Tuesday, May 8, 2018

It's a Finish! Snowball's Chance

Snowball's Chance
58 x 78

I used a 2014 Block Lotto block called Spokes to make the "Snowflakes". I had a variety of snowflake themed scraps left over from making my daughter a nine patch/snowball quilt years ago.  I also had a variety of different gray solid pieces left over from a few other quilts. I thought they might look like a cloudy sky background for snowflakes. 

I first quilted it on my DSM with a serpentine stitch in white (snow) at various intervals. I then hand quilted a few lines in white perle #8.  I left a tie each time I left off with a thread in the lines.  I also hand quilted and tied each snowflake. 

I thought the ties kind of looked like snow.   I also had a few spots in the machine quilting where there were skipped stitches. I'm not sure if that was my machine or me (I tend to think me) so at those spots I hand quilted in some snowflakes so the places where the skipped stitches were would not snag. 

I hand quilted in circles around the snowball. No marks...just eyeballed it. 

I pieced together some batting. 
I had enough of some light green snowflake fabric in my stash to use. 
The binding is scrappy -  made of snowflake fabric scraps. 
And the label says: 

"A Snowball's Chance
Despite the odds I believe some snowballs could survive a trip through hell. 
I believe in miracles too."

This will be a gift for someone who needs to know that miracles do happen. 



Cherie in St Louis said...

You are fearless.....mixing machine quilting with hand quilting, putting fabrics together I would never think to do, making more quilts than I can even dream of......I LOVE reading your blog posts and seeing what you're up to next.

Quilting Babcia said...

You are on quite a roll this week with quilt finishes! I love the snowflake blocks, someone will be a very happy recipient.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Snowball's Chance is beautiful, Cathy! I really like the different colors of snowflakes and the variety of quilting you usedin this one!

Pamela Arbour said...

I love your improv snowflake quilt. It has so much personality and just needs big hugs. I also like your diversity with the quilting.

gayle said...

You are just a finishing dynamo this year! I love that you quilted snowflakes over the skipped stitches - brilliant!

---"Love" said...

I'm convinced that Snowball's Chance will easily survive that place. It has turned out great and will be much loved! You surely must be getting tired by now! ---"Love"

Quilter Kathy said...

Love everything about it... it's a very philosophical quilt!

Linda said...

Your quilt finishes keep coming thick and fast-like snowflakes in a snowstorm! Lovely design, I enjoyed reading about the quilt's process, so interesting to see how your idea grew and developed.

Louise said...

Love the quilting on this one, especially how you adding handquilting to the skipped stitches. Now THAT's resourceful. And your label is a wonderful beacon of hope! Congrats on another fun, unique finish.

audrey said...

There's just something about this quilt that pulls on my heartstrings. LOVE the detail in the quilting, covering skipped stitching and all.:)

Kaja said...

Lovely - and my first thought when I saw the ties was that they looked like snowflakes. I hope it brings hope and comfort to the recipient.

CapitolaQuilter said...

Fun layout and great quilting details. Congratulations on your beautiful finish and thanks for participating in Finish-A-Long on behalf of the 2018 FAL hosts.