Saturday, May 11, 2024

In The Pink Part II

Pink is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) color for May.  So this week I made...

Wonky Windmills
8 inch

(These are made with a "stack and whack" method. A couple of the Hello Kitty blocks are really wonky because I didn't want to whack through too many of Kitty's heads.)

Floral in Floral Happy Blocks
8.5 inch

Kaleidoscope (yellow backgrounds)
8 inch

Flower with floral background.
8 inch

(Cut off corners were turned into Quarter Square Triangles (QSTs)). 

Broken Dishes
8 inch
(I have been slowly clearing out a 14 quart bin of different four inch blocks. The HSTs were already made long ago. I just put them together into blocks to add to collections of blocks I have going - Broken Dishes with neutrals and Broken Dishes of two different colors. )

10 inch

This is a new start. It uses 4.5 and 2.5 inch scraps. 

16 Patch
6 inch
(New start)
All blocks will have alternating greens because I have a LOT of green scraps. 

Bow Ties
3 inch

I have been working on these for a long time. I think I have over 700 of them but am working toward a goal of 900 for a large quilt. Maybe by the end of this year I will make an effort to just make a whole bunch of them at one time to meet my goal so I can cross Bow Ties off my list of RSC Makes. 

And sew on...

CELEBRATE! (my word of the year)

April 10 -- I noticed a Lone Star tick on my leg before it had a chance to bite me. That may not sound like much of a reason to celebrate but I did. We had a lot of rain off an on for a few days. I had gone outside and walked around for a few minutes to see if it was too wet to work in the gardens. It was. When I came back inside and sat down at the computer I felt what I thought was a spider crawling on me down by my ankle in my pant leg.  When I found the creepy crawly  and I looked at it I noticed it was not a spider but a tick and it got away from me crawling farther up into my pants. Ewwwwww! Well...I immediately pulled off my pants and shook them out but could see no sign of pesky tick. Then I went and got the broom and dust pan and swept and swept and swept the wood floor until I found pesky tick in the dust in my dust pan. That Lone Star tick no longer exists. 



Astrid said...

Busy bee you are! Lots of pretty pink blocks! Yikes on the tick! Glad you discovered it and that it no longer exists!

Nann said...

Those ticks are sneaky. I found one at the top of my thigh--it would have had to crawl up my leg underneath my shorts........You mentioned how busy you've been in the garden -- and yet look at all the sewing! Impressive all around. How are you making the kaleidoscope blocks -- with wedges or cleverly-cut pinwheels?

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am so glad I treated the yard and garden really good at the beginning of April I have seen no ticks and in the garden I was very liberal with it as I knew I would be on the ground picking berries a lot - no ticks so far.
You sure have a lot of blocks of different sorts.

Mary R. said...

The Cheerios are super cute and I love the idea of making the checkerboards with the RSC color and a constant green alternate. This is my first year doing RSC but I am really liking it and will need more block projects to keep it going. Need to decide what color I have a ton of that could be a background. It won't be green as I have used a ton of green recently and have very little left in that scrap bag!

Julierose said...

Love your pink projects; that "Hello Kitty" fabric is just adorable-!!

Good work getting that nasty tick before it bit you!! Ugh, huh?
Tick season is in full spate here, too. We have to keep checking for them...

I once had to remove one from my dog, Winnie's, eye!! The Vet had me on the phone, as it was a Sunday, Mommies, for kids and for doggie-babies, get to do it all, don't they? YIKES....;0000

Hugs, Julierose

Sara said...

The Hello Kitty print in the Windmills - just the cutest!! Awesome pink blocks this week.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love those Cheerios blocks! That looks like a fun new start. And yikes on the tick - so glad you found him before he dug in!

scraphappy said...

Lots of pretty blocks, but I think the cheerios might be my favorite. Hello Kitty fabric make such a sweet block, with hardly any cut off heads.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Love all the blocks. So glad you caught that tick! It makes it hard to be outside without thinking about them. I hate to use chemical sprays on my skin. Never had to worry about that when I was a kid in the woods or fields.

Jenny said...

Yuck, a tick crawling up your trouser leg. I'm not sure if we have ticks here in NZ, but they do in Australia, I believe. They sound nasty horrid things.

MissPat said...

Lots of lovely pink blocks. I made one cheerio block after Wanda made a quilt with them, but decided I didn't want to start another block collection when I had so many unfinished RSC projects.

Chantal said...

You are full "pink" ahead. I'm happy you got the tick before it got you. Phew! Enjoy! ;^)

Linda said...

Love all the RSC pink blocks you made this week. You must have some interesting stashes of RSC blocks.
Glad you found the tick in time. Dreadful things.

Pamela Arbour said...

I love all of your pinks. I went through your 2024 UFOs. So interesting. How do you keep them organized? So glad you found that Lone Star tick. I hope there aren't any more!

Beth H said...

Congrats on the capture of the tic! I am headed to northern Minnesota on Wednesday and I know we will be battling tics.
I love the Cheerio block...I shall have to give that one a try!
All your pinks are giving me spring vibes. Thank you.

Say - did you catch any Northern Lights a few days ago? We missed the first night and last night drove out of the city to see them...oops too cloudy.

I am excited for you goal of 900 bowtie blocks. Wishing you effective and speedy sewing for that goal.

Mystic Quilter said...

Thank goodness you finished off the tick before being bitten!!
You do have an amazing collection of pinks in the block in the post. I do like the Cheerios the size is appealing. I like Bow Tie but the tiny triangles would have stop me having a go at these, whar size is the triangle?

nestki said...

Hallelujah! Why am I itching now?

I am always amazed at how much you accomplish. Way to go!

Ann said...

Oh, we're both working in pink. Your many different blocks are always a joy to see. I'm glad you got the tick in time. I'm hunting snails in the garden daily and found two invasive hammerhead flatworms that exude a toxin. I take a plastic bag out daily to get rid of those things.

Laura said...

I am a no-see-um and tick magnet! Nothing to brag about for sure! Ewwwwwwwww! I have four or five bites on my neck that are healing. Just reading about your tick experience makes me itch! :)

Susie H said...

So many pink blocks mean progress at cleaning out the pink bin. Great job! Yuck on that tick and glad you found him.