Thursday, May 9, 2024

It's a Finish! Even Nine Patches in Uneven Nine Patches

Even Nine Patches in Uneven Nine Patches 
Puss in the Corner with 3 Inch Nine Patch Centers

It's a finish!
59 x 72

Finally I have a finish! This one has been pin basted for quite awhile. This time of year I spend more time in the gardens sowing than I spend in the sewing space sewing.  So all month long I've quilted on this one on my DSM a little at a time. 

This quilt started with some swapped 3 inch nine patches. Long ago I used to belong to a group that swapped the little Nines quarterly. I've used them in several quilts over the years but still to this day have a small bin of them.  

I added sashing between the blocks that made little Nine Patches with light corners.  I finished the top back in 2021. 

I quilted it on my DSM (Brother PQ1500SL) with diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines. 

The backing and binding are the same fabric. 

And sew on...

CELEBRATE! (My word of the year)

May 4 - I've been seing a fox on my property off and on for awhile now. To me that is a good thing because I was thinking it would take care of some moles and voles and mice and rabbits that do damage to my gardens. Then one day I saw two foxes in the early morning when I looked outside my deck door. They were in the bushes in front of the tumble down barn. Maybe they live here. If I'm going to have varmints around I prefer fox now that I don't raise chickens anymore. 

May 5 - Oh, what a beautiful day!  We have had such beautiful weather for several days. I have most of my veg garden planted and seeds sown.  I just have to plant the tomatoes I started from seeds and am hardening off now as well as a few squash and cantaloupe seeds.  I've also sown a few seeds in the cutting garden like zinnias, sunflowers, calendula and planted some delphinium, foxglove, larkspur and love lies bleeding plants I started from seeds early in the year. 

May 6 - Received a box of this and that! Oh, what fun! I have taken a picture and since the theme this month in my sewing space is "WITB and SAR" - the WITB being "What's in the Box/Bag/Bin" I will work on making blocks/tops and document what I made from the contents in the box to share in a later blog post. 


May 7 - Rain! I was trying to get a lot of my seeds planted before the rain. The gardens needed it and it showed. And because of the rain I was able to spend a little time in the sewing space as well as catch up on some housework. 

May 8 - Sun came out and dried up all the rain and I did a little more planting. Finished sewing binding on a quilt! And I finished another book -- Secret Photograph by Siobahn Curham. It is a WWII historical novel set around true historical events in WWII Paris and resistance fighters who photographed some of the horrific events that took place like children thrown from a window during an orphanage raid. 


Julierose said...

What a lovely finish Cathy!! Boy lots of little square sewing in this one--it
turned out beautifully--nice work hugs, Julierose

Helenchaffin said...

What a beautiful finish!

Chantal said...

Wow! I LOVE this one! I too have a lot of 9-patch blocks (but not as many as you, lol). I had to go to 2021 to see the top as I wasn't following you back then. It's gorgeous! I'm pinning this picture to remember to make one like this. thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy the new box of goodies. ;^)

Linda said...

So manny scraps in this quilt - lots for the recipient to look at and enjoy. I wonder how many tiny pieces you used to make it?

Julie in GA said...

I love this quilt! What a great way to use up some of those 9-patch blocks.

Elizabeth V Kelbaugh said...

Wonderful scrappy quilt and fabulous use of the 3" swap nine patches.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Beautiful colorful finish!!! Yay!!!

Nann said...

Planned sashing takes time -- and the result is worth it. I still have boxes of DLD and LDL mini-9's, some with people's address labels (including yours).

grammajudyb said...

That is a fabulous quilt! I studied and studied how you did that! Well done, it’s awesome!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Such a beautiful quilt, Cathy! All those little 9 patches - love it! I always enjoy reading your celebrations. I'm happy for it to be gardening season - it's time to plant in Colorado, too!

Allison said...

The sashing with nine patches is a great idea. The quilt looks wonderful, scrappy but somehow cohesive too. Love ready your positive thoughts for each day too, you are doing a great job keeping up with those. We've just had a week of sunshine after months of rain so I've been doing very similar things to you in our garden. No foxes though - I tolerate the neighbourhood cats as our pest patrol!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

That is a super great quilt. its kind of fun to look at all over!!
And your celebrates!! Too cool! I don't know that weve had foxes up close - that would be cool to see

mangozz said...

That is a very beautiful quilt! I love your idea of the sashing. I am assuming this is your own design. Do you have an intended recipient?