Sunday, October 14, 2012

UFO Sunday

Last week I posted about a spider web/cobweb quilt UFO. This week I was hoping to get it pinned and quilted. Problem is that I have to get down on the floor to pin the quilt. (Oh, my aching back). Problem is that I have to clean off the card table next to the sewing desk in order to do any quilting. The card table carries the most of the weight of the quilt while quilting and I hate cleaning it off - putting scraps in scrap bins, putting projects in boxes, putting fabric purchased that week in the proper drawer. There are only so many hours outside of work left for hobbies so cleaning is not my favorite thing to do.

So, while procrastinating the pinning and cleaning I worked on another UFO to give me some sewing time I crave on the weekends to make things right with the world (and my mind).

 I worked on a Blue Double 4 Patch UFO. These blocks were from a "no stress" (participate or not each month) monthly swap several years ago on a list to which I no longer belong because I didn't like the direction/tone it was taking.  Anyway, each month for a year we could swap blue double four patch blocks and I don't think I missed a month. I love getting fabric in the mail. It was fun to see what everyone chose for blue fabric for the blocks each month.

Last January I laid them out on my design floor (oh my aching back) and picked them back up, labeled the rows and sewed 3 rows together, bought some backing fabric and left them all in a pile in the corner of the sewing room where they have remained a UFO until yesterday. (Well, actually it still is a UFO - just not in the corner anymore).

Evidently I didn't know how to multiply back in January. There are 90 - 8 inch blocks( finished size) but if there are 9 in a row and 10 down I think it would be a quilt would be 72x80 (not 90). Now, if my grown kids were to notice that they would think I was starting to get senile.

 Anyway, this UFO is now in the flimsy stage (72x90). So, now I have another UFO ready to pin (oh my aching back) and quilt.

I eventually got my quilt sandwich made and pinned (oh my aching back), cleaned off the card table next to the sewing desk so I could start quilting my wonky cobweb quilt. I wanted to try a spider web from Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project blog in each "spider web"/cobweb.  (Keep in mind I am an old lady with poor eyesight).   The left side got a little wonky down near the bottom. That is where I start to sew backwards and don't see where the next line of the web happens to be.  The seam throws me off some too. And sometimes my hands just plain shake.

This one was a little better but it's still a little wonky down at bottom left (see that green patch?).

I only made it through 4 webs before I decided to quit for the day when the bobbin ran out of thread. I can't sit at the machine for long before my back starts to ache.  (Hear a common theme to this post?  I need a new chair and/or a new body). 
 Spider man is on the back - scrappy quilt, scrappy guy - spider webs, spider man. The quilting kind of blends in to the backing.
You can't really see it but I just quilted some circles around the spider webs in the fabric in the star that forms between the cobwebs.

And that leaves me with the does everyone manage to pin/baste together large quilts? I put mine on the hardwood floor in the living room and sit on top of it to pin it. It's not exactly easy on an old body. I'm not sure I have room to put two large tables together to lay quilts out on but I may have to find room one of these days or stop making large quilts.

Oh, and take a look at what other UFOs are being worked on at UFO Sunday at Free Motion Quilting Project.   And linking up to Linky Party Tuesday at Freemotion by the River. 


Kristin said...

I think your spider webs look great!

B said...

I love your webs and think they look great. It isn't easy to hit curves in a row when they aren't pinned so go easy on yourself. I sandwich on the floor, in fact I do my rotary cutting on the floor as when I started quilting I didn't have a table to cut on and just got used to it, can't seem to find the right angle on a table. I think I'll be oh my back in a couple of years.

Joni said...

My back hurts just reading your blog. I take my quilts to the library or a quilt shop and tape or clip the backing center section to the table, center the batting over that, and the top on top. I pin baste the layers that are on the table. Then move the quilt to another section, secure the backing, batting, top, and baste, check for problems, then move the quilt again. It takes longer, but no aching back when I am finished. I started doing it this way before I was an old lady, and 22 years later it still works.

jean Benoit said...

I love the blue quilt!!!! And the spiderwebs look great, too.

Sharron Keck said...

I think you solved your problem! You took a break from the big quilt and cleaning, and worked on something that made you happy and productive. You will get back to the other quilt, especially because you feel good about what you DID do! And yes I like the double 4 patch and the spiderweb! You don't have to do ALL UFOs ALL the time, take a break also and do something new!

The Thompsons said...

Sadly, I have no great advice to offer, because I use the floor as well. Love your projects though! ;)

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I just love everything about your spiderweb quilt!

I can't do the floor anymore since I broke my leg. I'm going to scout out local churches, the library and my LQS to see about using their tables. If that doesn't work I'll invest in 2 folding tables at Walmart.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Schamber How to Hand Baste a quilt part 1

Sharon Schamber How to Hand Baste a quilt part 2

I have been using the above method for several years now on large quilts, and no longer need to crawl around on the floor. Perhaps this method might work for you too.


Connie said...

Your spiderweb quilting looks neat! I also put my big quilts on the floor to pin them. Thanks for sharing.
Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

Pattilou said...

I love your spiderweb quilting. I cheat and send my big quilts to the long armer, so I'm no help. My small ones I do on my kitchen island.