Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Oh, Those 39Ps !

A few months ago I decided to dig into my bin of three inch nine patches (39Ps) and make some Path and Stiles blocks using the 39Ps as the block centers. I pulled out blocks in two colorways and then tried to match fabrics to make the block. 

I think it takes me longer to pick through my scraps to find fabrics that "match" than it does to make the blocks. 

I'm also using the 39Ps in two colorways as the centers for some Framed Stars. 

I'm also using 39Ps as the centers for these blocks whatever their name. (How about Framed Nine Patch).  I'm using 39Ps in a color plus neutral; however I see I have an orange and yellow one in this batch.  These will have a neutral sashing with dark squares on each end and white/neutral cornerstones so a little nine patch forms. 

This year I've been trying to get all my new starts to flimsy stage before year end. If I don't get them to flimsy stage then at least I hope to make complete blocks sets so they can go into my Some Assembly Required (SAR) box. Year end will be here before I know it so I've been trying to make a few of each of these blocks every week. 

I used to swap 39Ps quarterly for a number of years. Even though I have made 4 large quilts with them I still have a 14 quart bin of them. The grocery bag has ones with light corners. With those I've been thinking I will make a quilt similar to the Framed Nine Patch with sashing but make it the reverse of the current WIP. 

Links to quilts I've made in the past with 39Ps:

One of the next quilts I plan to make is inspired by this vintage quilt. I think one of the gallon bags in the bin is filled with possible 39Ps for this quilt but I'm not sure anymore. And I'm not sure what those numbers are I jotted down in the margin. Guess when I'm ready to make the quilt I'll figure it out. 



LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

As I scrolled through each of your photos, I would think it was my favorite block! They're each pretty in their bright colors, and so many great ways to use your 39Ps, too. I really love the vintage quilt you want to make, too. It reminds me of the Omigosh quilts.

swooze said...

Wow! Can I get a better pic of your inspiration photo?

gayle said...

Nine patches are the best! I love all your iterations, and I'm blown away by that vintage quilt! Looking forward to seeing yours!
(The first quilt block I ever made was a nine patch - my grandmother sat me down when I was 6, with some squares of red cotton and unbleached muslin, and needle and thread.) (Yikes - that was 1959!)

Linda said...

Excellent blocks. You certainly are making progress through your stash of block collections.

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE that next pattern you hope to recreate with your little 9-Patch blocks!!

Nann said...

The jumbo X will be great with 39ps. I like your paths-and-stiles version, too.

mangozz said...

All your blocks look great. I checked your other blog posts for the tiny 9-patches and they are all gorgeous quilts. I don't remember the Sister's Choice quilt though. It must have been before I found your blog. That has lots of tiny pieces in it! I really love it.

Janie said...

Exciting blocks and plans. I love the colors too!
Thank for sharing and I hope your back is better.

QuiltGranma said...

Beautiful 9-patch quilt you are planning. Looking forward to seeing the finished, someday!

Ann said...

The end of the year usually encourages me to get in gear, too. Looking at all your bright, cheery ideas reminds me how much I enjoy using a single small unit and creating as many different blocks. Just like you are doing. So clever. No repeats but each builds off the previous ones.
Your inspiration photo will make a wonderful addition to these beauties.