Friday, October 26, 2012

Christmas Gift Suggestions

I finished the Christmas tree skirt for my daughter.  It's the first Christmas tree skirt I have ever made and I kind of made it up as I went.

Unlike me, my daughter loves decorating for the holidays. Now her children do too. 

If I know my daughter she will treasure this Christmas tree skirt and it will be handed down for generations until it falls apart.

And maybe, long after I'm gone, someone will be thinking of me at Christmas time when they put this skirt around their Christmas tree. 

The label, when I get it finished, will read: 

Christmas gift suggestions: 
To your enemy, forgiveness. 
To an opponent, tolerance. 
To a friend, your heart. 
To a customer, service. 
To all, charity. 
To every child, a good example. 
To yourself, respect.

- Oren Arnold
American editor and free-lance writer (1900-1980)


Joyce said...

What a pretty tree skirt. I really like the words in your label.

Cyn ;-) said...

Wonderful! Love your tree skirt and the label is a fabulous touch! Your DD is going to love it! If not, I'd be happy to give it a good and loving home. lol

jill said...

Oh this came out so pretty. I think I will make one just so our place looks a little more decorated for Christmas.

I am like you, not a big decorator. By the time the tree is up, lights and ornaments on, sheet under the tree, I am done. Maybe red candle or two.

Thanks for sharing.

blessings, jill