Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Oh Happy Day!

I belong to an online Stashbuster group where we are always encouraged and sometimes challenged to use our stash. One of the monthly challenges is called a "Precut Challenge" -- use precuts or shapes to bust that stash or scraps.  I don't buy precuts so I rarely participate in that challenge; however, the new year is ringing in different "Precut Challenges". The January challenge is to use charms and jelly rolls to make Happy Blocks. Well, I won't be using charms and jelly rolls but I have dug out some incomplete Happy Block sets from my Happy Place and I will challenge myself to make them complete block sets and maybe, just maybe, move those block sets into a top. 

The reason I have incomplete sets is because I used to swap them or if I had leftover scraps (usually 2.5 inch)  I would grab some novelty squares and frame them - turn them into Happy Blocks. Then I would just throw them into a box I call my Happy Place. I rarely make the same quilt twice but Happy Block Quilts are an exception. I've made aa lot of them. Most of them went to my grandkids and their generation of cousins. Some larger ones have been gifted or donated.  Then I kind of got tired of them. 

1. Happy Hearts - these are made with 4.5 centers and 2.5 inch sides for an 8 inch finished block. I have 15 blocks and 4 that I want to rip apart and use a different fabric for frames. The blocks came from a swap where everyone sent centers to their group and then everyone framed everyone else's centers and sent them back. Plus everyone got to keep one of the center squares from each person in the group. Center squares then came back as Happy Blocks with quite a variety of fabrics. It was always fun to get the mail back in those days when postage was a lot cheaper so I could swap a lot. 
So anyway...I'd like to have 63 of these for a quilt with blocks set 7 x 9.  I had 31 centers with the blocks so I need to find 13 more centers and lots of red and white frames to complete this block set. 

2. Sweet! - these blocks are from a swap like the Happy Hearts one. I made a Sweet Happy Block quilt a long time ago and I think these blocks were leftover. These also have 4.5 inch centers and 2.5 inch sides and finish at 8 inches. I have 32 blocks and my target is 63. 

3. I Spy  - These blocks were swapped with an online I Spy group a long time ago. They have 4 inch centers and 1.75 inch sides for a 6 inch (finished) block. I have 30 blocks but would like to have 70 for a quilt 42 x 60 (7 x 10 layout).   I have 40 more 4 inch centers ready because I also used to swap I Spy squares in different sizes.  Now I just need to find some Tone on Tones or solids to finish up the frames for this set. 

4. Batik.  These  have 4 inch centers and 2.5 inch sides for a 7.5 finished block. I have 8 blocks and I think they are swapped blocks left over after I made a Happy Block quilt with the swapped blocks. I think I would like 80 blocks. With a layout of 8 x 10 that will make a 60 x 75 quilt. I have enough centers with those leftover blocks to equal 52 blocks. So I need to find a few centers and see if I have enough batik fabric for the frames. If not then I will put the 8 blocks into the orphanage with the other orphan blocks. 

So, in January I hope to move 4 Happy UFOs forward! 



Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh those are so pretty!! what fun it will be to work on these!

Linda said...

How lovely to have sets of themed squares in your stash. They will make great Happy Quilts. I like Happy Quilts and made a couple after I saw them on your blog a few years ago. I also have a box of squares suitable for Happy blocks and there are a few finished ones in that box. Funnily enough I saw the box yesterday when I was looking for something else and thought I should put another Happy Quilt on my list to make in 2022.

Emily said...

I always love to see the different themes you use for your happy blocks. These will be wonderful!

gayle said...

It's so nice to see you surrounded with happiness!

Sandy Panagos said...

It's no wonder they're called Happy Blocks!

maggie fellow said...

I will happily follow along

MissPat said...

While I didn't call them Happy Blocks, I've made several gift quilts for kids using this kind of block. I thought of them as I Spy quilts. Perhaps I should dive back in and make another one as a donation quilt since I have lots of kid type fabrics and I'm not gifting as many as I used to.

QuiltGranma said...

if I had your mailing address I'd send you some 4 1/2" squares for centers, IF you are in the USA.