Monday, November 26, 2018

Plans For The Two Inch Scrap Bin

 This time of year I look at my scrap bins that are sorted by size and decide what I will do with them in the following year.  I never used to have a two inch scrap bin but this year I seemed to accumulate one because I cut some scrap chunks into 2 inch pieces to make Fractured Rainbows

As new projects I've decided to make 7 inch Wedding Ring blocks and 16 patches. I already have Wonky Stars and Ticky Tacky Houses in the works. 

A lot of times I consult The Ladies' Art Company Block Tool for ideas. I won it several years ago and it sure comes in handy. The block I called Wedding Ring was from this Block Tool. It has a similar block called Odd Scraps Patchwork - the left and right of center piece is just made a little differently from the Wedding Ring; however, the end result looks the same to me.  I preferred the Wedding Ring method of construction. 

A couple of years ago I made some Wonky Stars with waste triangles and 2 inch squares. I used all the 2 inch scraps I had at that time and the project stalled. Now it seems I have plenty of 2 inch scraps and waste triangles. These finish at 4.5 inches so it will take lots of blocks for a twin sized quilt. 

 So that's the plan for two inch scraps. I hope this bin of scraps will be gone at the end of 2019 and I have four quilt tops instead. These will be Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects and I'll make just a few of each block every month in the color of the month. 
Speaking of quilt tops...I have a flimsy finished and I also just finished a quilt; however, it's too snowy and cold for me to go out today to take any pictures of them on the clothesline. This is the view from my sewing room (dirty) window.  We received about 14.5 inches of snow overnight.


Janie said...

Look at the snow!
Your projects are looking great.
Your block tool is a very useful reference, I'll have to check into getting one of those.
Stay warm.

Sally Trude said...

Your bin of scraps put me in the mood to sort through my "unsorted, get it up off the floor, what is this, its all too much..." bin.

Quiltdivajulie said...

With that much snow, I would stay indoors and play with my scraps, too!!!!

MissPat said...

Our 12.5" of snow from 10 days ago has melted (two days of 47 degrees will do that), but more snow is predicted tomorrow through Wed. Since some of that snow will be lake effect, it's hard to predict how much will fall. I shouldn't start any new RSC projects, but maybe a few ticky, tacky houses might be squeezed in.


Cathy said...

That scrap bin makes my mouth water, LOL! But I have a bag of strips (the largest tote bag I own) that’s overflowing with strips, so I’ll be tackling those in 2019. Stay warm and keep sewing!

Linda said...

So, you have already mapped out your RSC 2019 block ideas. Good luck with taming those 2" scraps. Can't imagine that amount of SNOW. Never seen that here in my part of the UK.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I don't have that amount of scraps. But I am not opposed to cutting large pieces into scraps for the sake of the RSC which I will be participating in this year. Your Ticky Tacky Houses turned me, lol.
xx, Carol

Louise said...

That's a HUGE bin of 2" scraps! I'm pretty sure it's the same size as the bin that holds all my neutral yardage. The depth and breadth of your stash spans empires :)

I keep waffling on buying that block tool book thingie. It must be a good one, because I can't find anyone selling theirs used. Certain things like that quilters NEVER sell!

Ann said...

You always have such a collection of quilt blocks in the works and it's such fun to see what you're up to. At least the snow makes your quilts very useful around the house.

mangozz said...

14.5" is a lot of snow for overnight! It's looks so pretty from your sewing room window though.

gayle said...

Looks like your snow has moved on to my house, now. It's starting to pile up out there.
Love those little Wedding Ring blocks! And your little houses always tickle me, too!

Nann said...

It's always interesting to read how other quiltmakers make plans.
(Do you ever start a quilt from yardage?)
We got just 5" from that storm. Hope you're dug out by now.