Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Wednesday Wandering

Seven Sisters Roses
This is an heirloom rambler that gets a bit unruly. I think it is an heirloom in more ways than one. I got a cutting of this from my husband's aunt Essie many years ago. And she got it from her mother Celesta. My husband remembers the rose growing in his grandmothers yard. 

It outgrew the trellis I had it on and about five years ago a big limb of a mulberry tree fell over the fence into my cottage garden. We couldn't cut the branch back because the tree is still live and the branch that fell is supporting some other big branches fell right where I needed it - at the base of the Seven Sisters. So I trained it up the mulberry branch. 

Those big leaves you see trying to take over the roses is a wild Dutchman's Pipe. I need to cut that out of there. My Dutchman's Pipe vine is over on a different trellis and I want it to stay where it belongs.

I would really like to take a bunch of cuttings and make a wall around my veggie garden. Dreams....

Seven Sisters

I used to have a lot of nice heirloom shrub roses - mostly David Austin roses. Then for several years in a row the rabbits and deer devoured the canes nearly to the ground and the roses have been struggling. I've been babying them along and trying to protect them from deer and rabbits in a variety of different ways. Then when they would have a few blooms the Japanese Beetles came along to devour them and it was a constant battle with them.   This year some of the roses may be on the road to recovery. I think this one is Winchester Cathedral and it has had several arching canes full of roses, thank goodness. 

Can't remember the name of this one. It does smell divine. 

The first lily to bloom this year -- a dwarf Asiatic Lily in the fairy garden. I have three clumps of it now. I bought one on clearance one year at Walmart. 

You can see how short they are in comparison to the Hosta in the background. 

I started some annual salvia and planted it in the cutting garden. I am not sure what kind of critter pulls up my markers but not matter what kind of marker or where I put plants in the garden the markers always get pulled up. Then I fix them and the next day they are pulled up and so on...Usually I just end up leaving them lying on the ground near the plants but sometimes the markers disappear completely only to end up near a different plant.  I think it is a raccoon but not sure. 

I planted loose leaf lettuce for cutting earlier in the year but then I usually always start butterhead lettuce for heads. They are slower to bolt. 

I love Butterhead lettuce - sweet!

I started a native wildflower garden last year and this year I hope to see a lot of blooming perennials iI started from seed. The yellow are Oxeye Sunflowers. 

The Butterfly Weed got hit by a borer. Both of my plants had some dead stems and I found borer holes in the stems but did not see the borer so I could get rid of it. 

And these cute little flowers are Indian Physic (American Ipecac or Bowman's root). 

It is always so exciting to see all the things I started from seed reach maturity. 

This time of year most of my planting is done and weeding starts and never finishes. 

And so it grows...



Quiltdivajulie said...

So much beauty in these photos!

gayle said...

Your gardens are like your quilts - full of colors and textures, and dazzlingly beautiful!
I love the old roses best - they seem to be the ones with the most divine smell!

sue s said...

So many pretty flowers! I'm about to have a ton of blooming day lilies. They loved our wet spring and have huge numbers of buds. It's also a good year for the roses. I've only had them for about 4 years but this year they are growing beautifully. The borers have returned but so far not the Japanese beetles. I'll have to treat them today.

Linda said...

I love reading your Wednesday Wandering posts. You have such an abundant garden and so much knowledge about your plants.

Julierose said...

Your garden is spectacular, Cathy!! I am in love with that Seven sisters Rose--what a riot of color...not only are you a great quilter but a terrific gardener too;)))love to see your Wednesday garden tours... hugs, Julierose

Linda Swanekamp said...

Wonderful garden photos. I started buying David Austin roses a couple of years ago. Nothing has bothered them thus far. Grub control on the lawn has decreased the japanese beetles a lot. I used wire fencing around vulnerable parts of the garden, but mine is a postage stamp compared to yours. Love the big Seven sisters rose.

bookworm said...

I love those roses! You have a beautiful green space there.

MissPat said...

Always a pleasure to stroll through your garden and see all the delightful plants and flowers I've given up on. Right now the squirrels and chipmunks are busy trying to dig up all my potted plants. And I can't remember every having so many black walnut trees popping up everywhere (including in the middle of established perennials).

The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing snippets of your beautiful garden, Cathy!!

Laura said...

Always enjoy wandering in your garden, Cathy! I have tried several times to grow butterfly luck. Seven Sisters is gorgeous! I wish I could smell those roses! :)