Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Still Working on Gallimaufry

Since last year I've been making little four inch blocks with fourteen pieces for a quilt I call Gallimaufry.  I just finished this bunch today.   

I have them in many different colors but I need lots and lots and lots more.  I'm aiming for a twin sized or bigger quilt. 

I was inspired by this c. 1890 quilt I spied at Rocky Mountain quilts. 

 I see it has now been sold to someone who must like it as much as I do. 

I liked the quilt because so many secondary patterns show up as well as a chain and it's full of scrappy goodness. 

I have lots of little 1.5 inch HST pieces cut and ready to go to work. I just need to cut some white scraps into HSTs and match them up with these. 1.5 inch HSTs (1 inch finished) is the first step to making Gallimaufry blocks. 

Those colorful little HST pieces were cut at the same time I cut pieces for the Vintage Thingamajigs. 

 I think I've explained this before but I use the Easy Angle ruler to cut HSTs and I use the Companion Angle to cut Quarter Square Triangle (QST) and Flying Geese (FG) pieces.   I needed the QST pieces for Vintage Thingamajigs but didn't need any HST pieces.  Rather than waste the beginning and end of the strip I used to cut QSTs I cut HSTs from the beginning and end of the strip knowing that I would need them for my Gallimaufry quilt.   

(Note that the pic is cutting for a completely different quilt and cut from 2 inch strips but concept is the same. From that strip I need FG pieces for my Sunflower quilt and don't need any HSTs but I'm saving the beginning and ending HSTs to make little pinwheels later on.) 


Kathy S. said...

That's a gorgeous use of scraps! I love your vintage inspiration. Happy, scrappy sewing!

Ann said...

What a good way to use all the fabric. I should try it, too.
Your first photo looked like a Freddy Moran quilt - all that red.

Paulette said...

I really like that block and the quilt you're making with it! Tiny work but with a big, scrappy impact!

Sue McQ said...

What a great word! Never heard it before. How appropriate for many reasons in life, right?! Your blog is like a box of jewels. Blessings.

Linda said...

Love those Gallimaufry blocks. So many little pieces to each block! I wouldn't have the patience and the precision to make them but I am enjoying admiring yours.

SandyPA said...

I love that you used the word gallimaufry. As for the rest, check out the word balductum. Kind of describes my blog. Sandy at sewhigh.blogspot.com.