Saturday, March 2, 2024

Bright Hopes - A Finish!

Bright Hopes
It's a finish!
42 x 60

The name of the six inch block is Bright Hopes.

I took several close up photos this morning but none of them turned out because it is so windy. 

I quilted it on my sewing machine with horizontal and vertical lines.  The binding is white pindots on black. 

The theme this month in my sewing space is March Madness (Quilting) Marathon.  I'm going to concentrate on finishing up a lot of the small tops I have in the TBQ (to be quilted) pile.  They will then be donated to:

CELEBRATE!  (my word of the year)

March 1 - I have a new rolling garden seat and I actually figured out how to put it together. The instructions weren't real clear - just a series of pictures. I've already been using it and love it.  The seat swivels and height can be adjusted. 

I had this rolling seat (below) for over 20 years. It is made of heavy duty plastic. Two years ago it cracked underneath the seat near the front wheels (maybe because I weigh a little more than I did 20 years ago?) I looked around online for another one like it but could not find one. 

Last year I finally settled on the rolling seat below.  It did not even last a year. The plastic is not as sturdy and the construction leaves too much empty space between seat and wheels so my booty crushed it I guess.  It is more cracked up underneath the seat than the one that lasted me 20 years. What a disappointment.   Well, anyway, I now have a heavy duty metal one I hope will last me 20 years. 



The Joyful Quilter said...

Just look at all that eye-popping color... LOVE!!!

Chantal said...

What a lovely way to start a new month; finishing a bright and cheerful quilt. Bravo! I love your new garden toy. I'm not surprised that your second one didn't last a year. Things are not made the way they were back then. Nothing lasts long anymore. The same happened with my refrigerator (well, it lasted more than a year, but still very disappointed). Let the gardening begin! Enjoy! ;^)

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Bright Hopes is my bathroom floor tile pattern, my 1953 pink and green bathroom. I have only made a sample block of it once in all of the years I have quilted.

Jenny said...

Bright Hope's is full of colour, and the black squares make the colours pop. Very nice, and best of all, you got it quilted too!

Mystic Quilter said...

Love this beautiful quilt, bursting with colour. Now I could just work with one of those garden seats, would save losing my balance!!

Pamela Arbour said...

I love the quilt, of course. I love them all! The backing is darling. I love your garden seat! It looks like a sturdy one. I'm looking forward to getting some reviews from you about how easy it is to maneuver around with it. Is it hard to get up and down on it? Can you reach the ground without getting in a bind? Just curious. said...

Love your bright hopes finish! I hear you about how things don't last like they did in the past. Amazing that your first roller cart/seat lasted 20 years! I'm glad you are happy with your newest purchase. As for the directions. . .I'm surprised it came with any at all. . .seems like you have to scan a QR code to a how to guide or search You Tube for a how to these days! LOL

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love the Bright Hopes blocks, and yours make such a fun and happy design, Cathy! That's a sweet finish that will be enjoyed so much by its recipient. Your rolling garden chair is a great idea - looks really sturdy!

Linda Swanekamp said...

I think those blocks are the partial seam pieced ones. I made a few to try them out a while ago, don't know what stopped me from going on. Wonderful colors. What a great garden seat! Looks easy to move and navigate.