Sunday, October 28, 2012

Taking Inventory, UFO Sunday and Then Some

With my finish yesterday of my last UFO - Cobwebs and Spiderwebs  I wasn't sure which UFO to work on next.  I  don't want to use up my safety pins to pin together another quilt top to finish until I know all my Christmas quilt gifts are finished. 

Most of my UFOs need more blocks in order to sew them together. Why? Because I love to swap. That forces me to sew together a whole bunch of blocks for myself and for swapping but there's never enough for an entire quilt. And so, they become piles of UFOs. 

So, I took inventory this week in order to decide what to work on. I'm only counting the piles that have been around 6-8 months or more. 

Needs more blocks - 
Rainbow Thrifties (pile says 150 of them - 6 inch blocks. May be enough)
Pink Thrifties 
Batik Happies
Pink and Black Sampler
Black, White and one other color Sampler
Depression Blocks (there may be enough of these for a Queen quilt- didn't count)
30s block swap
30s Tulips
Quaker Stars
Grandsma's Sewing Room (Spools and a few other surprises)
Civil War Sampler
Farmer's Wife Sampler
Sylvia's Bridal Sampler
Cake Walk
Country 9 Patch (there may be enough)

Ready for Quilting

Roll, Roll Cotton Boll (Quiltville Mystery)
Orca Bay (Quiltville Mystery)
Double 4 Patch
Sunbonnet Sue

So, for my UFO sewing today I worked on a few more 6 inch spools. I'm making the spools black with aqua and red backgrounds. And, I'm including a few other 6 inch blocks as a fun surprise. I'm calling it Grandma's Sewing Room. I made 12 more blocks today with aqua backgrounds which brings me to a total of 46 out of a total ???   I don't know yet how big I want to make it. 

I basically only have the weekends to sew and the rest of the week if I do sew it is hand sewing while I watch TV. 

So, I finished up a baby quilt for a niece who is expecting/over due. I used some Happy Blocks with kittens on them from my stash of Happy Blocks and tried free motion quilting some 4 petaled flowers. 

 First attempt and they are kind of wonky but the baby won't care because the quilt is so soft and cuddly.
Sorry the pictures are so blurry today. My hands are rather shaky. 

For the back I used some fabric from my stash that I bought off the sale table at Hancock's at 50 % off on Senior Citizen's Day which meant another 15 % off.  I bought several yards so I would have it for backing fabric. For the binding I used some gray fabric with pink, blue and white flowers that I think I've had since the 70s. If I remember correctly I made a skirt that buttoned down the front from some of it. 


B said...

Love the baby quilt. How about not adding more blocks but putting them in interesting shapes surrounded by neutral fabric/space? Lots of room for FMQ.

Sharron Keck said...

Swapping blocks - what fun that sounds! I'm assuming that the swapping is over on those UFOs, or you'd just be waiting for more. I see you are making more squares to complete some, but you could make a hanging from some too instead of a larger quilt.

I love the flowers on the baby quilt!