Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crazy Brown Color Study RR


I've been participating in a Brown Color Study Round Robin with a group of 4 ladies from the CQForNewbies Yahoo Group. Each person sends off a pieced brown block to make the rounds to every lady in the group for stitching/embellishing. All of the embellishments are supposed to be brown. Above is Angie's block as it came to me after Beth, Ruby and Toni had their way with it. I'm the last person to stitch on it and there doesn't seem to be much room.   Well, I've never done this before...but I removed those YELLOW sunflower buttons because they were not brown and they bothered me. But I'll send them on with the block to Angie when I mail it out.


Here is the block after my additions and it's ready to mail on home to Angie.  I tatted a butterfly and attached it with a bullion and above it added a brown leaf button. I crocheted a few star flowers and added bead centers - one in the lower left space and a couple of others on the right hand side. I added a whole bunch of bullion "flowers" around the pig button and along that seam below and I added a few kiko flowers below the wheelbarrow...

...And, most of this stitching is mine - bullion roses with leaves, ribbon flowers, kiko flowers and the seam treatment with beaded flowers.

Can't wait to see what my block will look like. I've had a heart on all the Color Study RRs I've participated in. I might make a fancy bed runner or wall hanging. But I'm really not much for wall

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Anonymous said...

Wow Cathy, it is all so very stunning. The patience it takes to do this well is to be admired.

blessings, jill