darker, brighter colors in the mix ... Don't use ALL yours up, though the quilts you are making with yours are fantastic.