Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dandy Garden Finish!

 Once upon a time in 2010 I participated in a quilt block swap on Mailblocks Yahoo Group where we exchanged Dandy Quilt block made of 30s reproduction fabrics. I made a lot of blocks for myself as well as exchanged them and ended up with a Queen-sized quilt I still have on my bed.  I have loved that block ever since.

Now, I've made another Dandy quilt - I've called it Dandy Garden. It is not Queen-sized this time. It's a lap quilt that measures approx 60 x 72.   And, I hand-quilted the entire thing in perle #5.  (Just an FYI - perle 8 worked a lot better on my Chocolate Dresden quilt. #5 thread is a little too thick to pop knots easily.)

 I got a little wild with colors again. If you've read previous posts you know I tend to be a more docile person - not this wild.
 But, I've noticed I can't feel depressed or tired looking at colors like this.
 I'm practicing hand quilting on this one. I noticed my stitches are getting a little more consistent and evenly spaced. I use no tools for marking...just eyeball it.  I wanted to practice my hand quilting before I start on a queen-sized quilt using regular quilting needles and thread. (That may take me several years).

The border. 

The backing and binding. 

The different thimbles I tried out in the course of this hand quilting. I still think the callous on my finger works as the best "thimble" but I'm tried of the needles piercing my skin in that area even with the callous there.  It was hard for me to believe these are all thimbles.  I couldn't even figure out how to wear a couple of them.  The one I've grown accustomed to is the black one which I believe was called nimble finger. It's leather and has a cutout on top for your fingernail. I bought a medium and think I need a small. I have to bandaid it to my finger so it doesn't periodically fly off. 

So, do you wear a thimble when you do hand sewing? If so, which is your favorite?

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Arlene Delloro said...

Cathy, love that block! I'm a rabid fan of 30's repro fabric, so you had me immediately. I began as a hand piecer/quilter in the 70's and tried every type of thimble imaginable. I did like the big leather one you have here, but finally went to those little stick on your finger patches (they are clear and made of some kind of soft, plastic-like stuff). I'll sometimes put 2 or 3 on at a time. They are the least intrusive, but offer some protection.

Kate said...

What a lovely quilt - the colours are so vibrant. I've never mastered using a thimble ... makes me more of a klutz than I already am.

Annie said...

While the 30s look is nice, I absolutely love your wild Dandy Garden! My kind of fabrics!

Sue Daurio said...

that is a great block!! I can't believe how different the two look, both stunning but for different reasons. I love seeing the same quilt done two different ways right next to each other.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilt! Love the colors and hand quilting! Thanks for sharing.
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