Thursday, August 25, 2022

Scrap Processing: '30s Reproductions

I mentioned yesterday that I decided to make a Log Cabin quilt top in '30s reproduction fabrics because I was working with those scraps. 

I have a bunch of small chunks of '30s reproduction fabrics. I also have a big box of '30s reproduction scraps.  My '30s scraps are snobs - they don't mix with the general population of scraps most of the time.  This time they mixed with more snobby scraps - plaids, shirtings and homespuns.   My grandmother made her quilts mostly with old worn out clothes and I loved the mix of flowery dress fabrics with old men's shirts.  

So I started a new block that mixed some of the '30s fabrics with some of the plaids in memory of grandma.     I'm not sure of the name of this block. I saw it when I was doing a Google search for something else and saved the picture and put it in my box of '30s chunks last year. In that post it is called "Pieces of Eight". 

I was not sure what size I wanted to make the blocks but I finally decided on 12 inch blocks so I could cut the chunks into 3.5 inch strips. Then I could use the leftovers from the 3.5 strips to make blocks to add to collections of a couple of other blocks I started making from '30s scraps last year. 

I'm using muslin to make the HSTs.   I plan on a twin sized quilt -- 35 blocks set 5 x 7.  And, oops, I see a problem. Problem has been fixed. I fixed it right after I finished taking photos so I wouldn't forget. 

I started these Buckeye Beauty Variation blocks last year. They are six inch blocks. 

They are inspired by a vintage quilt. 

And with 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch scraps I've been making 8 Patch blocks. Again I started these last year. 

My goal is to empty the box of scraps and greatly reduce the box of '30s scrap chunks as well as the plaid scrap chunks.  I also have made some Four Patches from these scraps but didn't make any new ones this week. Maybe next week. 

And sew on...



Linda said...

Oh my goodness, how many ideas do you work with? Loved the story of your Granny mixing workout shirts with dress making scraps. My father’s mother was a tailoress, making suits for all three of her sons until they married. She sewed, knitted and crocheted. My eldest sister learned a lot from her but I didn’t,I came along much later. Nice memories.

Sharon Kwilter said...

Your blocks are lovely. It's nice when you find mistakes in photos before you get too far.

Marei said...

I've made about 6 quilts using that first pattern which was called "Cheyenne"in my book. The breadth of all your projects makes my head spin.

mangozz said...

Beautiful combinations of fabrics in all of these blocks. I do really love the Buckeye Beauties the best though. I finally got back on your blog e-mail list. I have been cut off from several blogger's posts and I finally figured out the problem and am in the process of re-connecting. I thought everyone must have been on vacation.

audrey said...

Ooh, these are all so fun looking! Loving the pops of orange!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

So very colorful!! I like that pieces of 8 block!