Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scrap Value

The Cobweb & Spiderwebs quilt is finished except for a label and a spin in the washer. 

The spiderwebs were all made from bright scraps. The quilt was more work than I should have gone through for a bunch of small scraps. It remained a UFO for some time and's a quilt.  And, I'm happy with it. 

And how can you have spider webs without Spiderman?  With this quilt some stash has been removed from my hoarde and from my scrap bins.  

And yet, the scrap bins overflow.

I'm always working on postage stamp blocks with the 2.5 inch square scraps. 

Today I sorted the long children's novelty strings into piles of girl strings and boy strings and started on some Heartstring blocks for a girl quilt I will either donate to Wrap a Smile or Wrap Them in Love.  when finished. I've finished 12 out of 24 blocks.

And, when the scraps get too small to mess with into the mulch box they go. I use the smallest scraps for a colorful mulch in the garden.  Waste not, want not.

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Wonky Girl said...

I'm glad you finished the web quilt. I love it!