Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tea Towels Aren't Just for Drying Dishes

No, tea towels aren't just for drying dishes. Some of the vintage ones are for hoarding  collecting.  And, now they are for quilting. 

Sophie of Sophie Junction is hosting a Tea Towel Challenge and I decided to pull some towels out of the drawer, give them a soak in oxyclean and pick one for the challenge.  And there above you see my choice for the center of a quilt.  I'm not sure how vintage this is or how long I've had it or even how I got it or why I have it but it reminds me of those colors we so loved in the 70s for some bizarre reason. 
  It's one of those rather stiff old linen towels that could stand by itself in a corner of the kitchen. And, yes, I see a "run" in the apple and grapes.   And, the edge has a little fraying going on. 

But, I think this towel will be the center for my challenge, my quilt, my masterpiece. 

This month we are supposed to make an appearance at the linky party to show off our tea towel choice and our fabric choices. The colors in the tea towel should determine the color palette for the quilt (whether we like them or not. It is a challenge, after all.) So, I show you above some of the fabrics I had in my stash that I'll use.  I can guarantee that most were on sale for a very nice price or they wouldn't be in my stash. 

And I really, really, really hate to admit it...but these were in my stash too.  Did I mention I have a hoarding collecting problem? 

At any rate...I haven't had to buy a thing in order to participate in this challenge. And, that's a good thing. 

So, hey!...if you are a hoarder collector like me I don't think it is too late to join in on the fun. Grab a towel and join the party! 

Join me for the Tea Towel Challenge 2014


Ellen said...

Sounds like you are going to have a blast with this challenge.

sophie said...

I love the tea towel and all those fabrics you found to work with it!

Julierose said...

Great towel choice--love those "foodie" fabrics...hugs, Julierose

roccagal said...

luv the tea towel-it does look vintage to me! great choice of fabrics as well!
-luv the food fabric too, especially the lemons!

Paulette said...

Such a great towel to use for the challenge! All those hot 70s colors (mine has a lot of the same). I like the looks of that stack of fruit-flavored stash. There's potential there too!

Debbie S. said...

Your tea towel quilt is going to look amazing with those colors.