Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Throwing Snowballs At The Castle Wall

Throwing Snowballs at the Castle Wall

It's a top!
48 x 63

This is the second Castle Wall medallion quilt.  If you missed it I blogged about the first one yesterday.  It was difficult to take photos of this one  today because it has been very windy. 

I made this (one of three) Castle Wall block back in February 2018.   The block is a whopping 21 inches. I made my first block back in 2014 then made two more blocks in February 2018. I was always thinking I would make 12 blocks for a Castle Wall quilt someday. Well, this month I decided that's not going to happen because I'm not going to make any more Castle Wall blocks. 

Since this month the theme here is Hearts and Flowers I decided that once and for all I needed to do something with the aging blocks.  This Castle Wall block was the starter for this quilt. 

For this quilt I made six inch Snowball blocks.  They took on an octagon shape like the center of the Castle Wall block. The darker fabrics have white with hearts corners and...

...and the lighter Snowballs have black with hearts corners.  I alternated light and dark corner blocks. 

For the top and bottom borders I made a couple of hearts for the center and used up a black polka dot fabric with hearts, ribbons and roses for the rest of the border. I wanted to just use the polka dot fabric for the border but didn't have enough of it so that is why I made the hearts for the center of the border. 

Now that leaves me with one more Castle Wall block -- the first one I made in 2014. 
I'm still pondering what I want to do with this one. It is not real Valentine-y looking so I'm thinking I ma want to add some birds and flowers to it for something completely different than the other two Castle Wall tops I just completed. In fact I'm thinking I may take off those block corners with the heart fabrics and replace it with something else. I have not ruled out turning it into a cushion cover or small card table sized tablecloth. Time will tell. In the meantime I have other heart and flower projects I can work on for this month's theme here in my sewing room. 

And sew on...



Astrid said...

Another pink beauty. Would love to see what you do with the last Castle block, I agree to your idea; cushion cover or TT. Or build on it to a bigger quilt?

Linda said...

Another lovely inventive Castle wall hearts flimsy. Your remaining Castle Wall block has a Victorian Valentine looking heart in the centre. Why not keep those corners and if you have enough stamina to make another Hearts flimsy and have some suitable fabric or can make a few more hearts, go for it. Like the title Throwing Snowballs at the Castle Wall. I’m sure that’s happened thousands of times over the centuries at Kenilworth Castle! Also, if you stand in a special place called Echo Meadow ( opposite part of the Castle walls ) and shout, your echo comes back to you. Great to see people’s reactions, especially those near the walls and a long way from you shouting. We were let into the secret by a friend who can trace her family history back 500 years who lived in Kenilworth. Hope you liked the History lesson!

Kat said...

Lovely quilts! The remaining block makes me think of green for St. Patrick’s Day. What about surrounding it with green and pink/red borders?