Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The 1.5 Inch Scrap Bin Is Empty!!!!

My goal for a couple of years has been to empty a 16 quart bin of 1.5 inch scraps.  I've made several blocks and quilts over the years using scraps from this bin but now I'm trying to use scraps as they happen so want my bins of scraps sorted by scrap width empty. Now my scraps are stored by color. 

I've made a few 12 x 14 Soul Searching blocks  and will continue to make these until I have enough for a donation quilt. I'm thinking maybe a kiddo sized quilt. 

Windmills (4 inch finished)
18 patch (6 inch)
Coin strips made from pieces less than 1.5 inch square and greater than .5 inch. They do mount up.

Switch Plate blocks (3 x 5)

1.5 x 2.5 pieces for Lego blocks
1.5 inch squares for a postage stamp quilt WIP. The squares at top are sets of four and I put those in the Monkey Wrench work box. 

All of the above was completed before October 25. I made a draft post and meant to schedule it for when I was off with cataract surgery but forgot to do that.   Since then I have made more blocks and emptied my bin as follows.

4 inch Windmills

Switch Plate and Chinese Coin strips

Lego pieces
Postage Stamps

The bin. 
I put a bag of neutral 1.5 inch scraps with the rest of the neutral scraps and I put a bag of solid 1.5 inch scraps with the rest of the solid scraps. 

Mission accomplished! Goal completed! The bin is empty. Now what should I do with it? 

And sew on...



Julierose said...

Quite wonderful "emptying" of that bin you've accomplished--so many pretty blocks and quilts. I love those soul searching blocks and the Windmills are neat oo!! Nice works in progress--hugs, Julierose

gayle said...

Obviously you need to start another quilt - wouldn't want that empty bin to go to waste!

Elle said...

Congrats on emptying that barrel!!!!!!

Linda said...

What a lot of sewing! Your sewing room is like a factory with finished blocks coming off the conveyor belt!

Mystic Quilter said...

Congratulations Cathy - a tremendous job done!!

Gretchen Weaver said...

Congratulations, it's a great feeling to empty a 1.5" tub. I did that several years ago but it's not empty anymore! But it's not full and I can easily put the lid on top. Happy stitching!

Sandy Panagos said...

Hooray! I knew you could do it.