Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hourglasses - Arghhhh! And How Things Become UFOs.

Worked a little on my rose and gray hourglass quilt. I finished 5 rows of 20 across. I started out alternating the blocks but soon found out I messed up the layout so am just leaving it messed up. I also found several spots where I'm going to have to rip because the points don't match up to my satisfaction.

See how the pattern changed? Arghhhhh.

 See where some of the points don't match up very well?   Arghhhhh!

See where the points don't match up and where the blocks don't alternate? The blocks that don't alternate don't bother me too much but that section where all the gray points don't come together really bothers me. Arghhhh!... and I'll be ripping that section and redoing it. If there are too many sections like that I see another UFO in my future.


Joyce said...

I like the grey material. And I feel for you for having to rip it out. We are our own worst critics!

jill said...

I understand completely. That is why I do in fact have so many UFO's;-)

It is a very lovely quilt, so I hope you do get it finished.

blessings, jill

Wonky Girl said...

Oh no, I really would not rip over those points. Once quilted and washed it won't be noticeable. The colors are lovely together, it must be finished, (bossy ain't I)? LOL

Marjolein said...

I can imagine your frustration ;)